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Found 193 results

  1. 3n1 re-release with new decals and pad printed tires. This does include the trailer as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WeNVoyHzsRI
  2. Just finished this one. She started life as a Sedan Delivery a long time ago. I bought her as a built up in need of restoration from a friend. Like I had a Coupe body in my parts box, I decided to actually transform the Sedan delivery into a coupe. A little dig in the parts box found the body, the glass and interior tube from another old build I got already taken apart with a parts lot. Stripped the paint from all parts, repaired some crazing the body had, and started repainting things. Had to add the reinforcement bar to the fenders to stiff things up, as it had to be removed when building the Sedan Delivery. Decided to paint the car black, and used automotive enamel to do so. Did some restoration to the chrome parts by washing them with an old toothbrush and soap. That took off the dust, and brought back almost all the shine. Had to refinish the headlight doors with foil, as the chrome was very thin on that parts. The resulting model is almost box stock AMT, with just the addition of a tailpipe, and vent windows made out of acetate, as the body came without the stock AMT parts. Hope you guys like this little coupe. Thanks for looking. 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr 1940 Ford Business Coupe Deluxe by CCCP Digital Studio, on Flickr
  3. Finished this one today. Really nice, detailed kit, one of the newer AMT tools. I did a Google image search and found one with this unusual color scheme, so 1950's. Comments welcome as always, thanks for looking!
  4. Currently working on this model, I heard this isn't a easy build but I got the kit for 10 bucks at Michaels with a 60% coupon. Slowly detailing it and b uilding my the motor. Stay tuned I will be posting more pics as soon as I get my primer (ordered 4 cans of plastikote on eBay for 30 and got a can for free!)
  5. Got trounced last weekend on eBay bidding on these so I'm not too optimistic, but: They were in the original AMT '62 Bonneville hardtop kit (and the reissued "Polyglas Gasser" version) but not in the convertible. Anyone have a set? Trade or ? Thanks for looking.
  6. The weather is starting to get warmer in Northern Virginia and I'm getting the fever to build again. I figured I'd start out with a bang by bringing this old AMT Trophy Series 32 Ford Roadster back to life. It's an older kit, and some might gasp at the thought of chopping it up, but that's what they're here for. I paid $11 for the box, which included this stripped down roadster and another, almost pristine stock version. As the seller told me, "The roadster is rough.." and rough it is. It looks like it was put together with a hot glue gun or clear caulking. Certain adhesives interact poorly with styrene, so this has some "dents" in it, which is ok with me. The rumble seat that normally fold ups and down on this kit has been glued shut and a wide gap is left at the bottom (don't you love this?). There is no floorboard beyond the bench seat which has been glued to the body with what could be a liberal dousing of JB Weld. That's ok though, a little balsa wood or a flattened out piece of a Coke can will do the trick. The frame is mostly ok and whatever hot glue or caulking was used on this kit to put it together is mostly forgiving (the areas with Crazy Glue however, are not). The front axle is broken in two places, but the broken part is there, so I could be difficult and not use a replacement from he parts bin. In case you're wondering, the axle is broken because the builder didn't have a second metal rod that came with the AMT kits, so he glued the rims straight to the axle. The engine didn't come from his kit and is the kind that has a short transmission area that matchs up with the molded in transmission similar to some of the older Jo-Han kits. In order to make this engine fit, pieces of sprue were cut and glued onto the frame. The nubs for the radiator shroud are still there, so that won't be an issue. The tires are interesting, I can't tell if the whitewalls were painted or if they came that way. I usually replace the tires on glue bombs like this with the nice AMT whitewall Firestones available recently, but I kinda like these. The Cragar style rims definitely did not come with this kit, and even though I do kind of like how they look, they might be replaced with parts box steelies. Appropriately this guy will be turned into a black primer-ed rat rod, maybe with a little rust thrown in. So there's going to be a lot of work; lots of filing, scraping, sanding. I'm looking forward to it.
  7. Here is the rerelease of the Mack R685ST kit. Looks nice, molds have held up. New wheels look great, clear glass, 280+ parts. GREAT decals in this issue! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNQqOlG0c-A
  8. ...........Just thought I would mention that an ebay seller has just listed the new reissues of the VW superbug gasser and 57 Ford some of us were waiting for.....chance's are more seller's will have their supply in the next day or two as well..........thought I'd just mention for those interested......the Ace......
  9. .......Just thought I would ask our always informed member's if someone could school me on the general detail's and content's of a 1995 issue of the AMT 56 FORD, that was apparently sold in a plain white shipping box in the 1995-96 era I'm told......wondered if all the custom and race part's were there, slick's, decal's, etc....thanks in advance......the Ace...
