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Found 72 results

  1. Greetings from mtr cty,,heres what I would do to a 58 Impala if $$ was no object for the 1:1 car. Its a kit from the 90's,, AMT 3n1 I got at a swap meet,,10$ I think. Modified parts are: Removed hard top,, Intake for the 409 mtr. Rims,,rear tires,,sidepipes,used custom front airdam that came in kit. Painted w/ Testors quickdry enamel. Hand painted interior. Kit came w/opening doors,,but they took alot of sanding+ size/fit work to get them to close decently. Hand painted sidetrim work as well. No BMF anywhere on this,,just taped it off w/tamiya tape,,and painted it. I think its one of Chevy's best designed body styles. So unique. Enjoy all the works here,,keep on building!
  2. Hi folks ! Today i like to show you my Impala police car . Enjoy , greetings from Germany
  3. Built 1962 chevy impala custom rat wagon started with 62 convertible used the custom top from dodge deora,hubcaps from 57 cameo ,built curbside ,did some weather on it also
  4. Built this awhile back. Came out really nice. This was a really good kit and a pleasure to build. 1 (205) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (206) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (207) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (208) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (209) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  5. Ok so here is a project that I am very excited about! Building Junior Johnson's 1963 Holly Farms Impala. I took a 63' impala kit and am pretty much building the racecar from the ground up. I don't have too many pictures yet of the progress but here are a few... This was my first ever attempt to cut a door off anything. Some progress on the scratch built roll cage
  6. I'm looking for some knowledge/advice on modeling the cars my parents owned during the '70s. They traded the first one the year I was born so I'm not 100% sure I ever rode in it, but photos exist somewhere so I should have references for all of these post Thanksgiving. First: 1970 Chevy Nova (not an SS though). I'm assuming I should start with a Revell or AMT kit. Is one a better option? How hard will it be to "downgrade" it to a non SS model? Next: 1974 Chevy Impala. Does anyone make a model of this and/or is it possible to model with another model year kit? And finally: 1978 Chevy Cheyenne Pickup. I saw this morning Revell is issuing a '78 GMC pickup in December. Would that be the best place to start? All help and comments welcome!
  7. HI! Got this puppy finished.. Still realized while taking photos that it had side mirrors missing.. I have glued on them now, but does not shown in these pics... Out of box models, but exhaust ending, wheels and tires i did pick up from part box.. I had to use 6-lug wheels since they were only steelies i had free for this build.... But you sure want to see photos?
  8. Hi all, Been a while since I posted one of my builds on here. This is the Revell Foose 65 Impala that I finished up a couple of months ago. I used a lot of engine and interior detail parts from Pro Tech Such as all wiring, plumbing, fittings, carb, air cleaner, oil breathers, oil filter, throttle linkage, distributor setup and seatbelt harness. Also a complete Resin and Aluminum Big Block 572 engine, full exhaust and custom racing seats from Sweet Scale detail. The wheels are parts box wheels that I took off of an old Di-cast a few years ago. There is a PE set form The Model Car Garage used also for the emblems and dash detail. Hope you all enjoy the pics.
  9. Hey! Got new project started with testing my new spray paint booth.. Results with TS-92 metallic orange could be better, since i got bit dust on my paint job, but i can live with it,becouse im building this just as some nice shelf model.. Not in shows to display... Here we go..
  10. 1 (257) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (258) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (259) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (260) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (261) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (262) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr 1 (263) by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  11. So I'm working on a Revell '66 Impala to be built in the style of my Lime Green '65 and wanted another set of the Foose wheels to keep the build style in tradition to the '65. So I got another Foose '65 for real, put the custom wheels aside in the '66 box and brainstormed ideas for the 2nd '65. I was going to make it a gasser Impy or slapping some mags and painting it baby blue of some sort, but then I saw the rear glass came broken in half in the bag and then I had this odd idea come over me and stumbled upon some rust bucket impalas upon a photo search for some inspiration. This is also my very first rusting, "junking", and weathering attempt along with simulating a "broken" glass, and although not to extreme levels I think it came out good considering just getting sloppy for the hell of it and messing around with Testors rust paint and oxide red primer. Mostly OOB, body paint is Rustoluem Gloss Red as an approximation for 1965 Chevrolet Ralley Red, and the frame is mist coated sears red oxide primer (which is a very close rust color if applied in certain coats). '55 F-100 Custom Hauler carrying this sorry SOS Paired with my LIme Green '65
  12. Started with the Revell kit. Regular gloss black and Gloss Guard's Red. Came out looking pretty good after a little bit of trouble with the trim. SAM_2367 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2368 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2369 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2370 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2371 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2372 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2373 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2374 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2375 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_2378 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  13. Slotto

