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  1. JT added a topic in Contests and Shows   

    4th Annual Mid-America Nationals
    Does anyone have any info on who I can contact with an email or a phone number for this show? I'm looking to get a table and have sent Eddie Fickel a letter, but can't wait that long to find out anything.

    Is there a website associated with the show?

    This is the show in Omaha on the 9th of October.

    Thanks for any help.
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  2. JT added a post in a topic Differences Between the '68 and 69 El Camino?   

    I don't think it was between years, I have some literature on the different trims and options from the' SS' to the 'Custom'. I'll have to dig it out and see what it says.
  3. JT added a post in a topic Differences Between the '68 and 69 El Camino?   


    Have to differ with you a few items:
    Depending on what version you have depends on the trim. I had a '69 'Custom' model that did have the side trim and engine size on the front marker light.
    Not a very good example as far as 'show' quality, but it was fun.
    Front bumper was different as far as the turn signal location and opening size.

    There are a few differences between el Camino's and Chevelle's that many don't catch. The el Camino's used the wagon front fenders (figures) which were a little different shape than the Chevelle. Difference is at the break in the fender, Chevelle is a sharper break. Not so noticable unless you park them next to each other.

    Sorry can't get the picture to post!
  4. JT added a topic in Links, Advertisers, and Web Sites   

    Fred's Model orld
    If anyone is looking for some new sealed or open builder kits you should visit:

    Fred's Model World

    He has some great deals and the site is usually updated at the begining of each month. It was just updated today.

    I have also put up a number of kits on the consignment page.

    Take a look!
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  5. JT added a post in a topic Visiting the Model Cars Forum   

    One question; If we're all going to be required to login to gain access (doesn't bother me, I usually do anyway), how is it that the bottom of the page in the active users, it shows about 50/50 right now as 42 members and 40 guests.
    How could there be any guests?
  6. JT added a post in a topic '69 El Camino - Was it ever reissued?   

    I know there were at least two issues of the 69 el Camino, one with the soap box derby car and without, I have the one without. AMT Y914 is the one I have, but it has no date which is typical of the era. I also have a resin copy of it. One of them, if not both I will build. I have too, I just sold my 1:1 last week , and I miss it soooooooo much! I will get another one, again!

    I'm not sure but they may have used the mold to make the '70 then '71, then '72, as they all used the same body, with modifications to the front and rear ends (mostly front)

    You might be able to graft the front end of a 69 Chevelle, and have it work for the model, but I don't think they were the same in the 1:1. I may be wrong on this, but I heard several times that the el Camino used the station wagon front fenders (would figure) which were slightly different than the Coupe fenders. The difference was supposedly the fender brake point was less pronounced on the wagons/ el Caminos. Never got mine parked next to a Coupe to try to measure. Never have found it in any literature though.

    If anyone knows someone that is producing or planning to produce a 69 EC, I'll be in line for a couple of them. I don't think I'll ever get around to being good enough to produce one myself!
  7. JT added a post in a topic My Models   


    Don't let someone elses harsh critique of your models keep you from posting. Some will do better, some will do worse, some like me just look at others and never seem to build there own!

    Build for yourself and what you want to accomplish with building. Some won't build unless it to the best of their ability and everthing is absolutly perfect, that's what they want.

    What part of KC are you located, I'm out in Shawnee.
  8. JT added a post in a topic Real names in your sig line!   

    Not to be a smart 'butt', the place you are referring to says 'First Name'! You might want to change the heading above and below to read 'Full name' or 'first and last name'.

    I changed mine, should show up this time.
  9. JT added a post in a topic we can do to help the model companies sell more kits...   

    I collect for a lot of the reasons already stated, but the main reason is I'm a bit of a hoarder!

    Yes I admit it, I'm addicted! I know the first step to a cure is admitting there is a problem! Did I say I have a problem???
    I don't have no stinkin' problem, I have a HOBBY!

