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Found 121 results

  1. I got down to the basement today and got a bit done on my newest addition. I'm not sure if I'm going to use these tires and wheels, I am just using them to hold the frame off the ground. Wheels came with the kit while the tires are standard AMT Firestones. The 240 horsepower 265 :-) How far off are those rear wheel wells you ask? About this far! I made the template from the AMT 57 Corvette then taped it onto the MPC body. Looks like there is quite a bit I have to fill in. A closer shot of the template and wheel well size difference. Thanks for looking!
  2. Decided to merge a bit of my favorite JDM tuning influences with a rock-star of a US sportscar. The original HOtwheels version was nice enough but had some glaring issues such as the big/little wheels sizes. Putting a smaller wheel on the rear meant there was a wider wheel gap and a slumped down rear end. This is the first time I work with modelling putty. Work done: Lowered. Wheel well filled in. Widebody conversion. Custom front splitter. Rocketbunny style rear spoiler. Side mirrors. Wheels cut and reassembled further out to sit flush with wider track. IMG_3597.xmp
  3. Last week I scored this from that evil place for a pretty good price. Here is what is included in this version of the kit. Here is the box this kit came from The body looks pretty good. I have read where the rear wheel wells are larger than they should be, but then again, I have looked at pictures of the real car and have noticed how tall the tires are. 1/25 scale tires are not as tall (in scale) as the OEM tires on the Corvettes are so perhaps that is why the wheel wells look larger than they should. Just a thought. This tree has the convertible top, roll bar, an expansion tank, headers, and a set of injectors for the engine. Here is the hard top, front suspension, rear suspension, traction bars, front pan and hood. Engine, exhaust pipes, 2 four barrel intake, blower intake, and various other pieces. A close up of the engine parts. The kit comes with a standard distributor with no shielding for it. Not sure if this is correct for a carbureted Corvette engine. Wheel backs and engine compartment. The kit does not come with any heater hoses for this area. Chromed oil pan and valve covers, along with the twin air cleaners (not correct for the stock 56 or 57 Corvette). MPC removed all the custom touches like the open grille area and slotted mags that came in the original kit. Tires are totally incorrect Goodyear 10" wide tires. So, what do I think of it? I think it is a really good place to start building an accurate 57. Perhaps not quite as good as the AMT 57 Corvette. I think I'll try and use some Monogram 1/24 wide whites to fill up those wheel wells and I might just go with a single 4 bbl since I am building a 57 with the twin carbs to replicate a 56. I'll have to look in my parts box for the heater hose that belongs in the engine compartment though. Thanks for looking!
  4. I am using the AMT 57 Corvette frame and engine under the AMT 55 Corvette body because I feel the 57 frame is overall superior to what comes in the 53/55 kits. I have the front spindles in so I could see how it would sit. Overall look Rear close up Front close up I also did some boring things like paint the engine, sand some on the body, etc.. The AMT 57 Corvette frame really works great on the 55 body. Thanks for looking.
  5. Built way back in 1982, this AMT 55 Corvette was painted some kind of Testors candy red enamel, engine block is kit sourced, fuel injection is from Revell 57 Bel Air, valve covers are parts box, headers are (I believe) from the kit, and the oil pan is a deep sump that came from the parts box. Tires and wheels are parts box, windshield is from AMT 62 Corvette kit, custom 59 Cadillac tail lights are from AMT 49 Mercury kit. As you can see, I did not do any body prep on this so there are a lot of mold seams on it. None of the chrome trim was detailed either (or removed). The reason why this one was kind of slapped together? It was a "problem child." I could not get the body to set right with the inner fenders in & the suspension sat too high in the back. So instead of turning it into a "wall model" I built it as a hot rod with the custom grille, no bumpers, and way less detailing than I normally did back then. The rear cleans up nicely without bumpers and with the addition of 59 Caddie tail lights. I didn't know when I built it, but the top of the dash is suppose to be body color. At one time I had the inside of the wheels painted gold, but it wore off. You can see a little bit of it left on the driver's side of the model. Here you can see the deeper oil pan and my "fix" for the ill-fitting fender wells :-) Mufflers are from something while the side exhaust pipes are parts of another exhaust system. I know, she's not going very far without a driveshaft! The ride height got to me on this one so I came up with a fix for it as well. Instead of gluing the rear parts of the springs to the frame like they are supposed to be, I glued them to the bottom of the interior panel. This lowered the rear a lot. I like the styling I did on this one, not real happy with the execution of it, so this one might go on the rebuild pile. If it does then I'll mold in the front and rear pans, match up the windshield better, and put a drive shaft in it :-) thanks for looking :-)