    '60 Impala

    The build thread can be found on the workbench Thanks for looking
  14. Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and this is my 2nd post here. I've been lurking on this forum for a few months and I must say you guys sure have talent! I've picked up a few tricks here and for that I'm greatful! I just started this Impala today. The body is Duplicolor Chrysler gold. The interior is Duplicolor GM red. The wheels came from a 1/25 scale R/C Camaro - Maisto I think. The idea came from watching Iron Resurrection on the Velocity channel. Thanks for looking. Stay Tuned...
  15. Slotto

    '59 Impala

    I built this one over 15 years ago. I'm not sure of the paint. I kept this pit pretty bone stock. Just a few subtle changes like the accelerator pedal. I'm not sure what I was thinking or where I was going with that upper hose. Thanks for looking
  16. Slotto

    '65 Impala

    I finished this one up over 15 years ago. She's been on display ever since. The paint is definitely duplicolor but I don't know the code number. I'm not sure if I made a wheel change. I may have used the wheels from 36 Ford with the trailer. For some reason the hood warped between and now. Maybe I'll stick it some warm water and try to reshape it. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for looking
  17. Slotto

    '67 Impala

    I built this over 15 years ago. I'm not sure of the color code but I do know it's Duplicolor. I kept this one pretty much box stock. On this one, I applied a little bit of BMF on the emblems and I filled in the gap in the hood where the glue on intake was. I love the lines on the '60's cars. Thanks for looking
  18. I just bought a 1985 Impala from Modelhaus and I'm planning to build a LAPD unit. And are curious about a few things - Did LAPD use 1985 Impala? If not which year models did they use? - what interior colors did they use? - Did they use bench seats ? - Did the rear seat have seat belts ? Photos would also be appreciated
  19. Came out great. Not a bad kit.
  20. So I'm going to be building a twin turbo 427 Impala and need advice. i would love to be able to fit some slicks under it, and would prefer to scratch build a chassis for it. I'm not sure how to solder so brass is not an option. So styrene tubes and rods are going to be used. I have never built a chassis, so maybe doing a back-half chassis to fit massive slicks is a good place to begin. Any advice for beginners in this area of building? i want the slammed and raked look to this build. Any other advice or ideas I can incorporate to make this build stand out? I'm fairly versed in model building and some scratch building, just not frames.
  21. Not bad for a kit that was incomplete when I bought it. Wish it had emblem decals, but it came out great.
  22. Picked up a new model last week in Reno. Looking forward to learning from my mistakes on my previous kit 1970 Chevy Monte Carlo. This is the Revell 1965 Chip Foose edition Chevy Impala With Clear
  23. I was almost finished with the paint on this car and made some pretty dumb mistakes. This was the first car I chose since getting back into the hobby. She spent a few days in the purple pond and then Dawn Detergent and water. I've decided to spray Duplicolor Primer/Sealer to hopefully ensure that I don't have ant issues from the previous work. I'll sand her down tomorrow and shoot the second coat. Then it'll be time for Duplicolor Universal Black! I'm posting from my iPhone and it isn't very friendly with the text box and adding attachments. Here's some before and after and then after the strip down pictures. After those are photos with the new primer.
  24. I plan on build Caprice coupe with the fishbowl glass 77-79. I have required the interior,body and glass. Does anyone know if there was made any kit`s,diecast or aftermarket options for the early versions? Any suggestions are welcome but in 1:24/1:25 scale only. Thanks Tommy
  25. jsc

    1958 Baker Impala

    I finally finished this '58 Impala convertible with Buddy Baker's markings. This was a very fun build, and all started because I bought a kit with no glass. So I cut down a windshield from a '55 chevy truck, and added duct tape for a frame. On the Bench pictures can be found at http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=91336&hl= I wrapped some sprue with yarn to make the roll bar. Thanks for looking! John
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