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  1. Mine are open and the 170 cfm bilge blower sucks all the fumes out of the booth and through an exhaust to the outside. The big bulky gloves would have to go.
  2. I built one out of wood that's about the same design. If you go with that one, I'd suggest trying to modify it to a downdraft design. That's the preferred method. I looked at the dimensions and it's pretty small. Mine is 3' wide, 2' deep and 3' high at the back and sometimes, still not big enough. I use a 170 cfm bilge blower to evacuate the inside. It works fairly well. Personally, I'd pay an extra $60 and get the Abrasive Blast Cabinet https://www.harborfreight.com/abrasive-blast-cabinet-62144.html It's a downdraft and much more roomy. I've got well over $230 in mine. Wish I'd looked around and found the blast cabinet first.
  3. Dick Mann's Daytona Winner Honda

    Thanks for the info. Looking good.
  4. Dick Mann's Daytona Winner Honda

    Oh man, what a thread! Dick Mann was one of my favorites too. The movie On Any Sunday educated me on flat rack racing and Dick Mann was one of the pro stars. Is this kit available now? I'd love to see a model of the 750 Yamaha road racer too. Jim in Pittsburgh, I love your SDR Ossa. A good buddy had a 125 Penton. I mostly raced Hondas and Yamahas.
  5. Stanfding or setting?

    Sometimes I can't get a decent paint job standing or sitting. Haven't tried lying down yet. Mike, why not build it so you can remove the legs easily and decide which way you like it.
  6. Stanfding or setting?

    Same here plus sitting too much hurts my bad back.
  7. Jack Baldwins SCCA Trans-am Camaro

    Great job! I love the Trans Am cars.
  8. I like Formula 1, Indy, Rally and sports cars (especially race cars).
  9. Clear coat over decals?

    I clear coat mine to protect the decals.
  10. I have a like new Patriot 105 that I'd trade.
  11. Happy Birthday Harry Pristovnik

    Happy birthday, Harry!
  12. Finger nail tape used in the hobby

    I wonder how well it would work for masking?
  13. I'm not so sure about applying decals to a waxed finish.
  14. Harry Pristovnik

    Don't put pressure on yourself. Just be happy knowing you've got a small piece of his excellence. Your appreciation would be his satisfaction.