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  1. Good Spray Can finish for Engine Blocks and Transmissions?

    Model Master makes several metalizer colors in spray cans.
  2. Badger Patriot 105 For Trade

    Just thought I'd bump this thread since someone posted about the Badger 155 being on sale. The Patriot s a good alternative. Make me a trade offer.
  3. Bullitt

    McQueen was a big star. Maybe 1/18 would work?😃
  4. Never saw THAT before

    I saw it. It definitely was a first. If she has the bidders number, he isn't supposed to bid. Maybe they didn't talk all the scenarios through? The sexist remark by the auctioneer was unnecessary.
  5. Lemans Alert

    Can't wait!
  6. Just ordered the Dremel Keyless Chuck. I've got a corded Dremel. Maybe that'll be the answer. Thanks!
  7. I thought I'd found the drill I needed to do the job at Harbor Freight. I even posted a topic on it. The trigger had great sensitivity and it was easy to start holes and gradually increase the RPMs. Well, since then, it's lost that sensitivity and starts with a fast spin. YGWYPF. Before that, I started off using an adapter bit in an electric screwdriver but it doesn't have enough speed. I've been looking at the Tamiya 74041 Electric Handy Drill. One feedback I read said it had a speed of 400 RPMs. Does it? Does it start slow? Is it easily controlled, etc.? Pin vises are difficult for 74 yr. old hands to use. I'm also using Harbor Freight drill bits. The tips don't look much like a drill bit tip. Are the more expensive sets worth the money? Which ones?
  8. I'd use the Molotow refills and shoot it through an airbrush.
  9. Painting tips for me

    Most of the time. I don't use primer under Createx paint.
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    Educate this old man. There are auctions on Facebook?
  11. paint for airbrush

    Created has a lot of pearls.
  12. Painting tips for me

    One thing I forgot to mention about the Createx paints is that the balancing clear/mixing additive is NOT a real clear, per se, it's just a necessary ingredient that they've decided to put the word clear in. I've bought a bottle of their gloss clear but I hear it really doesn't gloss up if you're looking for a show car finish. I'll try it sometime and see how it does. About 90% of my builds are race cars so I'm not looking for the dipped in syrup look.
  13. Painting tips for me

    You need to spend some time on their website. www.createxcolors.com They have videos about mixing the paint with the additives you're talking about. They're 4030 Balancing Clear/Mix Additive and 4012 High Performance Reducer. There are tables for mixing all of the createx paints as well as lots of tips. One is to mix the reducer and balancing clear/mix additive together before mixing in the paint. Little things like that as well as reduction ratios are all there. Spend some time watching the videos and reading about the products. It boosted my confidence. I've done some trial stuff on old bodies with black covered with Model Master Lacquer Clear. Looked really good. I've tried one other car and stripped it twice. Your body prep has to be near perfect. I'm still experimenting but feel like the results may be worth the effort, I hope.
  14. Buying my first airbrush Questions.

    That's another reason I recommend the Paasche H. I can clean mine thoroughly in less than 5 minutes and there are only 3 parts to clean.
  15. Parnelli roadster-DONE!

    I've got one of those as well as the Lotus that comes in the 3 pack, both about half done. I finished the McLaren. I don't know if I'll ever finish them.