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  1. I have a bunch of his stuff and it's great, awesome castings, great subjects. The site may be old, but I have always received great communication, and exactly what I ordered. Thank you again Chuck.
  2. He still owes me money, or the items I ordered. I left it for him to decide. Lots of excuses as to why I didn't have what I ordered, gave him lots of room to make it good. Haven't heard a word from him in 3 years.
  3. Very Sad, wishing him rest and peace for his family. I have only known him through this hobby, his awesome decals. Sending Prayers
  4. Very nice Chuck, exactly what I have been waiting for!
  5. Great news Scott, Thank you. Great looking decals Chuck, how can I get a set?
  6. Awesome building Jeremy. This car is one of my favorite subjects.
  7. Wayne I know you weren't supporting Whiskey Ridge. Chuck I would be interested in both color schemes also.
  8. Thank you for the idea Wayne, but I prefer to support Scott, I've read some of the posts regarding "Whiskey Ridge". Chuck I wish you would have done them, my experience is that your decals and resin products are awesome.
  9. Guys and Gals time to be heard, support this wish by "liking" my question on FB on the Slixx page. We have to be heard, or we won't
  10. Bird12

    Mazda 787B

    Very nice clean build. Inspiration for one I have waiting in the box.
  11. Looking forward to more progress. I really like your use of various materials.
  12. Nice build, and Thanks for bringing back those old kit buying memories.
  13. Great build, inspiration for the one, or two, in my stash
  14. Great idea and nice build. It looks like a replica build, cool.
  15. That's great news Scott, Thank you for sharing. Hopefully they see how many "views" my question generated. They may not all be buyers, or fans, but I'm sure there is a bunch there. Thanks again for taking the time to share your in progress pics, I know I learn from them.
  16. Very cool, and nice work. Reminds me of the old magazine photos of the 70's. I never knew this kit existed in this form.
  17. I agree Fred, Scott's work is superb, and it helps people like me who want to stretch their limits and learn. I have always been a Glidden fan, the blue and white car was when I first became aware of his talent. I have obtained a few of his other cars, both kit and aftermarket, as well as some decals to match. My painting skills aren't great, so I was really hoping someone would produce a set for the blue and white car.
  18. I have bought from him a bunch of times, great prices, fast service, everything was exactly as offered, no complaints from me.
  19. Does anyone make decals for the blue and white Bob Glidden Fairmont? I have one of Scott's excellent bodies, and I am slowly gathering parts for the project. I have read here from time to time that different people intended to make the decals, however I haven't seen anyone advertise them as complete and available.
  20. I'm really happy to hear this, hopefully I will get the Lee Smith decals I have been waiting sooo long for?
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