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  1. And Sigourney Weaver as her mom. JLH, wow, nature has been very, very good to her.
  2. Great career. If you've never seen Heartbreakers, check it out. Usually a bad guy but he did comedy pretty god.
  3. Lordy, Steve, you sure make me feel older than 78. 🤣
  4. One thing I'd like to add to this discussion is Tamiya primer is really hard to remove, if you need to. IPA will remove most paints but Tamiya primers are like granite. I haven't found anything that will completely remove it easily.
  5. 😂 Been there, done that. I still experiment though. Rustoleum acrylic enamel clear works over stuff like Createx and some craft paints.
  6. I use thick double sided tape attached to bamboo skewers.
  7. I don't believe they're talking about the actual temperature of the paint, they're talking about the chemical properties being too strong for the plastic and etching or "melting" the plastic.
  8. Or you could go to Harbor Freight and get one a lot cheaper. I've got one with a digital display that I've been using for about 10 years. Is it accurate, I don't know. But I can replicate my results consistently. I'll mash the button to turn on the display, open the trigger on my air brush and adjust it to whatever pressure I need. I don't remember what it cost, but I think it was around $10-$15.
  9. Looks just like the museum putty sold at Hobby Lobby.
  10. Some may have heard of her but I really love Samantha Fish. Blues rock blend. Her guitars are something else. One is an old gas can. Another is made from an old cigar box. Easy on the eyes too. Check her out. Playing the gas can. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=K1grjzBHgmY&list=PLz-RnAhpjogH5Vx7hjvayrciQPVsP6Gt5 Playing the cigar box. https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=Qx7FDGpZQsQ&list=PLz-RnAhpjogH5Vx7hjvayrciQPVsP6Gt5
  11. Welcome back to the hobby. Nice shop.
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