  6. Started back in July of 2015, work has been delayed because of a basement renovation that is taking forever. Painted Tamiya TS-51 blue with clear coat, with an interior painted with Tamiya silver. I saw a picture of a 1:1 done this way and really liked it. This will have the luggage rack from an AMT 71 Corvette kit on it. Engine choice will be the totaly inappropriate Kit engine (454 big block). Thanks for looking and all comments are welcomed :-)
  7. My take on the 93 Corvette black widow. This will be "inspired" by the 40th anniversary car since I do not want to spend the money on getting the proper GM maroon color, I painted it with Testors Mythical Maroon and did the interior in Tamiya maroon interior. I have a Model Car Garage Photo-etch set for the 40th anniversary badges. This was started back in February 2015 and I was doing pretty good progress on it until I had to disassemble my work space for some basement work (which is still not done!) I'm hoping I can get back to it in December. I still need to hit the interior with some dull coat and I might try and find some maroon flocking for the carpet area. I really wish I had decals for the engine though! Hand painted, I might try to clean up the red some more. Boring frame shot :-) Thanks and any comments are welcomed :-)
  8. Started back in December of 2015, work has been delayed because of a basement renovation that is taking forever. Painted Tamiya Metallic blue with clear coat, I'm not sure what the interior color is going to be. Thanks for looking and all comments are welcomed :-)
  9. Started back in February of 2015, work has been delayed because of a basement renovation that is taking forever. Painted Tamiya TS-54 blue, I still need to put another coat or two on it before I clear coat it. Not sure what the interior color will be. Engine choice is the totaly inappropriate Kit engine, a tri-powerd 454 big block! Thanks for looking and all comments are welcomed :-)
  10. Quickie build last Fall. Yes, it's the SnapTite but looks nice in a case on the shelf. Testors Inca Gold with Tamyia Pearl Clear Pegasus Gold/Chrome Vantage wheels Spent some extra time to get the headlight glass flush, the kit has them recessed. Just need to trim them off the one-piece molded assembly and install from the top instead of the bottom.
  11. Built this last summer just after I sold my actual 1:1 Greenwood Edition C4 Vette. No one ever made a street version of the Greenwood C4 kit, so I had to custom fabricate the ground-effect panels and rear spoiler. A lot of fun to build, would love to read your comments after seeing the 1:1 and build pics. This is my 1:1 Greenwood, I think I nailed it pretty close
  12. Needing to take a break from the fiddly bits on my 41 pickup build I figured why not start another build, I picked up this corvette kit cheap at the show this past weekend in Columbus. What better way to start it off than by cutting it all up. Kind of going a similar style as my last Mustang build. Cut to make room for some big tires, in this case 19/20 combo from the ZR1 corvette using the cut off flare as the base for the new flares, moving them up and out in the process. Should help keep it looking like a Vette but give it a meaner look and stance. Very early mock-up to see if we are headed in the right direction. I borrowed the front wheels and tires from the 41 to see what it looks like with some wheels under there.
  13. For a modeling idea, I went looking for photos of wrecked, abandoned etc. Corvettes. Came across this heartbreaking site - a whole page of C2 Vettes, flood-damaged, wrecked, or just nearly-junked "project cars." http://www.autosource.biz/Ad/1965_Corvette.htm
  14. My favorite model, the old Monogram released in the 70's. I added my updated custom touches to an already beautiful Vette rear wrap wheel flares, side rocker flares, customized Pegasus wheels and change color form orange and black like the original.
  15. I wanted something quick and simple that I could get a good result on swiftly to blow away the cobwebs and a mild case of modeller's block... and there in the stash was a recently acquired Revell Germany release of the kit that's a snapfit, I believe, in the US. The body was pre-painted, of which more later... Despite being a "simplified" kit, the detail on the parts was pretty good, so a bit of careful painting was all that was needed to bring a bit more realism. The colour scheme is a real one, albeit intended for the 2017 "Grand Sport" model. As soon as I saw it, though, I knew that it was the one for me. The same applies to the chassis and transmission -- not many parts, but nicely detailed and moulded, and responds well to painting. If there's one thing that really looks toylike on the kit, it's the chromed headlight area. Needless to say, the real thing isn't all chrome, and looks rather more like this. I pretty much stripped the entire chromed sprue... The wheels, too, are chromed. But when stripped, this rather nice varnished black look emerged, so I've left them like that. And finally, that colour scheme: I know there's more to a Grand Sport than a paint job, but I'm keeping this simple! It is soooo cool, though, that there really was no alternative... The clear coat's not on yet -- this is Zero Paints Mercedes "Palladium Silver" and "Jaguar French Racing Blue" base coats. bestest, M.
