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  1. The quote tab isn't working. And before anyone says anything my browser is up to date and I'm happy with my P.C.
  2. I got nothing to hide Dan. Nothing at all. I do swear, all the time, just not here where it's against the rules. Besides...in my experience it's the guy pointing the finger that has the most to hide capn.
  3. Here's a thought...instead of stressing over whether I'm right or wrong, how about going after the guys here who really are butchering the language?
  4. Contact member "Chief Joseph". Excellent work, excellent pricing. He's done work for me and it is all top notch!
  5. People who flaunt the rules with swearing.
  6. Harry, East Dakota has seceded. They are now part of North Colorado.
  7. X-acto knife. Hold the blade perpendicular to the seam and scrape gently with the edge of the blade.
  8. While we're at it, let's just do a sticky for everyone else as well. England, Germany, Switzerland etc.
  9. Well said Ray...and "sappiness" is spelled with two "P's".
  10. It's not you, it's just near impossible to read dark blue lettering against a black background without eye strain. Maybe the O.P. can avoid that in the future.
  11. O.P.- Please re-read the board rules against swearing and hidden swears.
  12. Mine is a solitary existence, and holidays no longer hold any meaning for me. I have one ornament and that's because it's the Batmobile. I don't care to decorate to make my neighbors happy, and if the cats miss decorations they haven't said anything.
  13. Seeing "Important! READ THIS! posts that link to a whole three sentences.
  14. Regarding tracking numbers: I had a lengthy conversation recently with a local postal worker. Wanna know what she told me? Tracking numbers do three things. #1 They give the customer a false sense of security because they are useless. #2 They only tell you where your package USED to be, and of course the most important one #3, they make millions for the post office because sheeple are suckers who think it's a good idea. Want protection? Insure your shipment.
  15. From what I've noticed in several years of eBaying, is that it used to not have any effect at all. As time went on, for a while it had a major impact on older kit prices but that was brief. Nowadays I see small effects on pricing. Older kits sometimes get reduced a bit, just because of the newer availability, but there are still those (and eBay sellers are beginning to notice) that still appreciate a vintage kit, no matter how many issues it's seen, or what value it may hold.
  16. Neat! Something different and unexpected. Keep it up!
  17. Nice job. Janet is a classy lady too.
  18. I vote for the Tamiya '66 Beetle. Like all Tamiya kits it has some very detailed- very SMALL parts that seem to just fall together.
  19. If I had been John, I would have quietly listened while slowly getting out my driver's license. Then when the windbag ran out of air I would have held it up to him and said "Is this the guy?"
  20. At the recent show I did, I had no less than three people tell me their grandfather helped build the original Batmobile, and one guy told me his dad owned it...for just a couple of years. :lol: :lol:
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