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  1. Just incredible detail. Amazing!
  2. Welcome Keith, I'm from Soddy Daisy, Tn.
  3. That is a beautiful model. Great job!
  4. I burned through the paint trying that on the first try. May have had the wrong attachment.
  5. If you ride, dress to crash. Truae me, I rode dirt bikes for over 20 years.
  6. Leslie Nielsen made a successful career out of spoofs. Airplane was another funny one.
  7. Isopropyl alcohol will remove most lacquers. I spray rattle can lacquers without thinning them.
  8. I scratch the tip on opposite sides and use that as a guide to how much I want to open it up. Usually one to 1 1/2 turns.
  9. Charlie Watts, 80, died yesterday in a London hospital. Another legend is gone.
  10. When you get as old as me (77), it seems like death is a daily reminder of life's journey.
  11. Other than the wheels, the one with the red interior is a perfect replica of my first car. Nice work!
  12. Watched it off and on all day. Like TonyK, I switched over to watch the Indycar race. Got it back on now.
  13. Brad Pitt was really good in his role.
  14. I wound up using Pic n Sticks with a small glob of museum putty (I think that's what it's called) stuck on the end. The Pic n Sticks lose their stickum.
  15. Welcome! Nice looking models.
  16. For old war movies, my brother always recommended Battleground and A Walk in the Sun.
  17. I remember her from Fall Guy. She sure gave Heather Thomas are run for the money. She was gorgeous. Sad to hear that she passed away.
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