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  1. This is the Revell/Monogram 1/24 scale '71 GTX kit... It gave me a few fits during the final few steps, but all in all I'm pleased with how it turned out. I really enjoy the Monogram kits. Paint is Testors MM Dark Bronze Metallic Decals from Firebird Designs. Wheels and tires from Fireball Modelworks. Highly recommend them all. Gonna try to get outside today, and snap some pictures. Hopefully... Anyway, as always thanks for looking!
  2. KWT


    Been working a lot of overtime lately. Makes it hard to get anything done at home, but I've a little modeling in here and there to unwind. Finished up this Superbird over the last 2 weeks. Kit is the old Monogram kit. Paint is Testors Graphite Grey, covered in Tamiya Clear Blue, and topped in Testors Wet Look. No decals, as they fell apart when I wet them... completely obliterated... Thanks for looking!
  3. Hey guys, This is the first time I have documented a build so be patient as I work my way through this one. There will be many little steps along the way. The inspiration for this came after seeing the Southeastern Gassers Association's event at Union Dragway in Union SC. I looked over my stash and decided the 41 Plymouth would make a good gasser. The inspiration photo is a 39 Dodge with a 392 Hemi. I love the unpolished, all business approach to this thing and my build will be very similar regarding the final finish. The first order of business was to open the grill. There will be a moon tank between the grill and radiator and I wanted it to be visible through the grill. This was a tedious task that took several sessions with the xacto knife. I will keep the chrome and dull it, and weather the exposed plastic to resemble rust and dirt. Next was the grill shell. It was an ill fitting piece out of the box and required some sanding and gap filling . I may need to revisit this step after primer to make sure everything is smooth. When researching the 1:1 41 Plymouth, the vertical seams can be seen but not the seam running across the front above the grill. The hood was also sanded and filled.
  4. Here's a quick look at Round2's latest release of the Lawman 64 Plymouth Belvedere which just arrived at my door a few hours ago. I've been waiting about nine years for it. The original proposal came from Bill Coulter during a discussion at iHobby 2008 with Ernie Petit and myself on how the Lindberg line-up could be expanded. The build up by Bill and the late Tom Creeger was displayed the following year as a 2010 release. The fact that Tom's not around to see it happen make it bittersweet for me and no doubt for Bill too as they were close. Kudos to John G. and the gang at Round2 for seeing this through. Here's all the new parts that were added. The only thing holding this back from being a true 2N1 kit a set of stock or street machine tires. All the other stock V8 version parts are still in there. With all the new parts now included I can see plenty of Drag and street machine possibilities using different decals sets and or tires. Thanks again Round2 !!! Available now at your favorite Hobby retailer ..... Steve
  5. Been working on it all week. Came out pretty good. Had a bit of trouble with the decals. It was an old kit and they were hard to slide on. Then I accidentally tore the rear decal trying to remove some debris from the model before he clear coat dried.