  10. Hi, I'm looking for any AMT 32 Ford parts (especially front suspension) or gluebomb kits you might not want anymore. Thanks!
  11. I know that I have seen a list somewhere online years ago that had all the original issue dates for AMT's big rigs. I have searched some tonight and have had no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!
  12. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, friends! I stopped at Hobby Lobby after work and picked up this brand new Round 2/AMT 2017 Camaro SS "Fifty" edition. I haven't seen a review for this kit, so I decided to take some photos and let you know what I think about it! Please leave some feedback and share your thoughts on this kit. I've only been back into building for the last couple of years, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the first completely "new" kit from any of the Round 2 brands. I've been looking forward to this one and I'm not even the biggest fan of Camaros. The body is molded in what looks like the factory correct color "Nightfall Gray Metallic", credit to RandyB. for identifying that color. The shrinkwrap sticker on the box said this kit was molded in black, so I was surprised to see the body molded in this color. You're going to need to paint it as the plastic is very swirly. The body on this kit feels very flimsy and thin. You can see the actual print through the roof when held to the light and you can also so how thin the plastic is near the door handles. Very disappointed in that! There are a couple mold lines to look out for on the front clip and over the rear wheel well. Note: This is looking from the top of the car and down. The area near the door handles look almost like a non-fill issue. The piece count is very nice for this kit. The parts are molded in black, metallic gray, silver, clear, chrome and transparent red. I'll go into a more detailed look at these trees down below. As like the body, all of the large pieces in this kit feel brittle and flimsy at the same time. I really hope that only my kit is like this and it's not an issue across the board. That would be a real bummer. The frame, chassis and floor pans are all one solid piece. This may be similar to the snap version of this kit, but I'm not sure. If you look, you'll see the driveshaft is even molded in. The rear seat detail will disappear under a coat or two of paint. Very poorly molded or mastered. The wheels look pretty cool for this car. I wish that the bow tie was a lot more visible, instead of the blob it looks like. The clear parts in this kit however, are some of the best I've ever seen! Lots of detail and thought went into these pieces. I love the tail lights and the defrost lines in the rear window. The black window trim is a great touch and gives you one less problem when detailing the kit! The tires look good and they're directional. They are not branded, however. I hope that Round 2 doesn't go the same way Revell-Monogram has gone. The last photo is of the decals. Like all of the other Round 2 releases, these are very brilliantly printed. If you've stuck around through my ramblings this long, I thank you for your time. I'm not sure that I'll ever get around to building this kit. I've got so many other projects started or that I want to start and I don't see this one knocking any of those out anytime soon. It's a nice kit and looks very accurate, but it has flaws that shouldn't exist on a newly tooled kit that was made 3 months ago. If you have one, let me know how yours is! Until next time!
  13. hello to all,,,, lately I have had problem's with some of newer issue Round2 decal sheets.....that is to say, when some are removed from the sealed bag they are packed in, the yellow backing paper is stuck to the sheet in some case's, thus pulling the coating from some image's and leaving chip's or ' pock' mark's on most decal's.. ..I find that it happens when you open a kit that may have been in stock for a period of time, where brand new issue's that are opened and checked seem to be just fine. It seems the longer the sheet is sealed in the cello, with the backing paper pressed into it, with the weight of the content's of the entire kit on top, the worse they get as time goes on. I bought the new 49 Ford when first release, and the sheet is great,,,but just this weekend bought and opened two new kit's of the 63 Corvette, and 37 Chevy gasser, and both sheet's have the damage mentioned. I also opened my second awb 65 Mustang that has been around here for a couple of year's, and when removed from the cello bag the decal's were stuck to the backing paper causing damage once again. In checking other kit's that were released WITHOUT the plastic cello bag on the decal's, all of mine are just perfect.... I have had this happen now a few time's.... have any of you had the same dilemma......the Ace....
  14. Just a quick build that wasn't going to be as I was given this AMT kit and thought I would never build it. I used the body as a Paint test to try out some variations. After polishing it I thought maybe one day I'll finish it. It sat on the bench for several months then I received the Molotow Chrome pens and decided to use it to test the pens. In 5-minutes I had all the chrome trim done and decided I might as well finish it. No BMF on this one. Still will use BMF for trim on big builds, but for these quickie builds the chrome pen is just fine. This is not a very well detailed kit so I decided to "curbside" build it as a showcase piece. It turned out okay I suppose for a a build I never intended to ever build. Paint is Duplicolor Torreador Red Metallic with Duplicolor Effects pearl clear. Bottom is Universal black. It's hard to see how nice this paint looks from a photo-light-box, but I will say it's gorgous in sunlight.
