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  1. Hi guys here's my third build of the year. Some of you may remember that during the build of my '67 GTX last year I ended up breaking the front windshield posts in a attempt to lower the roof line. I bought a backup model on Evilbay just in case I couldn't fix it. I didn't have to use it and it's just been sitting here so I thought I might as well build it up and add it to this years cannonball run over in the community build projects. Nothing has been done to the kit be me aside from a quick mock up last year, the previous owner or someone prior has everything sprayed gross black, one coat no primer. So I've been stripping the parts these past few days trying to get everything back to square one. Plans for it aren't as grand as last year, going to sand down the roof trim and badges again so it'll have a smooth body. I'm "not" lowering the roof this time (learned my lesson last year lol) it wasn't hard to fix, it was just stressful. Colors for this one will be Charcoal Grey metallic with a matte black hood. Last years mock up. Body and engine before bath, still soaking right now. Thanks for looking everyone!
  2. The WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=88641 The Unboxing Video: The Painting of the body: The Painting of the smaller parts: http://youtu.be/O1c6ez5oS_g Thanks for watching!!
  3. This is the 67 GTX that I've been rebuilding (w.i.p here) http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=76068 It's my second entry in this years cannonball run cbp. The only thing original is the body itself everything else is either from a Viper or scratch built. It features Viper engine and suspension, a little nos should it be needed and a custom fuel cell for longer range. The paint is Chrysler Inferno Red and universial black. To everyone who watched and commented while this was being made, thank you for all your kind words.
  4. With the 2013 Cannonball drawing closer I thought I'd post my entry from 2011. It was my first time being in a cbp and a total blast to be apart of. The color is Testors One Coat Lime Ice, the model itself went together very well. I would like to note that this was the first car I was ever brave enough to buff down with sanding pads, until this the thought of taking anything across the paint job was considered suicidal. But it turned out really well in the end and I'm happy I did it. Anyway before I turn this into a long and likely boring story I'll just start showing pics. I'll have a few more pictures up shortly, thanks for looking!
  5. This is the rebuild of my oldest surviving model kit and is my second entry to the Cannonball Run cpb. I built it when I was 12 or 13 so it's about 10 years old. My plans for it this time around are to build it up like something from the Fast and Furious movies. It will have the suspension and power plant from a Viper thus the snake part of the name. Bare bones interior, roll cage, something made for performance, haven't decided on a color yet I got a few ideas but just can't decide. Here's what I'm starting with. And now. . . wait for it . . . It's BATH TIME!!! . . . . *looks around* Alright come out from behind the couch everyone, I'm talking about the car not you guys. And after 2 odd days it's half done. And after 2 more days the blue is off, I'm going to try to take the grey off but for now I think I'll used it for sanding. There's a few aspects of the car I want to change. And that will kick off this build, thanks for looking.
  6. Since i have been waiting for parts for my other projects and got overwhelmed by boredom i started a new kit. It`s the Nash Bridges Cuda from Revell. I`m not sure why but yellow was never a favorite color of mine,it kinda mess up the lines of cars and make chrome "disappear". So i went for a blue metallic,since it`s not meant to look like any factory option or 100% stock i thought no harm would be done except for maby anoying the purist. This is my first time with BMF,and omg what a nightmare and the result there after (more to do) I want to keep this clean and simple,and got steelies with dogdish in the same color as the car. Not sure how to lower it but i`m working on it. Engine will be stock,and i thought i give it a shot on try wire it for the first time,and i hope it`s a little more easy then this BMF stuff. Also it will get white interiour and white hemi decals on rear panels. Hopefully it will look good. Comments are welcome. Here are some crappy pics,only have my phone so.
  7. I also started this a while ago: I will also be making the truck eventually and put them both in a diorama. I will post a few pics of it at various stages so you all get the idea of how i did it. i cut and rotated the rear pillars to get the basic sedan shape.
  8. Not sure where to post,but check out these cool illustrations from this blog: http://ebodies.blogspot.no/ Maby some good ideas for a model kit?
  9. OK, one of my favorite cars when I was younger was a '68 Plymouth Fury Wagon. Since I like re-creating my youth, I wanted to build one First, the wrong way: Buy a fairly rare Fury 4 door, and cut it up. Then, the right way: Found a resin version of the wagon, So I'm also now trying to put the 4 door back together! Good thing I've got the weekend. More later!
  10. I finished this AMT 1971 Plymouth Duster Street Machine kit in 2003. I built it to look like my friend's mom's Duster and got pretty close. The only things missing were incorrect rims and the stripe graphics on each side. The Duster that belonged to my friend's mom had steelies with hubcaps, not mag rims. AMT's '71 Duster 340 kit came with the correct decals for the striped graphic, but in black and I needed white. The body was painted a sky blue and the interior a dark blue to match the 1:1 car. Anyway, I got it pretty close. I'd still like to find those stripe graphics in white.
  11. This is a work in progress started several years ago. The engine of course received the bulk of the detailing. Since Monogram's old Hemi had little detail with only an inaccurate timing cover, I began by scratch buildng the whole front of the engine. I adedd the oil pump and filter, and created a water pump. once satisfied with the look of the basic engine. I added plug wires and fuel lines. The engine compartment on this kit is very sparse and still in need of completion. firewall and water pump was drilled for heater hose, and lines added, as was the was the master brake cylinder vac line. Still needed as some will notice are heater blower motor and batery + cable, along with wiper motor and a few other small bits. On the suspension, as with this old kit there are some details lacking, but I kept it simple with only the addition of rear shocks and drilling out the exhaust tips. One bit of detail I concentrated on with this kit was the suspension markings used on the real counterparts from the factory. A keen Mopar guy will pick out discrepancy in colors used, but this was done using various images of concourse restorations of other Mopars I have seen over the years. Hope you enjoy picking an old guys efforts apart. Will have more projects to post soon.
  12. The Cuda I bought after my house burned down when I was 18. It is currently under construction, it's about 3 years old. The Super Bee was an unpainted glue bomb I recently salvaged. Suprisingly it came apart clean with no breaks. It now has more detail than in the pictures. I'll get up new pics when they're done. Thanks for looking.
  13. Hallo everybody, today i want to show you a kit out of my category "hate the kit". Its the 1969 Plymouth GTX from amt "byers choice" and the first plan was, to wreck it and put it without front on my junkyard. Work in progress (planed to cut the front, hood was fixed), i was looking for the color i would like to paint, if is real to get for this car, i found this one: ...with a interesting story: Just 16 HEMI-equipped GTX convertibles were built in 1969, and this is one of them. It hasn’t had a restoration since the 1980’s though, and as such it is far from perfect. It is however numbers matching, the seller claims. We have no reason not to believe the seller, though if you’re going to plunk down $275,000 (the asking price) you might want to do your homework first. This is one of those rare muscle cars that might surface just a few times in a lifetime, so if you’re a serious collector you might want to get on top of this one. WOW! What a price! Changed my planes. I changed the grill and rear bumper from my other GTX, sanded the quarterpanels, wired the engine and thats the result: The hood is fixed - thats the result of the earlier idea with missing front... More pics: a look inside... ...then i changed the Stickshift with a scratch-made and overhauled the mirror...
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