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  1. NDC added a post in a topic Paint for wood question   

    Thanks again for your reply. Are there not any companies on line that sell paints in small amounts for our hobby with a larger selection of colors than Walmart? Our Walmart has little to no paint as do local auto supply stores. Thank you.
  2. NDC added a post in a topic Paint for wood question   

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to my posting. I am in a very rural area with no hobby shops around, that is why I asked for an on line source for paint. Any recommendations? Thanks again.
  3. NDC added a topic in General   

    Paint for wood question
    Hello, I am starting to build small individual wooden displays for my models. I am trying to use colors that are common to the automobile manufacturer and period of the car. Can someone recommend an on line paint source? I need to be able to buy high gloss paints in small amounts. Thank you.
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