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  1. I painted the second part of a two tone paint job and have a problem. The first part is fine and I don't want to remove all the paint again. Most of the second part is fine except I got too much paint in one section and it's wrinkled up and will have to be removed. Do any of you guys have some sort of trick you use to remove paint from one panel (it's the trunk lid) without disturbing the rest of the car?
  2. I do that too but I'm lucky enough that I just dig back in after breakfast. Being retired, you know, does have it's perks.
  3. I really like it! I'm going to do something like this but my sign in the window will say "Not For Sale". People in our area are always "going to fix it up, one of these days".
  4. I've always liked the 39 and 40 Fords. Nice details and love the color too. I think Barster is right, looks like a Nailhead Buick to me too.
  5. I've got to do something like this. I'll have questions for sure.
  6. The Revell Colin McRae Ford Focus rally car and some wire wheels from Deeks for the 1950 Alfa Romeo 158 Formula 1 car.
  7. I use the nitrile from HF. About $10 a box. The sies run small. I have small hands and the mediums are tight which I prefer.
  8. When I master a nearly dust free paint job, I'll be asking lots more questions. 8^) Your rust work is great. PS Looked at your cars on your website. Great work!
  9. Looks great! I'm still trying to finish my first car. I've got a lot to learn.
  10. I think there might be one of those at this place. It's near Atlanta, GA http://microcarmuseum.com/
  11. Nice! I used to vintage race with a guy that had one of them. His wasn't a drive it to the track type of car though. It was a full on race car. Here's a couple of pics. It's in the background pf the first one. It was really fast!
  12. Painted model car parts, naturally. As for keeping the dust off, yes it does. Now, if I can just keep it off the stuff before I put them in there.
  13. I'm beginning to believe that unless you have some sort of hermetically sealed down draft spray booth, there is no way to eliminate ALL dust from a paint job. I've used a full sized spray gun and sprayed the entire spray area with water to try to trap dust. Doesn't seem to be 100% fool proof. Am I being unrealistic about the paint jobs? When I was painting full size race cars, I always had a few blemishes but I got rid of them by color sanding and buffing them out. Is that everyone's method? Just deal with the small specks by sanding and buffing them out? I can't imagine some of the paint jobs I see on this forum are the result of just shooting the paint and polishing it. If they are, I've got a ton to learn and spend. 8^)
  14. Thanks for the useful information guys. I guess my question was too vague. Let's try this, what does everyone think of the Tamiya kits?
  15. I finished my drying box and got it calibrated today. I used 1/2" plywood. It's about 14" wide x 12" deep and 20" tall. I bought 2 receptacles and wired them in with the dimmer switch to be able to vary the amount of heat I'm putting into the box. I lined the box with some quilted material that is aluminized on one side. Had it left over from the Cobra I built a few years back. With the lining, I found I really only needed a single 60W incandescent bulb to generate enough heat to maintain 105 degrees. Here's a few pics.
  16. I'm new here and was wondering if there's a subject that discusses kits in general. Kit makers, their pluses and minuses, old kits, newer or re-released kits versus the original ones, quality of kits, details like ease of build, good or bad instructions, etc. I've got about 12 kits so far and am building 2 at the moment. One is a Revell Peter Brock's Datsun 510. It's a decent kit with fairly good detail, good instructions and parts. The other is a SMER Alfa Romeo 158 Formula ! racer which isn't near the quality of the 510.
  17. Another icon gone. I watched a McHales Navy this morning. Sad.
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