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  1. Besides Royal Oaks Pontiac were there any other Pontiac performance dealerships. My web search tuned up only one other Pontiac Dealership and that was Conroy Pontiac in Ontario & British Columbia Canada. After all Chevy had a number of performance dealerships (Yenko/Nickey/Baldwin/Gibb/Harrell etc). And, are there any notable and highly sought after Pontiac dealerships prepped cars like Chevy`s big block transplanted 427 Camaro`s, Nova`s, Chevelle`s, Biscayne, Impalas, Vetts, and Corvairs. Additionally, why didn`t Pontiac participate in the COPO program; after all at that time they were a sub-division of General Motors. Were they the well behaved and obedient younger child of the family while Chevy was the rebellious, hell raising first born.
  2. Greetings and Merry Christmas everyone. Here is a tribute I made of the '77 Formula my father once owned. It was given to him this morning completely blowing him away. the W.I.P is over here http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=95192 Started out being the new revel Smokey and the Bandit '77 Trans Am. I did everything within my skill level to make it as close to the 1:1 as possible. The most notable features are the rims which were modified by hand from Crager Centerlines from a '57 Nomad and re-chromed with Spaz Stix Mirror Chrome spray can paint. The pin striping is custom, printed on Testors white decal paper. More details are over in the w.i.p. Here is the 1:1. And the end result o the model. More pics to follow!
  3. This is a Project, I'm working on and on. I think, it started with the built of the latest Trans Am (MJ 2002). I saw one on ebay.com in red. It looked so incredible hot that I built my kit of Revell/Monogram the same way. Then the idea was born. One reason. The other reason is, that I own a 1988 Firebird Formula - my beast. I fulfilled a dream to have one in 2000. Sadly it is nowadays to expensive to drive such a piece of GMs history in Germany. The vehicle taxes are so high that I had to overthink if it's worth to pay ~600 Euros vehicle tax a year only for maybe 1000 km driving fun. Insurance not included. So I sadly de-registered the Pontiac 7 years ago and parked it in my garage. Nevertheless I love the car. I love it to "visit" it in the garage and let it idle from time to time. My goal is to register it again in a couple of years. In 2019 would be an option because the Pontiac turns 30 and it's a historical car by law. Vehicle tax will be less then half and insurance definitely cheaper as today Back to my little project. I wrote to build some Firebirds / Trans Ams of all generations on my to-do-list. I started to restore some kits or built some new. I'll show you here what I've reached so far. This thread isn't done already. When I'll have built another red Pontiac, I'll post it here. I'll change this group picture some day. Missing on the picture: 1983 Trans Am Each model will become it's own post in the order, I've built it. Let's start...
  4. This build here is a tribute build to a car my Dad owned, a '77 Firebird Formula. He found it at small time dealer back in the late 80's, did a lot with it and has so many stories he could go on forever talking about it. He sold it just before I was born in '90 for a more "family friendly" car. Of all the cars he has owned this is the one car that if he could go back and save only one from his past it would this one. So I thought I would try to build it and surprise him with it on the morning of Dec. 25th. I'll be taking the Revel Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am and converting it over to a close a replica as my skill level will let me. Here's what it looked like, one of the many, many places he went in that car too. That's what I'm trying to match, here's what I'm starting with. First round of body work, after covering the T-tops, side vents and cutting way the wheel flaps. More pics in the next update.
  5. Hi. I recently bought a mint MPC 73 Firebird formula,the 3 in 1 kit,and i consider getting some body`s and formula hoods casted. Would the 1:24 scale 70 Trans Am from Revell/Monogram do good as a donor? The donor parts for the resin would be. Complete tailights. Rear bumper. Grill. Front headlights. Tub & interior. Glass. Firewall. Chassis. Have anyone attempted this?
  6. Hello. Have been working on this some week now,i did not make a WIP on it,i have this irrational fear Photobucket will black out my pics if i upload to much lol. Revell 1:24,it does have some fit issues but i did my best,most problematic was the front end lower part and rear spoiler. At first i wanted to make a Brewster Green original car,but i found a good 1:25 MPC resto object i will attempt to do stock. So this one got the engine,trans,brakes,suspension and wheels upgrade to be more street machine or pro touring. The body is completely stock,i like it this way,most muscle cars this era looks great only getting a little closer to the ground and some wheels,stock is sweet to. Enough bla bla. here are some pictures. Hope you like it and feedback is welcome,good or bad.
