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Found 45 results

  1. Another build done in the exact same style as the 72 Chevelle I posted recently. This was built back in 2012 for a community build(2012 Lowrider tour) on this forum, but it seems I never posted it in the Under Glass section.
  2. Built this couple years ago but never got around to sharing on this forum. Basically it was a quick build to get the creative juices flowing again and get me out of a rut/slump and motivated to build again. Total build time was around 48hrs. Being that it was built quickly, it has no chassis detail or engine so pretty much a curbside. As some of you might recognize its done in a style(my trademark colours you could say) that I have done many times before on other builds. Paint Body: Tamiya TS-14 gloss black Interior: Tamiya TS-49 bright red which was over-coated with Alclad ALC 314 klear kote flat Wheels Pegasus #1109 DZ's chrome with spokes painted/airbrushed with Tamiya X-1 black Normally dont polish or wax my black paint jobs, but needed to get out the polishing cloth's and wax on this one.
  3. This is essentially an AMT '60 Chevrolet Custom Fleetside with a few changes and upgrades. It was meant to be a quickie shelf build, so there isn't a lot of extra brake line plumbing or major body mods. Just a nice kustom pickup in flattened light purple. The '60 Mercury grille is an old AMT Parts Pack piece that was narrowed to fit the Chevy Surround. Emblems, tailgate latches and door handles were shaved. The front bumper was flipped, and the lower section painted to give the front end a bit lighter look. Lowering was achieved in three ways. Smaller rubber and mags are Pegasus Sovereigns. Rear airbags and the accompanying compressor/tank are from AMT's '39 Chevy Wagonrod. Most of the drop comes from a severe 5"-6" (scale) channel. Extra height was removed from the inner bed sides before reattaching the rear fenders to provide clearance for the slammed rear end and dual exhaust system, optional parts from an AMT '51 Chevrolet Convertible. The exhaust terminates in stainless turn-downs from a Metal Bug sci-fi detail set. Those stake sides came from a Revell '41 Chevrolet pickup. That same convertible donated the dual-carbs, intake, split exhaust manifolds and valve cover. D&J aluminum air cleaners, and Detail Master pulleys and distributor add more WOW when the hood is popped. After trimming down the firewall and interior side panels to raise the floor, the seat needed to be cut down to sit directly on the floorboards. Scale Motorsport zebra decals add some spice to the pearl white and purple interior. Like I said, nothing too fancy. It may get a hitch so it can trailer around an old dragster or some wild bubbletop rod.
  4. Not much to show yet, but I just started today on my '60 Chevrolet pickup. My first order of business to narrow up my AMT Parts Pack '60 Mercury grille to fit the width of the pickup's opening, and to clearance the opening so the grille will nestle back into it. I removed six grille bars per side, and you can see the grille opening modified on one side. When it goes back together, the inner headlights should hide the seams.
  5. Here’s my latest, the AMT ’60 Ford Starliner. I lowered the suspension, filled the antenna hole in the front wing. MCG PE details were used, but I didn’t use the PE grille, as you need to buy separate headlight buckets, from Modelhaus or somewhere else… Thanks MCG. That cost me $20 and it was all but useless. Why not include resin buckets in with the PE set? I mean, how much more would it cost? Anyway, I replaced the dash switches and the dials. I flocked the carpets and wired the engine. Wheels are from Pegasus and I made the exhaust system from lead solder, with polished aluminium Bellflowers. I made the antenna, too, after seeing a similar one in reference photos. I thought it looked quite period-correct. Paint was silver base, with silver flake on top, followed by purple candy and more clear. The downside to all this paint, is that the panel lines disappeared in places, so a lot of the BMF had to be done by eye, with a steady hand. I was sweating bullets. The pattern was masked with some of that greeting-card craft border. The self-adhesive stuff. Er…I think that’s it. Here are the pics, comments welcome: Even though I used lots of artificial light, the purple didn't really come out strongly in the photos. Believe me, it really pops in the sun!
  6. saw this one on the net, and knew I had to use it for inspiration. wont be an exactl replica, I just liked the different twist on your normal Camaro. started by making lowered spindles and narrowing the rear a bit to mount the Pegasus wheels I got. initial stance, I think this could work well, the rear will probably come up a tad. Just going for a quicker clean build on this one. Taking a break after finishing the Mustang. Thanks for looking
  7. So heres a project i've been working on for some time. got the kit sometime back and wanted to do something different, so i racked my brain and got to work. Working on the skirts with suff corners and made some F&B bumper guards and new style mouldings.
