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  1. I'm right here in Chattanooga but in the middle of a lot of work and little extra funds. Was there much stuff left?
  2. Waterside Decals

    To get rid of the yellowing, tape them to a window with lots of sun exposure. To restore them somewhat, spray them with a good coat of model lacquer. When you cut them out, cut as close to the edge of the decal as possible.

    Only if you buy. Don't buy.
  4. Deformed rubber tires

    I usually just hide mine on the inside or bottom, whichever works best.
  5. 77 AMC Pacer Wagon

    That gloss looks good. I'd love to see it over black to see how much it really shines.
  6. That's a great idea using the clear as an intercoat clear for masking. Thanks! I highly recommend visiting the Createx website createxcolors.com to view a number of videos explaining how to use their products. Really good info there. Folks that think that Createx is just another acrylic paint like the stuff at Michaels are incorrect. It's a different animal and I like it.
  7. The future of Motorsports ?

    The cars are simply too fast to run a full 1/4 mile. It was either shorten the race or put "governors" on all the cars like Nastycar with their restricter plates for 'dega and Daytona. They avoided using that word to this day but that's basically what they're running.
  8. You really don't need to use any sort of drying device (dehydrator, hair dryer, etc.) with Createx paints. Just let it air dry between coats and don't put them on too heavy. I usually wait about 5 minutes between each of the first two or three mist coats and then about 10 minutes between each of the wet coats. Haven't had any problems so far. I'm going to post so pics of a Porsche 917K that I did in Createx paint. Look for it. The last time I shot it was for the Porsche and I reduced it 35% using their reduction charts. 35% reduction for a 20 ml batch was 8 ml of paint, 5 ml of 4030 Balancing Clear and 7 ml of 4012 Reducer. Really went on smooth, tight and thin. I'm particularly interested in how your clear turns out. I've bought a bottle of their gloss clear but after exchanging emails with them, I'm thinking you may not get a gloss like any of the more popular clears like Tamiya, Model Master, etc. It might work well for early era builds where original finishes weren't super glossy. Let us know how it turns out.
  9. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    Same here. The McLaren models are much more beautifully designed. One of those, I'd buy if one of these lottery tickets comes through.
  10. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    More money than brains or at the least, money with no conscience.
  11. The future of Motorsports ?

    Just watched another Battlebots and I've come to a conclusion. When I was racing 1:1 cats and motorcycles, I always wanted to build a machine that beat the heck out of all my opponents. Battlebots is literally that. Build a machine and beat the heck out of your opponent and his machine. It's that competitive thing. Don't care for all the spectacle, but the battles are pretty awesome. Plus, I see all ages in the audience as well as building the bots.
  12. Running out of patience!

    They have said in other threads that they are having some problems and may need to do some maintenance. Patience.
  13. Let There Be Light!

  14. Warming your paint

    I've tried it both ways, warmed or not. Some say it's supposed to make a difference. I can't tell myself. I'm starting to use Createx paints and don't warm them.
  15. The future of Motorsports ?

    I like the machines. All the showmanship is just distraction. Get on with it!