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  1. Nice job! I knew a guy that vintage raced one of those. RPM limit was something like 10,000. It screamed.
  2. Welcome, Donald. 44 was a good year for both of us. 😁
  3. Take the decals out and store them in a cool dry place away from light sources.
  4. From a swabbie (62-66) to an airdale, good for you.
  5. RIP Jimi. Congrats, Snake. Did Jimi's death have anything to do with your sobriety?
  6. Your experience is unthinkable to everyone here and most of us have no idea how difficult this is for you and your family to process and deal with. I'm so sorry.
  7. As we age, giving up things becomes a part of life. I used to race motorcycles and vintage sports cars, play golf and do all sorts of physical activities. A broken back (racing a go-kart), ribs, a concussion and degenerative disk disease have taken their toll. At 76, there will be more things to give up. I'm still trying to build models but like you, I have eye issues as well as unsteady hands. I guess the little saying in my signature sort of sums it up.
  8. It's all about minimizing costs, maximizing profit and keeping those shareholders happy.
  9. Wasn't sure if this should go into diecasts or model car racing so I stuck it here. Mods can move it if inappropriate for this discussion section. https://www.lifesavvy.com/35948/need-more-sports-action-in-your-life-watch-diecast-car-racing/
  10. Welcome, C. Cole. It's your first post so I'll reply with my limited knowledge. I suggest not comparing Tamiya with almost any other model maker. They're just that good. If Tamiya is a 10, Revell might be an 8. Depends on which car you're building too.
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