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Found 72 results

  1. Created a Maryland State Police impala. Fictional Model based on one that would have been seized from a drug trafficker. Built mostly stock except a few dress up items on the motor. Scratch built the radar antennas on the front and rear deck. Scratch built the front dash rotater style light with the flash shield behind it. since this is a car that would have been used in the 90s it would not have any of the current LED style emergency lighting. Im still debating on adding a light bar or not.
  2. So heres a project i've been working on for some time. got the kit sometime back and wanted to do something different, so i racked my brain and got to work. Working on the skirts with suff corners and made some F&B bumper guards and new style mouldings.
  3. One of my favorite builds
  4. I'm starting to work on a '58 Impala to replicate Buck Baker's convertible. I've found very few reference pictures. Where can I get more information? Thanks.
  5. Revell 59 Impala convertible in gloss red and white. Came out pretty good. My only issues were with the wheel fit and the interior. The front looks lowered. Kinda like a low rider, but I built it stock and the way the directions say. As for the interior, the directions weren't clear on how to set up the door panels, so I took a guess that came up looking alright.
  6. Hi. Here is my build for the Cannonball Run. AMT gluebomb bought out of Ebay. I just imagine the Impala to be a very comfy car to travel long distance in. Of course i had to try make it pack some punch for when it will overtake the others lol. The recipe is simple,fullsize,bench/sofa,big block with an huge turbo,manual, fuel injection for "fuel economy". As for looks it`s pretty bland,and it got a little taller on the rear then i had planned,but i just stuck with it. Here are some pictures. Thanks for looking and comments are welcome.
  7. Hi all, sorry about getting my years of Impalas confused, but this is a '62 Impala, not sure which motor im gonna use, I don't have the (thriftmaster 6) its been BMF and interior detailed and done one more of the outside yhanks for comments and thanks for looking, Shaun.s
  8. Back in 1975 I originally built this 1958 Chevy Impala. Back then I thought it would be cool to have opening doors, steerable wheels, etc. Of course, it didn't really happen. The doors were awful and the paint was worse. I got glue on the windshield and on the body and pretty much gave up. Anybody else know that feeling? So last month I ran across it again and had 2 choices - (1) Keep it as is as a memory of my impatient youth or (2) rebuild it. I chose #2 and stripped it down. Originally it was blue, but I went with the red and white color scheme. I found pictures of interior colors. A bit strange to today's standards, but it worked for '58! I've still got some issues (like the carpet monster eating the rear taillight bezels) but it's moving along! Comments welcome!
  9. Hello. Anyone know who offers the best open hood 1965 Impala wagon?
  10. This is the old AMT kit. I have seen some write it is kinda bad,but i enjoy building it. Any comments are welcome.
  11. Hi. Can anyone confirm if the wheelbase is identical on the kits on the pictures?
  12. I am making the supernatural impala again, i was planing to do this later on in the year but other projects have stalled, so this will be my main build and i will finish other projects in between, i have done this before (link if your interested: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/sca/modeling_subjects/f/29/t/107258.aspx ) so i know what to do, i will also be making this one very very detailed with all 4 doors hinged and trunk/hood also hinged. Here's my start: I decapitated the camaro (camera was playing up so i didnt' take any pics of how i joined the roof.) These were braces to hold the roof in line while i could glue it, i will remove these and clean it all up once the bodywork is done. It took 2 afternoons to get this at this stage (i removed the front door months ago then got sidetracked with other things) and its all roughed in at the moment, i will alter things as i go.
  13. Revell's 1963 Chev Impala SS. Box stock build, lots of fun go fast parts in this kit. Did my best to do a "Richard" quality interior. The ride height and stance are right out the kit. Looking forward to the comments.
