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  1. modelfritz added a post in a topic How to restore a damaged orginal MPC '69 Charger   

    Nice job of casting! I'm working on making a 61 International Harvestor B.C.150 grain truck from scratch. No model around even close to it. Lotsa measuring and lotsa pictures. I'm also floating some real thin glass and making real glass windows, although I have about ten other projects I need to do for my big Diorama. So far I'm still collecting the very specific cars I need. I liked what I saw re: the charger rearend. I can always use pointers! I love modelling. just need to get the collecting of those specific cars out of the way. I now have a 65 wildcat on the way which took me a decade to find. Apparently only made in 65--They changed the mold. Soon I'll have lots of pics, but bear with me.
  2. modelfritz added a post in a topic Dave's T.V. Repair & Used Furniture   

    Awesome dio, and actually it hadn't occurred to me that it was HO but great job. Barbo is right, the stuff a guy can get for HO is incredible. i studied it and wondered what the man was doing off to the right in the back, (by the way the blurred car looks like it is speeding by-excellent hollywood technique!!) So then I went to pic two and voila! a baseball game in the back!--too cool! love it, Modelfritz Manfred
  3. modelfritz added a post in a topic Yet another newbie from british columbia   

    Hi gang, the 68 Fury arrived yesterday and I was asked topay $12 something to retrieve it. altogether I payed close to seventy for a model that had no engine, Tranny, parts list, and I'm sure other parts I don't know about. Aw I don't know. I needed a 67 and I'm transforming a 68 somehow, but I need to scrap an easier-to-get model of same wheelbase to get the parts I need. A n assembly sheet would be handy. It's all part of the game. sometimes it gets expensive. I'll have some pics once I get the cars finished, Barbo and others. Manfred
  4. modelfritz added a post in a topic not on a lid, but little   

    Right on!! I love that kind of art. very realistic. thanks for showing us the pics, Manfred
  5. modelfritz added a post in a topic Mags and dios   

    Hi guys!
    What I plan to maybe do is to make the figures out of wax, do a negative cast out of plaster, two pieces,like a book opening. then wire the plaster cast with some copper wire following approximate center lines of body, arm, legs and anchoring the wire in the plaster a bit. then follow up with tope colour silicon and let dry. The result should leave a silicon figure with the ability to hold whatever shape the wire (ultimately the modeller) takes. Kind of like gumby. Remember Gumby?? Tope is approx. my skin colour, although to keep up with other skin colours, silicon will come in almost any colour.
    Does this sound like it will work?? I'm all ears Cheers, Manfred
    I need to experiment and show some step-by-step pics. :?
  6. modelfritz added a post in a topic oooops   

    wow! thanks for sharing the "rust-look-tip" . You've got my brain working ovewrtime now. The 36 chev in my present dio on the go needs lotsa fading and rust on the roof and front fenders. I can't wait. Must try it on some scrap and play with different results. This realistic stuff is quite addicting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Manfred a.k.a. Modelfritz
  7. modelfritz added a post in a topic oooops   

    Fantastic dio. How on earth did you get the realistic rust look. I love it. Makes you want to start work on a great ol' project car!
  8. modelfritz added a topic in Dioramas   

    Mags and dios
    I'm more of a real life thinker, like Jairus, I want my dio's to look like the viewer was visitng the place and was actually seeing all the stuff for real. The challenge is to produce landscape that can visually transport you right there, like a good realistic painting would. I'm new at it too, Jairus, but the process in my head has been a long time coming and I've got a burn to do it now. My cars will probably have some fibre optic lights and stuff like that. I'm very happy to have found this dio forum. Cheers, Manfred. p.s. Oh yeah, the magazines I have are old german modelling mags, but very high quality detail stuff. The buildings and people, are only somewhat what I can use. I may end up casting my own people, but that gets really involved?* :roll: p.p.s. I appreciate your dios, Barbo!
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  9. modelfritz added a topic in Dioramas   

