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  1. I suggest nitrile gloves. Keeps your greasy fingers off the model and keeps the glue and paint off your hands.
  2. Very clever custom. Excellent paint too.
  3. Try Hobbylinc. Their prices are discounted in most cases.
  4. My advice is to build something that doesn't require a 2 tone paint job or a lot of bare metal chrome work. Those vettes look like a good choice.
  5. Use a clean container and strain your paint through a good 190 micron paint filter and you won't need another filter in the container.
  6. Everclear might work but the alcohol I use is isopropyl alcohol, sometimes called rubbing alcohol. I bet Everclear is more expensive.
  7. It'll take color coats off with ease but I've always had difficulty getting it to remove Tamiya primer.
  8. She was recently on Good Girls and was excellent. +1 for the Grand Prix role.
  9. Hi neighbor. Yes, we should be able to learn something here.
  10. Lordy, this is going to be the longest thread on this forum! 🤣 I recently got the bugeye replica of my old race car that I'm building about 95% done and had to throw it into the alcohol pond due to a stupid mistake. Haven't finished anything in almost 2 years due to back issues but I'm back now trying to get something done.
  11. I use Glad Press and Seal under the lid to seal my jars. I use 4 ounce canning jars from Walmart for storage. A dozen is less than $10.
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