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  1. Why can't another master be made before the current one dies so some of us can still possibly buy a Chevelle?
  2. http://stores.smhracing.com/88-go-daddy-com-2010-danica-patrick/
  3. Nothing special about them, just the wheels they use at the shop.
  4. I don't know the size but get the next to the thinnest you can find, it also works for rear spoilers
  5. What paint did you use??
  6. The wheels fit better when you leave the rotors off, most guys just glue the wheels in place..
  7. I use Testors dullcot also and never had that problem either
  8. You're welcome, I hope that helps..
  9. https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/photos/brad-keselowski-team-penske-42778506/42778506/
  10. https://www.motorsport.com/nascar-cup/photos/brad-keselowski-team-penske-42782579/42782579/
  11. Did you do something to the nose because it looks odd to me
  12. Nice build, the decals are by Powerslide which is Mike's brand..
  13. That kit will cover the 95-99 Cup cars and the 98-99 Busch series cars as they went to slab-sides in 98..
  14. I like that but was wondering if a different lower grill option is available?
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