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  1. I didn't see a spec for the RPMs of the motor. It may run too fast.
  2. Micromark is the distributor, not the maker of the product.
  3. I use a variable speed dremel. It's heavy for delicate stuff so I hold the part I'm drilling and have the dremel mounted securely. It has the same type chuck you're using.
  4. I need some education here. I've never chopped a top but it's something I may do. Why not just cut straight across?
  5. One additional tip I have is to use Saran Wrap Press and Seal over the top of the jar before you put the lid on. That will keep the paint off the lid. I don't think the squeeze bottles will provide a good seal.
  6. I use 4 oz. Mason jars from Walmart. A dozen is usually less than $10.
  7. Scale Finishes can mix just about any color but I didn't find that particular color listed. He might be able to help you though. http://scalefinishes.com/welcome.html
  8. I built a drying cabinet from plywood. Inside, I use a 100w light bulb with a variable rheostat to dim it. I used a meat thermometer to determine the temperature in the box at different settings. I usually set it around 100 degrees. You could build something like that to dry your models.
  9. With covid going strong, I would have bet I'd finish at least one but, like you Ace, I didn't get a "roundtoit".
  10. Built about 8 years ago. It's my first one in about 60 years. Had a 1:1 that I drove back in the 70s. Not quite this nice. 😃
  11. I simply can't understand some of you modelers. I've never done that. 😂
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