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  1. I don't believe some folks on this forum know who DeJoy is or who appointed him to his position as head of the USPS. Look it up. The entire organization is headed for the dumpster due to the changes he has implemented. He certainly doesn't have a socialist agenda. Quite the opposite.
  2. Same issues here in southeast Tennessee. As long as DeJoy is in charge of the USPS, you'll continue to see the USPS fall apart. It's all part of the plan to privatize it.
  3. Any time I do this step, regardless whether it's out of the can or airbrushed, I get orange peel.
  4. Welcome aboard, Jeff. I'll be 79 next Wednesday so I understand those fine moor skills slipping away. Haven't done much at the bench in several months.
  5. Ike put that poor lady through hell. RIP Tina.
  6. No gloves, no respirator, just "here, take this stuff and go clean the radar gear". I was performing this task aboard the USS Norfolk DL-1 while we were off the coast of Columbia. The Captain came on the 1MC and made the announcement that President Kennedy had been assassinated. Everyone that was alive and old enough to remember it knows exactly where they were and what they were doing. I was alone and walked out onto the signal bridge. Everyone was speechless. We immediately broke off from operations with the Columbian navy and went on alert status. An unforgettable moment on an unforgettable day.
  7. Again, why didn't I think of that.
  8. Franklin, Ohio? I thought you were talking about Oak Ridge, TN.
  9. Only played 9 seasons. He was paid $60k per year and not allowed to make movies in season, so he quit. Unbelievably big and fast.
  10. We used to use that stuff to clean the radar gear aboard ship. Found out later that it was highly carcinogenic.
  11. MEK works great but apply it sparingly. It'll melt or warp plastic. Don't ask me how I know that.
  12. Reat job. Love the paint.
  13. I finally watched this video. My son bought me a diecast of this car several years ago. I'm inspired to repaint the diecast, now. Good video. Thanks, Ace.
  14. If you like blues and jazz, this 8 hour list, all in one place will get your groove on and chill you out.
  15. I've started sanding with 3600 and then finishing with Tamiya fine, all by hand. Looks like a mirror.
  16. Simply beautiful. Way beyond my skill level.
  17. Good idea. I've put a few holes in my fingers and had parts go flying, sometimes found, sometimes not. 😂
  18. I'll second this recommendation. Additionally, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the light works.
  19. Very creative. I like it.
  20. Wloomed aboard, Kurt. It's a good place for model builders. I visited Trinidad in 63, 64 and 65 while in the US Navy. We picked up the admiral and his staff that were stationed there and circled South America. I have many fond memories of visiting there. It's a beautiful place. Love the steel drum bands.
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