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  1. Fantastic! I've got this kit in my stash and am working on building all the Fairlady/Z-cars myself. Thanks for the heads-up on the build issues, but it looks like you conquered them well. Love the color and the detailing on this build!
  2. Inspired by a John DeChancie science fiction trilogy I gave my sons a couple of years ago. I read the novels in the 1980s because, despite all their media exposure, 57 Chevies have always been my favorite! The body is polished, unpainted red plastic. I sanded and polished out the Fuel Injection emblems and added foil, part-box mirrors, and other details. The wheels come from Revell's 57 2-door Bel-Air sedan. The interior is painted blue with pink carpet as described in the book. When I can figure out a the best way to do interior pics, I might give it a try. I've built every 57 Chevy kit I know about. This is one of the simpler ones, but it's the easiest to get looking good!
  3. Beautiful build - I hope mine turns out that nice!
  4. Stunning build of an interesting subject. Your work inspires me!
  5. Lovely, clean build of a distinctive car.
  6. Nice! I love the color. It looks just like they did back in the day!
  7. This project replicates a 280ZX I owned in the early 1990s. It's taken me nearly that long to find all the pieces I needed and get to the point to give it a try. I finished this in late 2017, a little too long ago to qualify as a "last year" build. Body: Scratchbuilding non-turbo vents is beyond me at this point, as is cutting out and adapting the vents from the Tamiya glue bomb I scored for parts. I puttied over the Turbo vents and made decals from photos of the real thing. Filling in the T-tops was easier than I expected, though the areas near the windows could be a bit neater. Wheels came from the Tamiya kit. Although they're 1/24th scale, they seem to fit the 1/25th body well. Engine: This Frankenstein consists of Revell 240Z block and trans (because the box-stock 280ZX unit depicts an auto.) The valve cover came from a Fujimi 240ZG, and the non-turbo injection setup came from the previously-mentioned Tamiya glue bomb. Most of the rest is box-stock AMT. Interior - Tamiya seats and various interior details make this a different trim level from the box-stock AMT version. This thing pushed my abilities, or maybe exceeded them! It's amazing how the camera can hide some flaws and magnify others. Still, I'm happy with it. This is a great kit! I bought several of the recent Round2 reissue - one to build as a box-stock Turbo version, another for a distant-future stab at this build if my skills are up to it, and another because Hobby Lobby clearance-priced them to can't-say-no levels.
  8. I love everything about this one - station wagon, interior, color - glad to see it!
  9. Mine too, hence the double build! I'd planned a yellow build for a kit I had in my stash, and then I couldn't resist when Revell's recent release had decals for the plaid interior, so I did the brown one. It's a 69 Pontiac color from Scale Finishes that looks like a Mazda color.
  10. You do beautiful work on interesting, under-represented subjects. I love it!
  11. Fantastic build! It looks like the one in the Peterson museum in LA. I love the color combination.
  12. Thanks guys! The Westy's 1981 upholstery was my second attempt at decal seat patterns. I had to epoxy the van's roof on to straighten the body that had warped from being stored unbuilt in my attic since the 1990s. I'd planned to scratchbuild the utility hookups/vents that the real one has on the opposite side, but as the build went on, I decided to focus on cleaning up my building techniques. Hopefully, I can have more to post on here for 2019!
  13. I'm a little late to the party, but I wanted to post my 2018 completions, minus a 1950 Ford Convertible I built as a gift. It was a busy year outside of the model-building world!
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