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Found 302 results

  1. Another great kit from Revell in their "599" series: Tamiya Mica Red over Metallic Gold ("Iron Man" armour colour scheme...). I really like the sheen on this -- I think it's much more realistic than 2K clearcoat, in scale... Highly recommended! bestest, M.
  2. I'm starting a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. As of right now, I'm keeping it box stock, but that may change. I tend to throw little things in my models, like in an f-150 I built, there is a doughnut on the dash. Please, comment it up! Make recommendations! Thanks.
  3. Just started this kit and the engine fits together really well early days though always wanted to do this kit and looking forward to the end product
  4. Project number 5... Just finished with a 1982 Renault 5 Turbo and thanks to a fellow member (You know who you are), decided to build the Revell Special Edition 68' Dodge Charger R/T; this kit is way above my skill level, but I'm willing to give it my best shot. Curiously, I was not able to find a single photo of the car as shown in the Hemified version (Not a complete model, not a real car... Nothing!!!)... So I would like to make it just like it But, since I usually buy two kits (In case I ruin something), would like to paint the second body in full black (This also to be used as a race version). This kit is massive, well, for my newbie skills at least, and is probably the toughest I have yet to deal with, so please hang tight. Thank you for reading.
  5. Hey guys, another work in progress (about 95% done, just needs tail lights and head lights): Nothing very fancy with this one... A Revell '32 Ford 3-Window Coupe that I picked up on eBay for cheap a few months ago. The funny thing about this kit is that it used to be my favorite of the 32's, but after working on a gluebomb AMT version earlier this year, I just cannot get into this kit. The dimensions seem weird, everything feels too big or too small, too tall, etc for 1/25 scale. Does it make sense to say that the Revell-Monogram kit doesn't feel as easy to modify than the AMT? Regardless, it's still a quality kit, I just couldn't get into it. My gluebomb AMT 32 Ford can be seen here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=75266#entry947120
  6. Hey. This is the Revell snap kit with Pegasus wheels with different sized tired front to back for a slight rake. Keith Marks decals were also added. Paint and clear are Testors One Shot "lacquer". I went back and painted the windshield wipers after Itook these pictures. Thanks for lookin'.
  7. Well I decided to play around with this kit. This is my 3 one ever and my first scratch built. Decided to ditch the nose hood front and rear fenders, chop the top and bagged. Lets see how it goes.
  8. And after several hours of agonizing over this and struggling and stripping and sanding and painting and changing my mind and.... wishing I were working on another kit as '56 F100's aren't really my bag at all... I decided to just throw it together and see what happens. It didn't turn out half bad and I tried alot of stuff I've never done before. Paint is all craft store acrylic, washed off with rubbing alcohol, and highlighted with some cheap oil paints. The rest of the build is documented (poorly) here
  9. Hi. i am new in this but i learn so dont be to critic this is in box
  10. Here's my attempt at a Mustang, with Fujimi wheels.
  11. Hi everybody, today here's a project started years ago (at least 13 years I think), never finished because : 1) I ruined one part of the decal of the trailor when applying it. And even if I managed to get a new decal sheet set from Revell (for free, I had to thank them) I was "scared" to miss it again 2) The truck finished, felt in a total wreck in my hands because of the glue I used. There was a problem on the frame of the truck I've tried to correct the best I could Now, I've to finish the trailor and this project will be over
  12. I dug this up from last year, it needs a little TLC but its technically done...so I'm posting it here.
  13. here is a project i got from a friend, he cut off the sleeper and cut up the frame. i finished off the cutting and worked it out, made a daycab panel, fixed the frame and am making it all work out and look good. still have a bit of work left to do on it, like the interior, fix the rear frame, some minor weathering, and a couple other details. this is a revell pete 359 "snap" kit. cant rotate one of the pics, but needs a small bit of touch up in the paint. color is mystic emerald, by testors, in one coat laquer.