  8. My first build of 2014..............I always build hot rods so i thought i would throw this in the mix...lol A mild custom with a kit bash.......soon to paint the roof.........(hopfully tonight) Still got to figure out the rear bumper.....Finish the motor and interior.....................:-)
  9. Every once in a while I get the urge to do a wild paint job on something. This time the candidate was a 62' Impala that had some paint issues with it's last paint job. I've been wanting to build a lowrider for a while so I decided to try out a roof pattern on it. After hours of taping and spraying I ended up with this. The plan is to make it sit on airbag suspension with Pegasus wheels. Oh and I've decided to name it "Playing With Kandy" since that's exactly what I was doing with the paint job. Thanks for looking! All comments/criticisms welcome. Billy
  10. Finally, I finished a build this year! The car got its name from my 8 year old digital camera's fear to take a decent pic of this red ride. Or maybe its just me being a hack photographer? Hey, I'm a baker not a young George Barris...The colors looked decent on my flat screen T.V., but look way flat and lifeless on the laptop. Either way time to upgrade and get on with the pics. A full shave and molded everything http:// Custom made grill insert. Headlights? Are those important?? http:// Mishmash of two rollpans. Indecision has left me taillight-less as well. http:// In the real world this hooptie would have air bags or hydros. This car has a AMT chassis plate and a lot of cutting.http:// http://
  11. In my humble opinion, the line drawn between customs and lowriders in the 70's was a blurry one. Maybe a hazy one is more apt for the decade, but I've been interested in that pre-Dayton era for a few years now. The first gen Riviera is probably Detroit's best factory custom effort (with the 58 Impala coming a close second) and needs little to cruise the streets in style. A gray plastic AMT 65 Rivera is the (un)lucky subject of this build, so less writing and on with some pics okay? Like most AMT kits of the era, this one has a basic floor pan with all the detail molded in along with those rudimentary metal axles. Since customs are all about stance, this baby is low. And that would mean a metal axle piercing though the heads of the motor. Since its a Nailhead and not a AMT Axle head, the axle had to go. ">http:// I used square stock to make a stut type thing, drilled holes for the cut down axles and called it a day. Not very real looking, but niether is a axle going though the engine bay. I hear some guys saying already, " But chassis XYZ will fit with a little spit and elbow grease". Ehh, I cant really be bothered ">http:// Looks unobtrusive from underneath and I built in a little negative camber for some added stance realism The rear was done in the conventional metal axle way with the top of the wheel house lopped off and the mount moved up. ">http:// So we got a grounded stance, now we need some shoes. Im not into product shots but these new wheels from Pegasus deserve at least one ">http:// The Astro's on the left are period perfect for this build, the reverse on the right are next in line for a earlier 60's custom project. After a little shaving of the body mounts, and some persuasive measures to the interior tub we got a great parking lot pose. ">http://
  12. First off, happy New Year to you and yours! Lets hope 2013 brings us all good luck and happiness. Named after the famous Boston gentleman's club the Golden Banana is a 61 Impala late model custom based on Lindberg's kit. Ill let the pics tell the story. ">http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http:// ">http://
  13. Giving this some fresh paint, the purple is pretty average and there were a few sink marks i didn't fix. So i will change colours and fix the imperfections in the body. while its in pieces i will show a pic of the interior, it has 67 impala seats because my 67 got the bench seats. basicly im just giving the body a respray so i wont be doing much to the chassis or interior.
  14. Here is my second Lowrider, a 1970 Buick Wildcat (1/25) by Model King THANKS AGAIN FOR VIEWING!
  15. This is my a 1977 Revell Snap Tite, hope yall like it! thanks for viewing!
  16. This is my a 1977 Revell Snap Tite, hope yall like it! thanks for viewing!
  17. My first attempt to build lowrider. (Buick i got finished before this but it was OOB project) I did have bit problems with paintjob. Its painted 2 times and i did ruin and miss some parts but after all its fine as i could do no with my skills. Comments are welcome and enjoy pics Workbench: http://www.modelcars...la&fromsearch=1 Happy new year 2012
  18. Los Underground Kings (LUGK) has chapters in Philadelphia Ms., Dallas Tx., LA Ca., Redding Ca. if anyone has any questions about wanting to join,or just hangout and build, feel free to PM me.
  19. Hi everybody, here is my 66 Riviera - to make three, in this section this week, complete. After a failed paintjob for a cool Lowrider, a missing enginebay in the kit, i had "no other chance" to safe him not to throw in the trash. Take a look at my Lowrider... stay a while for the pics inside...
  20. Finally finished. Simply out of box build. I built this for Finnish model forums CBP. all comments welcome Couple more pics
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