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  1. Your skills have diminished? It looks great to me. I wish I could do that well.
  2. I need to replace a dead printer and I need one that can do a decent job on decals. I'd like to spend less than $200. Well, much less if possible. What do you giys recommend?
  3. Will do. Just getting started building after over a year lay off. I'll be in touch.
  4. Dave, what's your mix ratio for the very clear clear and the more traditional looking clears? I'm thinking of giving the X-22 a try. I like the Tamiya canned lacquers.
  5. Nice build! I got to meet Ed at the Oakland Roadster Show in 1963. He sprayed a Mothers Worry sweatshirt for me.
  6. Thanks for all the hard work. We appreciate it.
  7. Interesting technique. Gotta build the cage for my Bugeye in my avatar. I'll try this method.
  8. Since I live about 15 miles from the place, I have no excuse not to go. Hope they have some cars.
  9. One tip I have for mixing bottles is to cover the mouth of the bottle with Press and Seal and then screw the lid on. No messy threads on the lid or bottle.
  10. I got mine from Scale Finishes, but that takes an airbrush.
  11. Great job! Very similar to an idea I had. The only difference was the tow vehicle would be a beater and the race car would look way better than the truck. Most of my 1:1 race cars looked way better than the tow vehicle.
  12. Reminds me of the Hoonigan Mustang.
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