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  1. Area Code 615 https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=area+code+615 This band was a mixed group of rock musicians as well as country musicians. Some played on albums produced in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and Nashville, Tennessee. The band produced two albums. The first was Trip In The Country. I consider it their best. Each of the songs sounds completely unique, unlike any of the other songs on the album. I especially like Scotland, Devil Weed and Me and Always The Same. Even here in Tennessee, the band is pretty much unknown, even to people my age. They're missing out on a unique sound.
  2. One suggestion that Createx has is to use 4013 reducer. I had problems with clumping but I was using their flow aid. Forgot the number. Make sure you mix in the reducer thoroughly and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. Watch their YouTube videos, very informative.
  3. 91% Isopropyl alcohol works good on Tamiya colors for me. I really have to scrub when removing Tamiya primer, though.
  4. Yeah, he was a "personality". But I loved his rock and roll growing up in the 50s.
  5. So sad to see our fellow Chattanoogan die. He was so talented. His covid updates to "fellow hunkerdowners" were so funny.
  6. Try to keep them clean and they'll last a couple of years at least. I've been back in the hobby for about 12 years and still using my second set.
  7. I use a dedicated small paint brush to dip water onto the decal and move the it around. Usually use the tip of the bristles on the edge of the decal. I mostly build race cars so decals are part of every build I do.
  8. These are the sanding cloths that I use. I finish with Novus 2. http://www.hobbylinc.com/detail-master-polishing-system-assortment-plastic-model-sanding-tool-sandpaper-9000
  9. I can understand the effect that all the carnage that occurs can have on you. Indycar and F1 were hard to take, for me, with all the crashes and fires back during what everyone calls the Golden years of racing. I'm still an Indycar fan. Raced a few open wheel cars. Lots of fun if you're careful.
  10. Welcome, Alan. I used to autocross at Motlow State back in the early 90s.
  11. Should the inside of the corners be rounded or squared?
  12. OK guys, how do you suggest putting it on the rear window and rounding the corners while keeping them even so all 4 corners look even? The side glass looks fairly easy.
  13. Welcome, Kevan. Do you watch the motorcycle racing when they are there?
  14. I'm building a Jaguar XKE and I'm to the point of fitting the glass onto the model. The instructions call for painting the edges of the two side windows and the rear hatch window silver or chrome. I've coated them withe Future to make them clearer. I've tried using silver acrylic craft paint. I placed a little acrylic on a hard surface and tried to touch the edges of the windows in the paint. I'm getting uneven edges and some clumping. I guess I could thin the paint some to reduce the clumping and continue trying this method. Does anyone have any suggestions for a better method to paint the edges?
  15. I'd pay to see that line up. Best Show AC/DC in Knoxville, TN on 10/2/79, 4 months before Bon Scott died on 2/19, my wife's birthday. We got married on 10/2/82. Ironic coincidence. At 78, they're still my favorite band. Best Band that sounded exactly like their first album, Little River Band Best show, meaning lights and sound, Blue Oyster Cult.
  16. Why don't the administrators shut down all this political BS. All it does is divide people. Isn't this a forum for model car building?
  17. I use makeup sponges also. Round one gently held in their center and rolled across the decal help them to lay down. Use the edge of wedge shaped ones to wick moisture off the edges of the decals.
  18. Welcome, Howard. You're right, this is a great forum for model car builders.
  19. Just read a stat that said there were approximately 1.42 Billion cars in the world. They're not going to replace that many ICE cars any time soon. BTW, we drive a Kia Niro HEV. 51 mpg
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