  6. Hello all. Before I dive into this build, I want to kinda "re-introduce" myself. I'm Brandon, and I've been a member here for about 4 years now. I joined back when I was 12, and was totally immersed into modeling. I loved it. I had a passion for cars, and I built them. Mopars are my thing, I love anything really from Dodge or Plymouth, as is evident by the slew of '68/'69 Chargers sitting around my room. Well, I'm 16 now, and the models, have unfortunately been replaced by typical teenager things. I kept all my good finished builds, and I still proudly display them in my room. The unfinished builds, and the new kits, went into storage. I didn't sell my stuff off, because, unlike most people, I envision a day when I will return to this hobby. Right now, however, it's not practical for me to build all the time, and as such, the models had to go. However, I've had an urge lately. It's summer time right now, and I'm not as busy, so I decided to go pull a random kit out of storage (I literally just reached into the box of kits and pulled one out), and build it. Now, I didn't know what I was getting, because I don't remember what I even put into storage. I just want something to do. So, that brings me to this build. A 1969 Plymouth GTX from AMT. When I saw the kit, I didn't really have a solid plan for it, but I've thought about it over the past few days, and I've got some ideas. So, unlike my other builds, I'm not going for 100% "factory-stock". Instead, I want to go for a restored look. Something that a man might build in his garage, with a smaller budget, and still look pretty close to stock. A project car. Not any of this "factory correct" paint, or hardware. Colors are decided by 1, what's affordable, and 2, what looks cool. Performance is nice, but we don't want to blow the budget by cramming in a ungodly engine. So, what we have... A 1969 GTX kit. For our build, we will be using the 440. Normally, I'd shove a Hemi into this in a instant, but again, we want a fully restored car on a budget. Since most of these cars came from the factory with a 383, or a 440, we're gonna go with the more common motor. I see that AMT is now including the pad-printed Goodyear tires in the newer kits, but mine doesn't have them. So, I went and picked up one of their supplementary parts packs to give me the tires. For our paint system, I've decided to go with a unusual color. I've chosen Testors Lime Ice, which is not a factory Plymouth color, but I like it, and it will be one more step towards liberating myself from the B5 Blue craze that I used to have. I'm topping the Lime Ice with Wet Look Clear. I've also got a few other goodies for this build, like a M.A.D. distributor, some BMF, and some brake and fuel lines. Thanks for looking, Brandon
  7. Hey guys, I'm planning out a gasser and I was wanting some advice. So far I have a 41 Plymouth body on a 53 Ford frame and a Hemi from the Willy Borsch Winged Express kit. Slicks and deep dish steelies in the back (53 Chevy kit) and thinner Firestones with steelies in the front. I can scratchbuild some stuff. The idea is a dirty, rougher home-grown effort with attitude.
  8. Been questioning whether or not to get the kit as I hated the 68 kit. I must say this was worth the money and it came out looking not to bad.
  9. This will be my second build. I have some new tips to use and new tools. Last build I didn't use primer, I am this time. I didn't do much detailing either, but plan on hand painting some stuff on this engine. Plan on a two color paint scheme. Going fiery orange for the main body with the tail and hood scoop black. Black interior as well. Very excited. Priming the body and larger parts now, along with engine. Plan on taking more time on letting paint and primer to dry longer. I hope by tomorrow evening I can start hand painting motor.
  10. This Revell kit started out as a "Christine" Pro-Mod. Before losing all interest in building models my son finished the engine and chassis some 20 years ago. He allowed me to finish it so I got it done in late 2015. The kit decals were very yellowed and unusable so I decided to go with an Hawaiian theme from Slixx Decals. Painted with Testors electric pink. I learned on the drivers side not to use tape to hold windows in while the glue drys. Removed my Pledge Future and decal when tape removed, talk about a let down. So now it's only displayed from the right side. Also ruined the Mopar Performance decal so had to use the bikini express decal from my AMT Fruit Wagon kit on the right quarter panel.
  11. Here's a quick look at the 65 Plymouth Belvedere Production contents that I just got. Look for the kit to be available in about 4 weeks from now. These photos were taken with my iPad, some are not by best work but it was handy for today. The body is highly polished, even smoother then the Satellite. Here's the chrome tree with multiple wheel options. Note the Hemi valve cover for a later version. Here's the new seats and the Super stock style exhaust pipes .... And here's the steel wheels that go with the dog dish hub caps .... Here's the big and little street radials .... The decal sheet .... These are just the highlight of the kit, the full photos are on my Fotki page, just follow the link below. http://public.fotki.com/SteveG26/moebius-projects/page2.html -Steve
