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  1. I love my Procon PS-290. Trigger action. Spraygunner has it on sale at $40 off retail. If you get it, add the Iwata handle. The pistol grip makes it super easy to use.
  2. Well, I wish I'd known this about a month ago. Tossed 2 cans of black cherry pearl. Like the OP, I should have asked here.
  3. Cool looking model. I knew a guy that used to vintage race an 800 with Vintage Drivers Club of America. It had a roller crankshaft and could rev to 10k or more. It screamed.
  4. I just looked and Just Like Glass is available through Hobbylinc.
  5. Welcome, Warren! Did you ever hear Warren with a warrant? 😁
  6. It's great to see younger builders taking up the hobby. Great start on a cool model. She resembles my youngest granddaughter.
  7. Gotcha. I found these but they're for the 64, not 65 car. They look pretty close. Gotta measure them. The stuff in the kit is just awful. https://themodelcarchannel.store/collections/1-24-1-25-indycars/products/1964-1-25-black-indy-resin-tires-stones-one-set-2-fronts-2-rears
  8. That's not an indication that they won't reappear.
  9. I wonder why the number in the top pic is 83 but the kit decals are 82? The kit came with one half of one of the air ducts missing. It was still wrapped in plastic but I bought it from an individual, so they may have rewrapped it. I may take a shot at making a mold and casting the missing piece. But then, that would cover up the velocity stacks which I think look cool.
  10. Well, now I don't know what this kit is supposed to represent. Anyone have any idea?
  11. I had the same thing happen to me recently. Sand it down with 3600 and polish it with Tamiya fine polishing cream or whatever you use to polish your sanding marks out. Worked for me and looked like glass.
  12. The Procon line is supposed to be a clone of the Iwata products. I have a Procon PS 290 that I really like.
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