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Found 26 results

  1. Hello I'm Romell I've built a few models on this forum and I had to depart for a while for personal reasons. But I've decided I'd share what I've been working on. I'm posting pics of where the build stands as of today and I'll be posting build pics to get you caught up as well. Aside from a few 3d printed parts almost everything else was crafted from brass. If youd like to see some of my other builds I believe there's links in my signature. Anyway I hope you enjoy...
  2. Researching traditional 1932 Ford frame modifications I found this reference and thought it might be a good subject car to model. It could be done as it was back in 1954 or as it is today. The story is cool, the pics are cool. https://carpyscaferacers.com/long-lost-32-three-window-found/
  3. Heres my Ford starliner super stock build, small slicks, seat belts, BMF, Nice kit by AMT..
  4. Heres a 67 SS Impala Outlaw I just Finished! Used slixx dragster decals, Melody Troxell I think..hope u like her..
  5. One of my favorite drag cars from my era. Has this kit for decades and finally had the "chutzpah" to start it and very rarely finish it. Dis body and chassis mods to get the right stance. hope you can see those in the next set of pictures.
  6. Have been very busy with life in general and less time at the bench but not out of the hubby. Here is what I am working on. It is a replica of the Nostalgia Drag Racing P/S Colt. The owner of the real car Bob Mayerle reach me to make him a model of his race car. So far this is where I am. Using spare parts and aftermarket pieces I think this can be done.
  7. One day I get a massage on my facebook from a guy that saw one of my models of a Butch Leal pro stock that I posted on this forum. He wanted to buy it. I told him that I sold it many years ago. But I said I could build him another one. Well he said I want you to build it but just like my car. I was confuse but after a couple of days I realize that the photos were not from the original car but from a replica that he owns and drives in the Nostalgia Pro Stock series. I was stunt, so I started to find the kit and parts from by part box and this is what I have so far
  8. This is 1977 Firebird funny car that I am in the progress of building. I completed the chassis and am trying to plan how to paint the body. Chassis is Revell funny car chassis with minor adjustments to the rear end and the body is from Competition Resins. The final plan for the car is that I am going to give it to the owner of the car. Thanks for stopping by
  9. This is a simple pro street nova I did. Nothing too crazy, just a simple little model.
  10. Anyone know where I can find a decent set of M/T 275 Pro or 315 Pro drag radials in 1/25 or 1/12 ?
  11. One of my other builds I started with a big scratch built turbo. It's gonna be another small tire car with a tube chassis.
  12. 2015 Racers Reunion Championship Model Contest SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 19, 2015 - IRVING TEXAS All models must be based on competition race cars Sprint – Midget – Indy – Jalopy – Modified – Open Wheel Stock Cars – Drag Cars – Rally Cars – Sports Cars, ETC. No Prebuilt Diecast, No Prepainted Kits People’s Choice Award $100 Best of Show Free Registration w/ Model Entry (4 entries max per person) Display only section for non-judged models (2 entries max per person) $10 Entry for Spectators, Judging by MCMA Appointed Judges This contest is part of a Racers Reunion Banquet which is later that night. If you enter a model in the contest your admission for the afternoon (up until 5:00 pm) is free which includes a guest speaker about Bob Nowicke, many tables of racing scrap books and memorabilia to view. If you want to stay after 5:00 pm it is $25 and includes a meal and the feature presentations about Lloyd Ruby and J.C. Agajanian. 1551 Corporate Drive Suite 125 Irving, TX 75038 Set up is 1:00-2:00 pm Doors open to the public at 2:00 pm Awards at 4:30 pm More info at www.RadiusNation.net or email kurtis.kraft@verizon.net Hope you can join us for the 3rd Annual Contest. Bart
  13. Hello all, Im 35 years old from the desert in southern California. I have been building since the age of 8 . Much of my interest is geared toward what most call nostalgia drag racing. Straight axle gassers, front engine fuelers, altereds, with pro streets and pro mod type door cars thrown in too. Over 1/2 of my builds were inspired by my late uncle, many of his models were passed down to me before he lost his life to cancer. I hope that you all enjoy my builds, as few of them are "completed" with detail. I one day intend to give all of them the detail and attention they deserve. Thanks! Nate
  14. Here is my 65 Chevy II Nova, red riding hood gasser nova built from the rat pack nova,
  15. The original pictures are taken by my dad, but I wanted to share them here as well, because I thought they are really cool. So I took pictures of the paper pictures to get them in digital form. So in 1990 my dad was in the USA with a couple of his friends. They visited other places as well, like SEMA Show and Pomona Swap, but this race was really interesting especially because a Finnish Pro Stock Bike racer Veli "Jappe" Malin was racing with his Pro Stock Bike there. A couple of pictures from the pits first... Stock Eliminator Pontiac. Super Comp Camaro driven by Tony Foti. Then the action pics: Stock Eliminator first (Unfortunately only one picture though). I'm not completely sure about the class of the Mustang, but from what I can see I'd say it's a B/SA car, the Chevelle is G/SA. Then Super Stock: GT/FA Chevy Camaro. Can't see the classes, but two more Super Stock Camaros. More to come later... (Tomorrow)