  12. My second time building the kit. Came out good.
  13. Moebius Satellite kitbashed into a 2 door. Using a Lindberg 64 Dodge. . . Couldn't wait for Moebius!!!!!!
  14. Had some trouble with it, but it came out looking OK.
  15. Ok all, my '69 GTX is all done. This was the opening door and trunk project, but I backed out on that, I just wanted to have it done. I am experimenting with learning to take proper pictures of my models, some of these turned out really good I think. I can tell if I take better pictures I better clean up my modeling, all the warts really show. In any case, it is on the shelf now, and on to new projects. Enjoy! Sean
  16. Here is the Custom Body Duster funny car, used the Mongoose as donor
  17. Just found this gem whilst perusing eBay ; 1969 Mod Top decal : http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dodge-Plymouth-Blue-Mod-Top-Vinyl-Top-decal/251887116041?_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851&_trkparms=aid%3D444000%26algo%3DSOI.DEFAULT%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D29005%26meid%3Da2024ee2180c42be8871576ea342b252%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D6%26sd%3D251888101545&rt=nc I recognise that this seller --at least in-name -- is new ; any-one have experience with their product(s) ?
  18. The story: In a country on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Hobbies in general are dieing, and Hobby shops are on the verge of extinction. They exist, but there is nothing Local left in LHS. Everything is on the internet, and with barely a handful of customers store owners can't keep up with the rent, forcing them to close the shops and move the stock to their own basements, selling from their homes. Can you imagine my childish excitement when I set foot in a hobby shop today. 1 of 4 in a 150 kilometer radius from my home. A real shop! I could smell the boxes, I could feel them, I could sense them, the lumps of plastic just waiting to get transformed into cars and planes and boats. I could grab one. For the first time since 2003 I bought a kit in a real store. The desk clerk must have wondered when I walked up to the counter giggling like a little child. I could grab a kit again. And I did, I grabbed the first kit a saw... Which was a 1969 Plymouth GTX. I have no experience with Plymouth at all, and I barely know what to do with it. I'm kinda feeling like building it pretty stock, maybe some other wheels, some rake, a bit meaner stance. I really want inspiration. Ideas. Colors, interior colors, maybe something that rolled out of the factory. Please, keep my happiness up, share my happiness as I will share this build. But most of all, inspire me. Teach me and inform me about these beautiful cars. Last but not least, sorry for the wall of text.
  19. Here is my take on an iconic car.... I had to sacrifice a distributor, an antenna, several coats of paint, and extra time to the gods to build her, but she came out rather nice I think. Intake manifold, dual carbs, and dual air cleaner setup from an AMT '57 Chrysler 300c, but the parts fit perfectly on the engine block. I also had photoetch I was going to add to it, but research showed that very little badging was put on the car to keep her and her 24 "sisters" simple for the camera. Let me know what all of you think!
  20. As an avid SK fan I would be remiss if I didn't do a model of my favorite movie car. And right out of the gate she took up her namesake. Pix first... Air cleaners, dual carbs, and intake manifold from the Chrysler 300C kit. I loved the detail AMT put into those parts, they really make the engine look right. BMF'ed the air cleaners for the chromed look, left the intake silver and painted the valve covers gold (just my take on the engine...). Body done in Tamiya Gray primer, lightly sanded, then sprayed with a coat of Tamiya White primer, smoothed out again. I started with Tamiya Matt White paint until I had a nice even white color on the upper half of the body, then masked off the roof for the next phase. I then laid down a coat of Tamiya Italian Red to the whole body, then a problem (more on that later), caused me to sand the problem area and shoot the whole model with a top coat of Model Master Flame Red. The darker Flame Red helped fix the problem perfectly and gave her a more "blood red" look. After masking the body panels. I shot the trim with Taimya Gloss Aluminum so that I would have a nice even look to the paint on her side panels, then coated the body with Future clear after some light sanding. This gave the flat white on the roof the glossy look it needed, and it sharpened up the red on the body as well. BMF will be next on the body to detail the trim. Now, beforehand I mentioned something about this one model living up to her namesake. The first thing that happened was I was using my motor drill pin vise to drill a small hole in the back of the block to fit the distributor since I was no longer using the kit's own manifold. During the test fitting/drilling/test fitting stage, the dizzy popped out from between my fingers and hit the floor. Of course, I'm not building the kit molded in RED so I could SEE the RED part on a cream colored carpet. Noooo. I have to be building the older, nicer, cleaner BELVEDERE kit with the CREAM-COLORED parts. So first thing for the sacrifice... one tiny distributor. I grabbed the one out of the red molded kit and grumbled profusely, angering her worse. More on the "paint sacrifice" later.
