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  1. It is a chat room. My son uses it to talk to his friends while gaming. Never have used it but it is not a bad thing.
  2. The Stash Project on YouTube. This is James Duff's channel. The brand new October kit release video is out today. He is on this forum. Click on Casey's link to get to his channel.
  3. S.K. decals did this livery. You can get them from M&S Hobbies.
  4. New to airbrushing. What do I need for cleaning the airbrush after using Zero paints?
  5. I am about to start the Beemax Volvo 240. Going to do the Inter Tec car. It says to paint the chassis and other parts H23 but they don't have that on their paint charts. That paint call out is used several times. Anybody know what it is? Thanks
  6. Looks great. How are their decals to work with?
  7. The hail looked like snow up on the mountain. They actually red flagged the race. Many cars were damaged
  8. Wasn't this race on Memorial weekend last year? Seems early. Last 2 years have had great finishes and a crazy hail storm a couple years ago.
  9. I am looking for part 44(intake) from the Revell C7R Corvette IMSA car. Somehow managed to lose it. Thanks
  10. Does the 1997 and 2001 Revell Monte Carlo have the same chassis?
  11. allis200

    Issue #205

    The post office does not treat periodicals like first class mail. When we send out the magazine we publish, it can take up to three weeks for some people to get it. It is usually 7-10 days when most get it. I got MCM before Scale Auto and MCM was probably mailed farther away.
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