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  1. Kurtis Midget

    Great job! Very similar to an idea I had. The only difference was the tow vehicle would be a beater and the race car would look way better than the truck. Most of my 1:1 race cars looked way better than the tow vehicle.
  2. 65 Mustang Racer

    Reminds me of the Hoonigan Mustang.
  3. Desk top drill press

    I question using a drill press. It'll melt the plastic. Drill them out with a pin vise.
  4. How to remove pin marks

    Ok Scott, here's my method. I bought a cheap electric toothbrush and several refill brushes. You have to remove the bristles from the heads. I used hemostats to grab each bundle of bristles and pull them out. I used .030 plastic stock to create small circles and stamped them out using a punch. I them glued them to the heads to create a flat surface. Next, I cut different lengths of plastic tubing and glued them to the heads. Cut another piece for the end and glued it on. Then I use padded double sided tape to stick different grit paper on the tips. Here are some pics. Makes sanding pin marks in a headliner a breeze. I use a brush with short bristles to remove paint in tight areas.
  5. Now the effort begins to set up the new model room

    I have this very task ahead of me, probably before the end of the year. I'm already packing everything up. I'm looking forward to a new hobby room, somewhere. 😁
  6. Since posting my comments on Createx clear, I've corresponded with Createx. According to them, their clear doesn't gloss up like Tamiya or Model Master. I've got a bottle of their clear but haven't used it yet. I'll probably stick with Tamiya and Model Master.
  7. Ford GT Le Mans, 2017 #69

    +1 on those decals. You're a lot better builder than I am.
  8. I'm thinking that's the issue. I've heard Wicked can't be wet sanded. Might have assumed that included all forms of sanding. I'll have to try it soon.
  9. I don't think you're going to be successful. From what I've learned about Createx paints, you can't sand them Put clear over them and sand and polish away. Just not on the color coats. I hope someone will prove me wrong. I like the paints.
  10. Ford to End Ford GT Racing Program

    Nothing lasts forever but this bites. https://autoweek.com/article/sports-cars/ford-confirms-end-factory-gt-program-after-2019
  11. The Prisoner Lotus 7

    Great job! I've got The Prisoner on dvd. Loved that show.
  12. MUSIC! I've got video from the 93 Can Am Reunion at Road Atlanta. We were videoing in the dip of the old configuration and on the tape, you could hear a McLaren coming out of 7. When he hit the crest and blew into the dip, the hair on all of us was standing straight up. My 14 year old son's mouth literally fell open. He was blown away. Well, we all were. I was racing my Formula V for the first time.
  13. Johnathon, why do you think you'd prefer the .3 over the .5. I have the .5 myself.