  14. This is my '58 Impala, mostly by AMT, with a few bits from the Revell kit because I thought they were more cleanly molded. The color is Testors 1 coat lacquer Mythical Maroon over Tamiya white spray primer, no clear coat. Photoetch set from Model Car Garage, pre-wired distributor from Preston's Car Parts. Not the best distributor I've seen, but this was the first engine I've wired (but yes, they are in the correct firing order!) If any of you have a favorite brand of scale distributors, let me know, so I can get one for my next build. I started this car at the beginning of September 2012 and finished it at the end of March. It took so long mostly because a college dorm room isn't exactly the best place for model building. Still, I was able to clean up almost all the pieces and get them ready for paint so I could do all the painting over Christmas break. The pieces I took from the Revell kit are as follows: headlight assemblies, fender spears, tail light bezels and lenses, metal exhaust tips, tires (mainly because of the convenience of the white wall inserts), door handles, driver's side mirror, steering wheel, rocker covers, generator, and fuel pump. The air cleaner is from a '66 Mustang GT350. I also added a dip stick and a couple other little bits of plumbing. The springs were replaced with real springs from a retractable pen. They aren't perfect, but I think they look a lot better than the molded atrocities it came with! I cut out the trunk, too, but I guess that doesn't really matter since I didn't end up putting anything in it. The dash board gauge decals are also from the Revell kit. (Interesting side note: the chrome 'Chevrolet' script on the display case base is from the dashboard of a 1949 or '50 Chevrolet Deluxe I found in the woods. The rest of the car was pretty much a big pile of rust, but that little piece of chrome was in almost perfect condition!) Overall, I think it came out really well. Tell me what you think and please share any tips or constructive criticism that I can draw upon for future builds!
  15. Here’s my latest build, the AMT 58 Impala. I decided to build this as a mild 60’s custom, with all the chrome, badges and scripts and dropped the suspension as low as it would go without cutting into the chassis/floorpan. I saw a few images online of 60’s cars with Bellflowers, so I made some with alu tube and plumbers solder. The wheels and tyres and rings are from the Galaxie 48 Chevy, I made the bullets from silver 3mm wire. I made some braided water hoses from woven chrome craft ribbon , some fuel lines to the carbs and added wires to ignition, alternator and battery. I added a little PE alternator bracket, too. The interior is flocked and BMF’d with PE details. New gear and turn signal levers were added and the 59 Caddy taillights are from Modelhaus. Paint is from rattle cans. The blues are Tamiya with dark blue glitter on the lower/rear side panels.The roof was sprayed Audi silver then given a dusting with glitter spray. Paint was cleared, wet-sanded and polished. I plan to do less chrome and easy paint on my next build!! Thanks for looking
  16. First off, happy New Year to you and yours! Lets hope 2013 brings us all good luck and happiness. Named after the famous Boston gentleman's club the Golden Banana is a 61 Impala late model custom based on Lindberg's kit. Ill let the pics tell the story. ">http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http://
  17. Giving this some fresh paint, the purple is pretty average and there were a few sink marks i didn't fix. So i will change colours and fix the imperfections in the body. while its in pieces i will show a pic of the interior, it has 67 impala seats because my 67 got the bench seats. basicly im just giving the body a respray so i wont be doing much to the chassis or interior.
  18. Hi everyone. I used to build build models as a young teen and hadn't built any in almost 34 years. My wife told me to get a hobby so being she wouldn't let me have real models, I went back to the plastic cars and trucks. Here are some pictures of my first. My 1969 Plymouth GTX and my 1964 Impala SS 409. They are far from perfect but over time I shall get back into shape....any feedback will be greatly appreciated....thanks!
  19. Hi guys... Does anyone can tell me if the "oficial ride" of the surfers girls on the Blue Crush Movie is a '61 Impala four door or a '61 Biscayne four dour? Is there another maker besides ModelCarWorld thats offer a '61 Impala/Biscayne 4door? Thanks fellas!
  20. Here it is - my 1996 1994 ( ) Impala SS. I like this fullsize, always remember to copcars, when i see one. I built it stock and made only some wiring. I know, that the Chromtrim on the sidepanel is not chromed original. But, why dont show, what kind of engine is working under the hood? Enjoy:
  21. I have a 1/18 scale Die cast Motormax 58 Impala convertible. I have turned this car in to a fully shaved kustom A$$ dragger. It looks awesome as it site but there's a huge problem. The ugly 5th wheel or continental kit is on the back and the bumper sticks out in the middle and looks rediculous. I really want to cut it off but I am not sure how to go about putting the bumper back together once I have cut it. This is the one I have.
  22. Hallo everybody, today i want to show you my first custom-built. It is based on the first issue of the amt 58 Imala, that i have built "since i was a little child". It is too old, that i remember Now, that was the first "look": Nice, isn't it? I took it in May 2010 and gave him a totaly restauration and - sure - a complete new look. What changes have i done? - made it 2-Seated - extendet the trunk - also i extendet the intigrated frontbumber - mounted a continetal kit at the back from a 54 Victoria - channeled the backlights - removed all trim - new coat and interiorcolors - installed a Hemi - mounted Centerlines out of a "Heavy Cevelle"-Kit - made a small Display with gimmicks - for sure, i changed the roof and took one out of my partsbox A Picure from the work on the body: ...and from the scratchbuilt gimmicks And thats the result: ...tbc...
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