    Keep on keepin' on
    Hi all dio fans!!
    My last note was a little down and I was a bit frustrated. This one is more upbeat! I'm pumped! I found three of the cars I need, although I have to transform two of them into a year earlier, but they are close enough to do that, I think. Why am I so obsessed with very specific cars, You might ask? well,... It is what brings all the meaning to the dio for me. Others may not understand, but it has special meaning for me. If anyone knows how to change a 66 wildcat bumper and tailight system into a 65, I'm all ears. I think I have an idea. Really handy would be the actual bumper, but a true craftsman ought to be able to make what he needs. What do you think, Barbo?? MrObsessive already gave me some ideas. You guys are great! Thanks! Manfred Range
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  10. modelfritz added a post in a topic Barbos Car Wash / Commemorate   

    Hi, Very nice dio of the detail shop. Those figures you used are very animated and highly entertaining! Love the dog and the guy with the big smile! I'm not sure what the person in the window is.On my screen he looks fuzzy, but I don't have the best screen. Manfred
  11. modelfritz added a topic in General   

    model registry
    Hi, Is there some sort of model registry of whatever has been built by the various makers whether their own, or a general list. Or,... has some brave person put together a list so model hunting doesn't have to mean search each and every store before you may or may not find those really hard to find ones like 36 4dr chev,65 wildcat, 67 sport fury three, 66 wildcat, and , and, ... Manfred Range
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  12. modelfritz added a topic in Dioramas   

    time?...what time? Man!--I need more time
    hello! this little blurb is to invite philosophies on time. I for one pretty much work , eat, relax for a couple of hours, sleep, and start over. I can't say that I am totally happy about it, although it beats unemployment. I can't help thinking that there must be a lot of people on this forum with much more time than I have! I get some twangs of jealopusy thinking that I need to spend much more time on my hobbies. and Yet, I'm sure I'm not seeing the true picture. Others must have better control of their priorities and simply make the time. Or??? All in all, I think I fell in with a real fun group of people and look forward to shaping my future more toward Hobbies. Who needs tv. It's just ######-doze-off- to- sleep- kind- of- entertainment anyway. I think you guys have found the secret to happiness
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  13. modelfritz added a topic in Dioramas   

    re:mike napoleons pics
    Wow mike, nice work exactly how I think when it comes to this stuff. The tanker station reads from "Creston", but I must think there are a few Crestons and the fact that I live in a town named Creston is just coincididental. Manfred
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  14. modelfritz added a topic in Dioramas   

    My realistic dio
    Hi dio fans, I thought that my input may help the builders of the more weatherd look. The home farmstead that I want to recreate in Dio format needs to have the weathered look to set the correct time period. the house was dressed in unpainted cedar siding which had the blackish tanin staining from the rain and the deep brown sunburnt look.I have some cedar that I well treat (because it is fresh) with walnut tanin(from shelling the walnut husks in the fall). This ages the wood and makes it quickly look 10 years old, but the staining must match the real example . I also appreciate when someone can give a accuratly rusted look to a model say in the junkpile. My 36 chev, if I ever find a 4dr sedan model, will have the blued "glaucus' fading on the black paint to make it truely fit in with the time and place of the era. I have discovered that by carefully washing off the fibrous roots of certain plants, and turning them upside down,make very realistic deciduous trees in the winter. You have to find just the right look, though. I love creativity, cheers, Manfred
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  15. modelfritz added a topic in General   

    salt lake?
    Hello! hey,....seeing as I'm totally new, ahh....what's GSL? some big powwow on hobbies? I'm also not familiar with some of the typical jargon you guys use: like I just found out this a.m. about LHS from the general forum. thx. Mike for asking the ques. for me as well, and thx for the ans. of course. I have no local Hobby supplier anywhere near. Need to run to Sandpoint Idaho or Spokane Wa. for that!!
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