  7. Old build, fresh pics. I built this one twenty years ago, but it has held up pretty well. See all the details at the link... http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/69_pontiac_trans_am_page.html
  8. My attempt at giving the old Monogram GTO new life. Sorry about the pic quality. Paint is Tamiya,both base and clear. Engine is 604cid Milodon w auto from VCG Resin. Fujimi wing with carbon,hard to see with the bad quality pics. The same carbon is used on the headlight covers/grill. Added chin spoiler from parts box,same with seats,gear linkage and steeringwheel. Wheels are Aoshima. Brakes are Brembo from "Forward Resin" on Ebay. Instruments,clamps etc are detail master. I could not find any decent mirrors i liked,will add later on. Any thoughts are welcome.
  9. Hi. This is an old Monogram The Judge GTO i put together maby 20 years ago. I took it apart and soaked it in grill/oven cleaner for the night,then washed it. I sanded off the GTO emblems,took off the rear spoiler and removed the tack on the hood. Then it`s painted with Tamiya gunmetal and two layers of Tamiya clear. Chassis and tub are just primed. Not sure where i will be going with this,but it`s on the kitchen table for foil right now. Here are some pics of progress.
  10. was a revel 64 gto 2 in 1 that i got with a partial brush painted body. soon came to think about making this lemon of a find resto project front tires off, Lindberg 62 impala convertible rear tires off revel 55 chev street truck rims off a 70's amt 58 impala misc motor parts in interior from different cars
  11. Is there any decals for the 1969 GTO that are not "The Judge" ? Any special editions etc
  12. Happy 2014 all,,hope your staying warm in this crazy weather. Heres what Ive been up to recently,,its the AMT 72' GTO,,a decent kit ,,although it had some "issues" as far as fit+ design,,had to modify a few things to get it together. But it turned out ok,,I used different rims+ tires,but other than that,,with some minor wiring/plumbing thats about all I did to it. Fun kit overall,,have fun and stay warm!
  13. These are the pre-painted polar lights "snap" kits, i added a little paint on interior and engines and changed the wheels on 2 of them. Each took one afternoon after work to complete, i did these to take a break from my problematic stalled builds. Anyway here they are:
  14. Hello. Is there made any resin kit`s for 70-73 Pontiac Trans Am,Formula,Esprit or Firebird ? I could be blind but it seem to be a rare model out there. Looking for the model with this bonnet/hood.
  15. Hey this was my first model i had ever built. I built it about 5 years ago when i was 11. I ran out of the purpleish maroonish color and painted the hood and front bumper blue. It sat like that for about a year or two until i found the purple paint again and finished the paint job. These pics dont show it but after it sat for another 6 months or so and i decided, "It can't get any worse.". So i decided to be stupid and try to lower it! lol it didnt work very well and the wheels are cambered out because i didnt take into affect that the body will hit the tire and slant them. Soo it looks real bad not but ill try and go rebuild it one day. Hopefully i post these pics correctly, I havent been on here for a while. Nothin to write home about, (Still a few things left to re-glue.) but i figured id share my first model with you guys! Mike Still a few things left to re-glue.
  16. Hey. I got this promo in a package deal a while back and I couldn't just let it go to waste. There was a big crack in the roof, no chrome (other than the headlights), missing pillars and it had no chassis. Thanks to The Modelhaus, my parts box, and my wife's nail polish collection, I was able to give it a new lease on life. It has a '69 front bumper/grille but I can live with it; I covered the rear "1969" license plate with a custom plate. Thanks for lookin'. I'll post more pictures later. Before... After...
  17. Here is Arnie Beswick's '62 Catalina SS drag car. I really enjoyed building this kit, it is well made and comes together nicely. I did bmf and decals on body today, and should have this one under glass by the weekend. I am unemployed , so it leaves me a lot of time at the workbench. This will look great on the shelf, and be a good start to my '60s super stock collection. Think Thunderbolts, Hemi Darts, Cobra Jet Mustangs, it will be fun. Stay tuned
  18. Hey guys, this is my first build of this year. Took me a bit to get back into it. It was my first time using BMF and first time weathering. Let me know what ya'll think!
  19. Can anyone tell me where the other end of the heater hose (labeled in picture) goes on the engine? I'm having a difficult time finding a good photo of the back of the engine without the air cleaner on.
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