  15. Last year I purchased this '61 Ford Galaxie Styline kit. I didn't know much about it, other than the fact that it was a Galaxie and I love Galaxies! I was pretty bummed at first to realize that it's not very detailed and has no engine or chassis to assemble and the interior is very simple. None the less, I decided that it would be a nice kit to try some different techniques I had learned on the forum. Also an excellent opportunity to practice my painting skills. This was the first kit that I had tried to scribe the panel lines and add depth to them. I went a bit overboard and ended up gouging the hood. I had some Testors putty laying around and it just doesn't work right for me. I tried the Tamiya putty and it seemed to work great! I'll add some Vallejo acrylic black wash to the lines and see how that goes! The body has been primed with Rust-oleum plastic primer. I also wanted to try a different brand/type of primer, so I figured I'd use it. So far, it wasn't laying down too thick. I have to sand down the putty and spray a second coat. We'll see how it goes! Here's the body thus far! I'll add some more later on! Thanks for looking and as always, feedback is appreciated!
  17. I was doing some window shopping online and ran across several mentions of the Revell 1958 Chevrolet Impala. I never knew this kit existed. I knew about the AMT 1958 Impala, but not the Revell. Does anyone know if there was ever a head-to-head comparison of the two models? That would be interesting. Are they both good kits? Which is better? Is one more accurate than the other? Etc, etc. Thoughts?
  18. Built way back in 1982, this AMT 55 Corvette was painted some kind of Testors candy red enamel, engine block is kit sourced, fuel injection is from Revell 57 Bel Air, valve covers are parts box, headers are (I believe) from the kit, and the oil pan is a deep sump that came from the parts box. Tires and wheels are parts box, windshield is from AMT 62 Corvette kit, custom 59 Cadillac tail lights are from AMT 49 Mercury kit. As you can see, I did not do any body prep on this so there are a lot of mold seams on it. None of the chrome trim was detailed either (or removed). The reason why this one was kind of slapped together? It was a "problem child." I could not get the body to set right with the inner fenders in & the suspension sat too high in the back. So instead of turning it into a "wall model" I built it as a hot rod with the custom grille, no bumpers, and way less detailing than I normally did back then. The rear cleans up nicely without bumpers and with the addition of 59 Caddie tail lights. I didn't know when I built it, but the top of the dash is suppose to be body color. At one time I had the inside of the wheels painted gold, but it wore off. You can see a little bit of it left on the driver's side of the model. Here you can see the deeper oil pan and my "fix" for the ill-fitting fender wells :-) Mufflers are from something while the side exhaust pipes are parts of another exhaust system. I know, she's not going very far without a driveshaft! The ride height got to me on this one so I came up with a fix for it as well. Instead of gluing the rear parts of the springs to the frame like they are supposed to be, I glued them to the bottom of the interior panel. This lowered the rear a lot. I like the styling I did on this one, not real happy with the execution of it, so this one might go on the rebuild pile. If it does then I'll mold in the front and rear pans, match up the windshield better, and put a drive shaft in it :-) thanks for looking :-)
  19. This will probably be the last one finished this year. AMT kit, not much more than a promo so I didn't do anything with the chassis. Not real happy with the paint job but it's a "throw together" slump buster. Comments welcome.
  20. I was absolutely thrilled to see the post from RancheroSteve about his in-progress AMT XR-6 glue-bomb restoration project. I'll be anxiously watching for more updates on this one, and I suspect RancheroSteve is going to end up with a WAY better final build than I could ever manage. The AMT 1927 Model T and LeRoi Tex Smith's XR-6 custom roadster double kit was the first "real" model car kit I ever got, for Xmas of 1965 or '66. Previously only had built some curbside Lindberg kits. I was only eight at the time, managed a fair build of the Model T, but totally butchered the XR-6. It was a challenging build for unskilled fingers. The body is a 6 piece assembly, the rear suspension had no mounting pins, I was brush-painting the body...well, just a tough one all around. Years later when I returned to model building, I was determined to re-do some of the kits I had (but mangled) 'back in the day'. Still doing so. Pre-internet, I got my mitts on several glue bombed and partial AMT Double Kits, determined to build the stock Model T, the "Wild Tub" version with that very cool Frontenac OHC engine, and once and for all, do the XR-6 with an adult's patience. Armed with more than one kit, I figured I could finally get that multi-piece body together cleanly and have a separate body-less version. I finished these about 10 years ago, early on in my return to the hobby. They're nice and sturdy, but reveal that I'm still learning. (And that I can't take a decent photo!) The Wild Tub matches the box art. The stock Model T is close, though I took some liberties with the paint colors for the interior and canopy. The XR-6 followed photos I could locate in old Hot Rod magazines as best as I could figure out. All parts are original, with no 'cheating' needed (though I had to cherry-pick use-able pieces from different mail-order and swap meet partial build and partial kit versions to end up complete.) I'm doing the same thing now with the AMT Ala Kart Model A kit, trying to do the Ala Kart with a separate body-less version, and then do each version of the stock and hot rod/custom options. We'll see how that goes!