  14. This is a work in progress started several years ago. The engine of course received the bulk of the detailing. Since Monogram's old Hemi had little detail with only an inaccurate timing cover, I began by scratch buildng the whole front of the engine. I adedd the oil pump and filter, and created a water pump. once satisfied with the look of the basic engine. I added plug wires and fuel lines. The engine compartment on this kit is very sparse and still in need of completion. firewall and water pump was drilled for heater hose, and lines added, as was the was the master brake cylinder vac line. Still needed as some will notice are heater blower motor and batery + cable, along with wiper motor and a few other small bits. On the suspension, as with this old kit there are some details lacking, but I kept it simple with only the addition of rear shocks and drilling out the exhaust tips. One bit of detail I concentrated on with this kit was the suspension markings used on the real counterparts from the factory. A keen Mopar guy will pick out discrepancy in colors used, but this was done using various images of concourse restorations of other Mopars I have seen over the years. Hope you enjoy picking an old guys efforts apart. Will have more projects to post soon.
  15. Hi, here are images from my current build of a Mercedes SLS AMG. I am aiming to paint it silver despite the instructions specifying that it should be finished in red! I will post more pics as soon as keep working on it. Moray
  16. Is the Revell kit #7149 (1969 corvette 427 coupe) with the 429 misprint on the box rare? the one i have is mint in the shrinkrap...
  17. Looking at older Revell kits such as the Lincoln Futura and '56 Cadillac Fleetwood, we see they both contained two figures: It seems by the time the '58 SMP/AMT kits hit the shelves, figures had fallen out of favor and we were left with only the vehicles, and nobody to ride in them. Why did new kits no longer include figures? Is it because model kits were moving away from 1:48/O-scale and their association with model railroading? Maybe it was an extra cost/materials vs. value issue for AMT, Revell, etc.?
  18. Hallo Buddies, today, i will show you a 8-Day-built. I think, the last one this year. Bought this revell Kit built in this condition: ...stripped it... ...and mad some little work on it. It took only eight evenings (less then 20 hours!) to get the result better that i thought. Take a look, what could happen, while my fingers tickle to make something new: Will start with the engine before mounting... ...and now here it is installed... ... wait a minute for the overall view...
  19. Here it is - my 1996 1994 ( ) Impala SS. I like this fullsize, always remember to copcars, when i see one. I built it stock and made only some wiring. I know, that the Chromtrim on the sidepanel is not chromed original. But, why dont show, what kind of engine is working under the hood? Enjoy:
  20. Hi everybody, today i want to show you my 57 BelAir. On this kit i made some more technics to weather all parts of it. Like interieur, exterieur and Decals. I built it in June this year, based on the first issue of the Revellkit. The History of Belair: The Chevy has come on in years and has a wild youth behind. The current owner has taken care of him. He is currently at the stage when he left the front damage repaired with used parts front and rear wheel arch on the left has been de-rusted and primed. The trapper damage, the rust on the rear and right are still so when he bought it in pitiful condition - for which he cares little by little. Inside, he has had more luck. The inventory lists a broken window on the right, worn seat cover, headliner loose and dirty panels / rear seat, the rear parcel shelf has been cracked by the sun - everything is possible. Well, the side windows are renewed. The owner can not waive his or her means. So he must always carry out the work so that he comes to the job every day. What happens to the engine? Additionally, he is still at odds ... Therefore: "Rolling Restoration": And now? Photos (a little more than usual) around the outside at irregular times. Have fun;) ...
  21. Ho everybody, here i show you a fast build. Also this kit has a story: it was the first Kit, my brother build loooong time ago and i became one simular kit for less in june this year. Only the wheels where missing and i took wheels from a 66 Chevelle Station "California Wheels". To make it complete, i took some brakedisc from a Ford Focus for a real look Take a look. Interieur and engine is all stock. simple and nice look, i think. Thanks for your attention,
  22. Hallo together, today i want to show you a smooth built from a perfect fitting kit. (My opinion) It is the 1956 Chevy Del Ray from Revell. I had made no changes or detailwork, because my first paintjob (darkred body, silver top) was a fault and so sometimes i'm happy, if a mismatched builtup is ready. Only wiring the engine, thats it. Some Pics:
  23. Hi everybody, here i want to show you my Ford F100 Paneltruck. It is the "Harley Davidson"-kit from revell, but the decals were missing in my box. I bought it used. after three different paintjobs i didn't know, what i will do with him and so it goes back in may shelf. time is running and so i took him again, cut out the back doors, built the load room and placed a driver behind the steeringwheel. The guy is always making phinecalls - just like a woman... For finish, i made a classic white-blue colored body. and put some "Stickers" on it. Enough of words, take a look at the pictures: Sure, he had to delivery... ....wait a minute...
  24. Hi, here are the photos from my build of the Ferrari 458. Completed in June 2011.
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