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  1. Thanks!. Do you have a source or specific color number ? I've seen several really good replicas, but I'm trying to minimize the trial and error method of getting close to the base kandy lime color.
  2. Anyone have a recommendation for the base color and source of the (lighter) green of the Beebe & Mulligan livery? Thanks!
  3. MCW has a Guardsman Blue Metallic lacquer (6436) premixed for air brushing. Their paint quality is outstanding.......
  4. This is my version of the Testors / Lincoln Mint 1/9 Softail Custom. It's the first motorcycle and first large scale model for me. Most of the modifications were made using kit parts. The tank was narrowed and tunneled, the rear fender was cut down. The seat was narrowed and sectioned.The exhausts use the kit pipes that were re-shaped with aluminum tubing. The extended fork tubes are aluminum tubing, the handlebars were made from brass rod, the open primary belt, pulleys and clutch assembly were scratch built at was the air cleaner, tag bracket, brake light and a few other small parts. Paint is T-14 Tamiya Black, some Alclad, and some Molotow. Inspiration comes from my own bike and the incredible scale motorcycle creations of John Teresi. Comments welcomed. Thanks for looking.
  5. Anyone know of a source for small quantities of used aluminum printing plate?
  6. Charlie, Are those your distributor cap boots? They look awesome, as does the entire model!
  7. If the paint bubbled after you finished applying the last "coat" it probably is the result of not allowing the paint to "gas out" for a few minutes between coats (ask me how I know)...... Even with fast drying lacquer, I think you need to wait 10-20 minutes between coats, at least that's what I was told when I had a similar albeit less severe issue. I think Ray's response is also correct though. sacrifice a few plastic spoons to make sure your viscosity, pressure and spray distances are OK before you jump on the model itself.
  8. Thanks, Bill. I have problems with my vise and my vices too.
  9. What hand held pin vise (or other drill devise) do you use for very small diameter bits in the #84 to # 70 range? I' would like to find one with a collet that is capable of a true 0' and can keep small diameter bits centered properly. My garden variety vices don't seem to be able to do either. Low cost and precision may be mutually exclusive terms, but I'm looking for the best compromise. Thanks for your input.
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