    I stopped building kits when I went to college, but from the time I got married and moved out of my parents, I hauled about 80 built and un-built kits with me from when I was a kid. For 20 years they moved around with me. I new I would get back to them someday! That happened a little over 10 years ago, and I came back with a vengeance! Having your wife consently tell you that you didn't need to spend time and money on any kind of hobby helped the vengeance part!
    Imagine the kits that I hadn't seen in 20 years or so! (Evil laugh) I started buying kits of cars I liked and went nuts from there. Then I started doing a web page for a certain model car collection buyer who sells them online, and we worked out a deal to pay me in kits. Lets figue I get anywhere from 2-10 kits a month from him and I've been doing the page since 1999! Add that to all that I have picked up elsewhere over the years and you come up around 1700 unbuilts, builts and resin shells/kits!!!

    I did reduce that amount about 100 this past weekend at the Heartland Nationals! Did anyone from here get to the Show?

    The one thing I have said from the begining is, that one day I or my kids will be able to sell them and get a majority of that back, or keep them and have a lot of fun building, or a combination there of. I figure if I ever get to retire, I can keep funding my hobby. My girlfiend gives me hard time once in a while, until I remind her that over the last 11 years I have spent less on models, than she has on wine, and with the exception of a couple of cases in the basement, she doen't have anything to 'show' for it.

    I will admit I am more of a collecter as of late, just don't seem to find time to get down and play. Probably because I have to many other projects going on!
  10. JT added a post in a topic Building Models and the Godzilla Complex   

    Welcome Jim, had seen you post a few times before. I too just googled osteonecrosis, and wish you as many pain free days you can get!

    I looked at your profile and realized we grew up in the same era, and quite possibly the same area! That's if you grew up in the Poughkeepsie area. I grew up about 10 miles south of you off Route 9 in Fishkill. Actually hope to be heading back that way to visit family the end of this month or beginning of next.

    Your right, there are a lot of fantastic modelers on this site, and a lot of really good people too! If you ever have a question on different ways to do something, just search through the archives, and if you can't find it there just ask!

    Take care, JT
  11. JT added a post in a topic The Jairus Watson Artwork Challenge   


    Thanks for the offer, I have a one downstairs and one coming from Fred, so I'm covered. Now I just need to figure out if the 86 Tbird roof the same as the '87, I have one of those. That's if I decide to go that route.
  12. JT added a post in a topic The Jairus Watson Artwork Challenge   

    I may take you up on that, but let me take a look in my stash to see if I have anything close. I have a bunch in my parts box and they look very familar. I've been gone for a long weekend, so I haven't had a chance to hunt through my pile.
  13. JT added a post in a topic The Jairus Watson Artwork Challenge   

    If you haven't found a '62 grille, I have a '62 falcon that I can clean up and try to produce a resin copy of. That's one of the resons I got the falcon so I could do a 62 Ranchero. Let me know and I will dig it out and see how close it is to Jairus' artwork?
  14. JT added a post in a topic '59 Caddy!!!!   

    That is absolutly AWESOME!

    How did you do it?

    No, literally! How did you do it? Step by step! I want pictures, commentary, how too's, tips, tricks, parts used and how to use them!!!!

    Seriuosly you and a lot of others on this list need to do some Utube or video classrooms or what ever the rage is. I don't think I have enough lifetimes to learn all I would like too through osmosis!

    Beautiful job!
  15. JT added a post in a topic The Jairus Watson Artwork Challenge   

    Jairus, Thanks for the info! Yea I saw the headlight reflection, just couldn't make out what vehicle was chasing her!

    Got a couple of other questions: What rims are those from? I will definitely need some big discs for those!

    What are the vains under the rear bumper, for stabilization?

    Now I need to figure what power to put under her, and how to modify the front end. With the mods to the tail and side, you know the front is not stock. What was your design intent on the era and mods? With the wheels/ tires I'm thinking pretty modern underneath and inside.
    Maybe use the 59 front bumper with the depression in the middle, although that may be too much grille? although with some nice driving lights worked in we can get that '300'ish look.
    or maybe something along the lines of the 64 Tbird bumper that curves up after it goes under the headlights? I don't want to get the fish face look to the front end though ?

    Anybody got a sketch pad (with Jairus attached)?