  16. Any help and ref pics for the Nitro Bandit Olds funny car, I can only find a cpl online?
  17. So after a 20 year hiatus I decided to build a couple models seeing they're cheaper than the new turbo I want for my real car. It's the Revel 1990 LX drag car but I'm trying to put my own spin on it. This is my first time trying to scratch build a cage but I can't bring my self to just use the roll bar in the kit seeing in my mind a proper booster, fox body, should be well under 10 seconds in the quarter. I'm borrowing some pieces off a cheap pro street kit I picked up. Hopefully I don't get discouraged and throw it out Cage started, lots of finangling will be needed. I want to do a funny car style cage but may have to settle for an 8:50+. I also cut channels for sub frame conectors, cut the front wheel wells out back to the shock towers (not pictured), and cut out the gas tank and spare tire well. The kit comes with a 302 and 5-speed but my OCD wants a bigger engine and a trans a capable of 1000hp and low 8's so I'm going to try this 351 and automatic. I have a "mock up" motor plate on it. Hopefully I can get this to work with a motor plate and the small under hood area. This will be a lot easier for exhaust but a pain to run a belt with. I have a single turbo which would be easier to mount but I'd have to figure the exhaust out. I've always hated chrome plated parts. To me it's never looked right so I gave these items a bleach bath. Included- B&M shifter, breather tank, sheet metal intake, distributor, fire extinguisher, starer, valve covers, trans pan, Hopefully this turns out. Give me tips, I need them.
  18. any info on the Gun Fighter VI Pro stock car? any ones built here? Need a cpl ref pics, can only find one?
  19. Here is bob hamaltons Red Alert Chevelle, unlike the vintage Amt kit,I built this as correct as I could, the orig kit had single headlights like a 71,72, 73, the 70 had twin lights ea side, also, the orig kit has a blown engine with a hat. Lol, also kinda big deal, the orig kit has a 4 speed. And Bobs was automatic. H handle shifter, I made one. Also went to GM dealer and got the paint code for Cranberry red, it "75" by the way, the body shop mgt even mixed me some an gave me formula, pretty cool of him. So here ya go, my Red Alert, thanks for looking,
  20. Coming in just a couple weeks is a huge release of new parts. Parts shown in the attached image is just a portion of what is coming. Ladder bars are getting some love in this new release as well as new linkage mounts and some time-saving parts to help scratchbuilders. In addition to the shown images, i also have 3 new Optima Battery tray designs (in both 1:24 and 1:16) that will come in a 2-pack with resin batteries. The battery trays fold around the resin batteries for an added touch. The large majority of this plate will be the new Tab and Bracket series, with nearly 100 different frets of tabs and brackets designed to fit specific screws and bolts. I'll have product images up as soon as the new plates arrive in about two weeks.
  21. Recently I saw a built 1932 Ford Roadster that was a center steer drag car. It had a nice tonneau cover over the drivers area except for where the driver would sit. When I asked my buddies at my local model club. They said it is a AMT kit and that the parts for this build are included in the kit. Sooo here is the question to all of you are much more knowledgable than I am. Which version(s) of the AMT 1932 Ford roadster kit has the parts needed to build the center steer drag race version? Hopefully it will be a verily recent kit. Don't want to break the bank. Thank you in advance.
  22. I just finished designing the artwork for the 1st two in a series of all new decal sheets that will be available from Model King. These are going to be high quality silk screened printed decals printed right here in the USA. They are being printed by the same vendor who makes the Gopher Racing Decals so if you have seen those, these they will be similar in quality. The 1st sheet going to press is for the new Revell '90 Mustang LX. The 2nd sheet will be a set of fictional drag car graphics. The drag cars sheet is geared towards the Pro-Stock / Pro Mod / Slot Car crowd but could have other uses too. They should be available by the end of the year and sold through the usually Model King suppliers.
  23. 1966 nova pro street. one of the builds i did when i got back into modeling 7 mths ago. I believe it is the 2nd or 3rd air brush paint job and the first time i everr weatherd an engine.
  24. Hey fellas vacation time is over and its time to get started on another build. Actually I got started on this one a couple weeks ago I never stoped building once the daytona was done. I'll be fabricating a Reher-Morrison 5.3 nitrous motor from brass and aluminum. As a side note I will be using parts from my buddy Jim Littken of http://www.micronitro.net/ And from Charlie Of http://www.protechmodelparts.com/ and any other source that will make the job easyer. Anyway Sassy and I invite you to come along on another journey as we endevour to build a better model. sassy says Hello...... Ok I started with some brass stock and drew my pattern out for the motor block ends, which were then cut out.... its a good thing I cut out four because my first set cam out loped-sided, sorry I didnt get alot of pics but heres where the engine block is as of now..... Oh and before I forget heres what I built a couple weeks ago. The guys at the DSC have already seen it. Notice my special jig (which is still under construction) it will help me to pump out the chassis for RR Speed. Hope you enjoyed see ya real soon.
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