  21. Started back in December of 2015, work has been delayed because of a basement renovation that is taking forever. Painted Tamiya Metallic blue with clear coat, I'm not sure what the interior color is going to be. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcomed :-)
  22. A couple of weeks ago I managed to get this kit from Evil-Bay & thought I'd share the contents. When I got the kit it was still sealed :-) so I just had to smell that smog laced 1992 air that was in the box :-) The box cover models look really good, I give kudos to the person(s) who built them. One side showing the red "custom" version and 2 of the 3 engine options..The other side giving the specs of the car and kit. Cool huh? The sheet is not too bad, two sets of stripes in red and black, the trunk lid "25th anniversary" decal, and some under hood markings. Not to shabby although I wish they had included a dash decal as well. The stock wheels are molded closed, so I'm going to have to open up those slots by sanding down the back of them. A pretty good set of Goodyear tires. The only bad place on the body after a quick examination. Shouldn't be too hard to fix. One of the better small blocks AMT/MPC made, lots of detail and separate parts :-) The funky "O Ring" equipped exhaust manifolds are for the turbo installation. Yes, they were still putting on a single exhaust system on Camaros in 92! Roll cage & car phone! Remember those? A fairly decently detailed suspension system with pose-able front wheels, cool! To do the nose right, I should cut out the driving lights and open those slots up. Not sure if I will or not though. Some choice selections from the instructions. The basic engine assembly, here you choose which intake to use. We can't forget that radar detector now can we? Cool place for the car phone. Thanks for joining me in this trip down memory lane :-)
  23. This was my first time to try hand-painting letters and artwork directly on the body of a model car, which turns out, is a whole lot harder than drawing on a piece of paper laying flat on the table, but it was a fun experiment! I’m gonna be trying more of this on more projects soon! This is my tribute to those crazy fellas from the 50’s and 60’s who lived to drag race with whatever they could get their hands on….probably built in their Dad’s garage…the big blown souped-up motor was the most important thing. Winning on Saturday night was all they could think about all week long. And maybe safety wasn’t exactly first on their mind--just winning with the craziest fastest car out there! This is the excellent 1/25 AMT ’37 Chevy kit that comes with the option to build one of three ways, and I chose to build a mad gasser in honor of those drag racing pioneers. The body was primed with Krylon Gray Ultra-Flat primer and allowed to dry outside for about an hour while I took my oil pastel sticks and scraped 5 colors into powder with an Xacto on a piece of wax paper…Orange Rust, Yellow, Light Blue and Brown. I used cotton swabs to mix those powder colors together a bit, and then rubbed the body down to appear severely weathered, like it was finally rescued from the junkyard. I sprayed Testor’s Dullcote over the body to protect all that weathering work, and to prep for the task of hand-painting the lettering and ball-and-chain artwork -- the lettering was done with acrylic paint markers, and the ball & chain was done with the edge corners of the pastel sticks that I made the powders from earlier. Then a second coat of the dulcote to protect the artwork. The chassis was painted Krylon Red Oxide and set aside. I added a few of my own touches to the beastly 427 powerplant -- like the MOROSO valve covers, some CRAZY PIPES from a Miss Deal funny car kit, velocity stacks made from Evergreen Styrene tube, a parts-box blower, and I made the fuel pump tubing from some clear plastic bead string stuff I found at Michael’s that I painted with Tamiya Clear Yellow acrylic to appear full of gasoline - then hooked up to the kit-supplied fuel pump. The rear tires are the most excellent pad-printed M&H dragmaster piecrust slicks from AMT parts pack--the Cragars are lightly coated with Tamiya Light Gunmetal to bring the kit chrome shine down a bit. Seatbelts were made from masking tape painted the same Light Gunmetal, and P/E buckle hardware was added. Finally, I used Tamiya Weathermaster Orange rust to give the door handles and headlight bezels that neglected look like it was just dug out from years in the junkyard. I also increased the ride height in front and rear from kit specs by adding cut / stacked & painted pieces of balsa wood blocks. This was a BLAST to build! Thank you AMT.
  24. Finally finished another model. I think this makes three this year. Used AMT F150 shortbed, I used the custom bodywork and bumpers For the interior, I used seats and center console from Lindberg F150. Painted tan and brown Used a Ford NASCAR engine, along with wheels and tires. Along with a subtle flare to fenders to clear tires, Painted body Duplicolor Grabber Green engine paint. Stripped chrome from grill and tailgate trim and painted grey.
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