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  1. The Chrome Ts look good on this, good job!
  2. Impressive, thanks for sharing Tom, much appreciated mate!!
  3. Helix

    1962 Chevy

    "Nailed it" Tom, gotta love that "Sleeper" look....well done mate !!
  4. Helix

    '50 Olds

    Nicely done Dale !!
  5. Very nice Jim, look forward to the next installment
  6. Wow, what a beauty, well done mate !!
  7. Very nice build and welcome to the forum!!
  8. Very nice Dann, I've seen one where I live that has a Candy Apple Green matt finish...looks awesome, I'll try and take a picture when I see it again!
  9. Beautiful Yuri, well done mate !!
  10. Steve, that Color looks good outside, good job on the badges too my friend
  11. Nicely done Chris, well done
  12. Good grief...that must have been time consuming....well done
  13. Nicely done Tom, the Zimmerman Wheels give it the no nonsense "sleeper" look
  14. "Nailed it" Tony, well done mate
  15. "The Parts Box" XB GT Falcon coupe I see, good job
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