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  1. Great build! That paint job is superlative!
  2. My favorite racing film of all time. Got to see it at the Brainerd Cinerama in Chattanooga on the HUGE screen. It was cool. Your kit bash F1 car is cool.
  3. That little saw looks cool. Can't see all the packaging. What's the brand and where did you get it?
  4. It's got to be like Broadway for me. 75 year old eyes don't work as well as they should. I've replaced all my fluorescent lights with the LEDs from Harbor Freight. It's helped a lot. They're usually on sale for 19.99 each.
  5. Spoons have always been misleading to me. I can paint a spoon and it'll look perfect. If I was building model spoons, I'd be the painting champ! 😁
  6. I have all of those items. What do you have to trade?
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