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  1. Miatatom added a post in a topic Can Bare Metal be cleared??   

    I've read that many people do it and have no problem.  I must have been thinking about chrome when I posted that stupid opinion above. 
  2. Miatatom added a post in a topic Can Bare Metal be cleared??   

    I've heard several times that it dulls the finish so I've never tried it.
  3. Miatatom added a post in a topic 50 Ford Pick Up and Kurtis Midget Racer.   

    I've had that idea run through my head a few times. I thought about building the truck to look like a beater and building the midget like a little jewel. Represents the idea that all the money goes into the race car. The truck is just a tool. I've also thought about using a southern dirt racer instead of the midget.
  4. Miatatom added a post in a topic Paint gun compressor kits   

    Kevin, everyone has a story and a preference. I started out with an El Cheapo from Harbor Freight which wasn't much of an airbrush. I then bought a $120 Badger Patriot 105. It's a beautifully made precision piece of equipment. In the right hands, it could do miraculous things. But not my hands. I became pretty good at using it but never felt confident.
    A sage old racing buddy gave me an analogy that works for many circumstances. The more adjustments a race car has, the more ways there are to mess it up, if you don't know what you're doing. We're just talking about an airbrush but sometimes it's better to keep things simple. I read and watched Youtube and read some more and finally settled on a Paasche H. Cheap, simple, well made. I found extra tips on eBay but usually just use the #5, the largest one.
  5. Miatatom added a post in a topic Apple Barrel acrylics   

    I'll give that a try. 
  6. Miatatom added a post in a topic HARRY STILL NEEDS OUR HELP   

    Payday is Wednesday. I'll hit it again then. I hope everyone would give just a little, whatever you could afford. I've never met Harry but I'll tell you this, I've been back in this hobby for about 5 years now and easily 95% of the knowledge I've gained in that time is because of the MCM Forum. If you feel like I do about this forum, you've got to admit it's worth something.
  7. Miatatom added a post in a topic Apple Barrel acrylics   

    I always wound up with lots of orange peel. I was shooting with the large #5 tip on a Paasche H at about 30 to 35 psi. I'm thinning with a mixture of 1/3 isopropyl alcohol to 2/3 distilled water with 2 ml of Liquitex Professional Flow-Aid Fluid Medium and  2 ml of Liquitex Professional Slow Dri Blending Medium. I think I may be overthinking it. I'll try some more tests with 50/50 paint/alcohol and lower my pressure.
    Do the darker colors of craft acrylics have larger particle sizes than the lighter colors?
  8. Miatatom added a post in a topic Apple Barrel acrylics   

    I use the same airbrush as Chris, tried to imitate his methods and failed every time. Wish I knew more about the different types of craft acrylics. I've bought the cheapest that Michaels carries. Maybe that's the problem. Opinions?
  9. Miatatom added a post in a topic Apple Barrel acrylics   

    I wonder how the Craft Smart paints from Michaels compare to Delta Ceramcoat, Folk Art and Apple Barrel?
  10. Miatatom added a post in a topic 1955 Mercedes SLR - Stirling Moss   

    Great job! I have one of those in my stash that I want to build some day but I've heard it's not an easy kit to build. 
  11. Miatatom added a post in a topic Very sad news   

    I'm very sorry for the loss of your friend. Sounded like he was an important part of the hobby in Puerto Rico.
  12. Miatatom added a post in a topic Thinning Acrylics   

    LA Totally Awesome is the brand name. They make several products for cleaning and maintenance of floors. I wasn't aware of the concentrated cleaner removing paint. It's great around the house. I wonder if it was lacquer, enamel or acrylic paint that it removed?
  13. Miatatom added a post in a topic Thinning Acrylics   

    I've watched all of Chris's videos. He has the technique down to get good results. His videos do need an update because the Future substitute that he recommended called LA Totally Awesome has changed their formula and it doesn't work any longer. I can verify that. 
  14. Miatatom added a post in a topic DIY Paint Booth with no ventilation, question.   

    I'm curious but very skeptical. To get a decent flow through a small paint booth, you'll need at least 100 cfm of air flow and that's without the added restriction of blowing the air through a column of water. I haven't the foggiest idea how to calculate the amount but I bet that water column would have to be pretty substantial and probably a bit messy. 
  15. Miatatom added a post in a topic Apple Barrel acrylics   

    I only use craft acrylics for interior, chassis and suspension parts. Couldn't ever get the hang of producing a nice finish on a body.