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  1. allis200 added a post in a topic 1st truck kit recommendation   

    Thanks for the advice. Going to work on the Aeromax. What engine did they use? Did not see a paint color specified.
  2. allis200 added a topic in The Truck Stop   

    1st truck kit recommendation
    Looking for advice on which of my kits would be a good 1st truck kit. Got back into model building last year after a long layoff. I still picked up kits during the layoff. I have done a few cars last year and have average skills. Some of what I have in stock is Revell Aeromax, AMT T600 and Pete 359 daycab and Italeri Pete 379 and Western Star. Trucks are really what I want to work on. Thanks.
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  3. allis200 added a post in a topic Issue #174 Is In The House!   

    We used to mail our magazine in a protective cover, but I replaced many copies each issue that got damaged. Went to an envelope and have not had any more problems.
  4. allis200 added a post in a topic Issue #174 Is In The House!   

    When you receive the magazine in the mail is all about the post office, not the magazine publisher. When the magazine we publish gets mailed, it can take up to 3 weeks for people to get kit. Depends on where your bulk mail is handled.
  5. allis200 added a post in a topic k dub 108" coe in progress   

    Did you scratchbuild Big Al? Or did you use another brand(cat etc) to build it? Looks great!