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  1. http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/114364795241831/?fref=ts link to many monster truck builds
  2. one day i will build the 85 body style and make another 89 to resemble how it looks today as a ride truck
  3. started as a destroyer 2 kit from amt...... features now are ross gibson boss 429, body mods , frame mods, suspension mods, alot of fabricated parts including front bumper, headers, light bar ect ect. i think ive captured this truck as close as i could to the real truck!
  4. Here is the revell 1/25 cab (black) along with the 1/24 monogram cab.
  5. its late and aint heard anymore tonight but as soon as i get more info i will post it.....and awsome idea for votes
  6. yes fall guy amt 84 gmc and price will be up to him but most likely under 20 he said he uses smooth on products to make
  7. found a guy who has some and is willing to make more but i need to get alot of feedback on here so he can see how much interest there is for a longbed.... i am sending him this link to monitor ... if he chooses to make them he will most likely get in touch with you..
  8. how was the raminator kit? was the decals easy or did they want to wrinkle?
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