  21. Where were you in 62? 1962 426 max wedge Plymouth Fury. I built this from an old Johan Kit I got from a friend. The old Johan kits engines were pretty cheezy so I put in the 426 from a Lindburg SS Dodge. I know the max wedges in 62 were 413's but I just had to put in the 426 Ramcharger engine! The car is painted metallic Rootbeer and the inter is tan. I scratch built the entire exhaust system from solder. Man, I miss the days when you could buy something like this right off the showroom floor for under 5k. (Probably between 3 and 4 grand).
  22. Just finish the Lindberg Plymouth Belvedere. Nice kit imo,AMT and Revell should take notice on how to mold plated parts like bumpers from Lindberg. It`s more or less box stock besides i used Magnum wheels and new tires from the AMT tire pack and some heater hoses. The interior is gold with tan inserts in seats and doorpanels. Sadly i dont have any decent picture,should have taken before assembly. You could build this with the slant 6,but of course i had to go with the 426 Commando. I`m not sure the engine color match the real deal,but i tried to make it look original. The 6cyl will be saved until a later on wagon project. Anyway,it`s done and here are some pictures.
  23. Hi. Had this old 70 Cuda laying around and i thought give it a new chance,had some parts missing and overall in pretty rough shape. Not really sure what style it`s got,i just wanted it to look really mean,street machine with some 70s race car flares and 80s tuning style decals and so on. It`s obviously an bastard since there never was any T/A Cuda`s? There is also lot`s of inspiration from Japan car scene,with the wheels,flares,the oil cooler up front. I added fuel injection with 8 separate throttle bodys,(This maby make six pack sound dumb,oh well). I added Momo steering wheel,half cage,the interiour was going to match the decals,also added a Hurst shifter and some gauge decals. I tried give some under hood detail,these kits dont really have much,so a little improvment is better then nothing. I kinda like the outcome,low,fat and nasty. Here are some pics,hope you like it and comments are welcome.
  24. Here is the first of hopefully three entries into this years Cannonball Run over in the Community Builds. It's a '67 Plymouth GTX sporting a 426 Hemi power plant. Painted Rust-O-leum Charcoal Grey Metallic, cleared with their X2 coverage Gloss Clear. There's also a little story behind this build. Some of you may remember that I built a '67 GTX for last years run too. Well I ended up breaking the windshield posts trying to lower the roof. I found this kit on eBay later that day so I bought just in case I could not fix mine. I was able to fix it and so parts from this one have been sitting on my desk since. While cleaning my desk from an earlier build in preparation to work on my original entries I found the body and thought to myself, it didn't get to be in last years run so why not build it up for this year's run? So here it is all built up, it's not perfect I did have to respray the front passenger fender and trunk lid so they are a little darker than the rest of the body. But I think it gives it a nice flawed charm, it's not meant to be a perfect big budget show car just something a relatively regular person could have built to run across country. I did make a few modifications and they are as follows. Smoothed the body removing the trim from the side, fenders and roof as well as all emblems. Recessed the gas cap to make it flush with the body. Modified the stock hood scoop to more match that of the '68 Dart's. Blacked out the chrome bumpers. I've seen a few '69 Super Bee's that had the bumpers blacked out and thought it looked cool. Plus all the chrome from this kit being perfect went on last years GTX. The chrome from last year's GTX ended up on this one lol. Cut out the old turbo style muffers and made some Cherry bombs (my muffler of choice). Also borrowed a que from the boys at GM and made some C6 Corvette style exhaust tips. And last but certainly not least made some purple fuzzy dice at Gene aka Speedfreak's suggestion. Well enough blabbering here it is "over" glass rather than under. Thanks for looking, more pics up in a few.
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