  16. well this will b my first vette to add to my collection! Plan to go completely stock and paint it silver with Red interior. Here's a few shots of the motor! Used some scrap styrene and made up some additional parts for the fuel injection setup since it looked pretty! Added the throttle body, some oil/fuel lines and some other small accessories
  17. Hi there I am new to the site , for years everyone has told me that I should share my 1/24 scale builds ,but for some reason I never been one to post. But this time my friend Dan Ricchezza said the same thing to me and gave me a boost to do this..:) I think I will take photos of most of my cars and I will share them with all of you. Hope you guys enjoy them.
  18. After 17 years of research, finding suitable kits, bits and decals my NART Corvette is finally done. Thoughts and comments are welcome! Regards Brian Kroon
  19. Since the snap-tite kit was delayed by about 2 months, I decided not to wait for the "in theory" Sept release of the full(er) detailed kit. I started to paint it yellow but had some problems so I sanded it down and prepped it with Tamiya Silver leaf. Then I shot Tamiya Mica Silver as a base coat for the Tamiya TS-50 blue final color. Model has a few coats of Tamiya TS-13 clear over it. I got some chipping around the headlight area when I put the covers on, I am hoping I can touch this up with some Tamiya clear blue brush paint. I am going to use the chrome wheels from the Revell 2006 ZO6 kit along with it's stock brakes since the 2014 kit basically has washers for the brake system. Tail lights have been detail painted and installed . All and all not a bad little kit for a snap together, but watch out for those headlight covers!
  20. jdhog

    1972 Vette

    I finished this one over the weekend. It was a really nice kit, but I was never really into the build. I actually just settled on making it a curbside for now.
  21. Hey all! it's been a while but it's good to be back. Some of you may remember my last project of that 70's Baldwin Motion camaro, well a lot has happened since then. Namely, the birth of our 2nd boy and a new job! So needless to say, i've been a bit busy and not much free time for modelling. But things are finally stabilizing and i thought i'd jump back in the saddle with some practice cars. I learned a lot from the camaro [which was basicaly my first attempt] and i wanted to practice a few of those things on some sacrificial cars. I scored a couple of C4 corvettes for $5 each and thought i'd just experiment with stuff. i didn't get ay pics of starting them though but really not a whole lot happened in the beginning anyway. So here they are now: So the quick story is i wanted to focus on better painting techniques. I really loused up the previous one by not sanding the body and not using primer. I also got a little trigger happy with the spray paint so i really focused on getting better at painting overall. Also, just for fun, i wanted to try some simple mods. For the blue cpnvertible vet, i lowered the suspension for a tighter ride. That was a learning experience in itself and i dont think it turned out very well but that was the point, to try it out and learn from it. For the red coupe i tried a simple body mod and took the chrome headlight insert, painted it and installed it as a lower air dam just for kicks. I'll add some more photos shortly.. Here are more photos of the vettes. Next up is to tidy up the bodies and add the wheels. I used the stock wheels for the blue vette and have some custom wheels i painted gunmetal for the red coupe. Also trying to decide on the blue vette what way to set the wheels, with the spokes forward facing or rearward. I plan to just keep exploring with these two, and learn more along the way. And i won't feel bad about destroyig them since they were only $5 each anyway Will be sure to post the progress more regularly, and already thinking ahead to the next project! Feedback is more than welcome, let me know what you guys think!
  22. Working on a project this is one of my Dad's Cars does anyone know where I could find a set of black finned aluminum "WIEAND" valve covers like in the engine picture?
  23. Got this kit a couple weeks ago. It's a Monogram kit. I've been wanting a 57 for awhile now, so I thought I'd pick it up. The kit isn't too bad, but I did have some issues. The glass for the windsheild was bigger than the frame! I also had an issue with the front suspension fit. There is also a hole for a radiator hose on the engine, but no hose, nor mention of one in the directions. I also hate the lack of decals. However, I think it came out well. I found a picture of a car just like it and copied the paint scheme. I wanted a two tone interior, and I liked the paint scheme of the inspiration car.
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