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  1. This news really made for a bad start to the day. I'm showing my age but I remember him on Sid Caesar's Your Show of Shows long before The Dick Van Dyke show. He always looked like he was about to lose it and bust out laughing. He was one of the best ever. "Whitaker Walt" 😂
  2. Welcome to the forum, Glenn. Anchors away (1962-1966 USS Norfolk DL-1)!
  3. Welcome, David! It's a treasure trove of model car building know how here. I've learned so much.
  4. I use Formula 560 Canopy Glue by Pacer. (PT-56)
  5. My first job out of college was at the Y-12 Nuclear Weapons plant in Oak Ridge, TN. I did a lot of work in "glove boxes" which look a lot like my booth. You can find a pretty nice blast booth at Harbor Freight that's a lot like my booth. It'll be made of metal so static charges might be an issue but there are remedies for that. I just looked them up at Harbor Freight. A bench top model is $129 and a stand up is $189. I'd spring for the stand up. It's already set up as a down draft.
  6. It's undergone several modifications since I took these pics but I made this one from 1 sheet of plywood and some 2 x 4s. It's 2' deep, 3' wide and 3' tall. Those are plastic gloves hanging down the front. Don't use them any more. Added more lights on top. It's a down draft with the exhaust running through the wall to an outside vent.
  7. Great job! That one looks like it's ready for a track day.
  8. Welcome, Levi! Don't be shy, most of us do so so on our work. Some are in a league of their own. Let's see what you've accomplished.
  9. I've got 2 cans of that and someday, I'll decide on something to put it on.
  10. Watched it on the NASA channel.
  11. I use 4' LED lights from Harbor Freight. Only $19.99 each.
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