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Found 271 results

  1. maltsr

    1967 Corvette

    Here's my entry for this year's Cannonball CBP. Revell kit mainly OOB with a '90's Corvette motor. Paint is Tamiya and a few MCG photoetch parts added.
  2. Hi! I would like to start (or try) to make a car model. I was wondering if you guys could help me with some of my questions? - What kind of paint shall I use? and how many types do I need to get a good finish? - Where do I buy these kits from? (live in Norway) - And what kind of tools I need for the job. (glue, brushes etc) I was looking at this, is this good? : http://www.modelcars.com/testors-model-car-spray-paint-set.html And does the manual say what kind of colors go where? Thanks for responses.
  3. Back on the bench after a long break, where I'll be building a slightly modified, updated version of the 1957 Bel Air that my dad built back when he was younger (going to be a birthday gift for him). His build was the original 1963 release by Revell, and really showed how tough the kit went together. I was trying to find the same kit on ebay, when I was lucky enough to find out that the recently released Ed Roth kit is the one I wanted, at retail price (surprised I haven't seen anyone else building it yet ) Here's a few pics of my dad's build: My plans are to paint everything pretty much the same as his build, but clean up all the parts as best I can as well as make sure they fit great. I'm also stripping all the chrome so it's easier to clean up the parts, and I'll be coating them in Alclad chrome. I'm also going to use some parts box tires instead of the kit tires (even though they are one piece rather than the old two piece). Starting with the chassis, I painted it all satin black and painted the gas tank and exhaust aluminum. My dad used the lift "shackles" from the drag version in the back, so I'm doing the same. Of course, this meant modifying the exhaust on the driver's side to fit properly since it originally ran above the rear spring perch.
  4. This is a mockup while I smooth out the seams on my 1/16 Karmann Ghia project. There were flat spots in the body casting in the nose, right above the point where the lower apron glues in place, so I'm taking extra time in an effort to build up the proper contour. If it doesn't start coming together soon, it's going to get primer, rust, peeling paint and I'll pass the front end off as old body damage. Engine will be finished off with scratch-built manifolds and linkage for 3D printed Weber IDA's I purchased from Shapeways. I'm also contemplating a more traditional hot rod/low rider wheel and tire combo for the planned super-low ride height. We'll see how it goes, eh?
  5. This will be my summer project. I haven't been on the forum for quite some time. I did a 55 Chevy last summer and I have yet to post pics of that in another post. This one will be a stock build as true to original as I can do with the supplies I have available. I'll update with pics as often as I can. I'm going for completion in just a couple weeks. Keep me on track!
  6. Howdy, Im new here, but have actually have been a visitor many times this year. I started building model cars back in the late 1980's and then got away from it in the mid 90's until recently. I used to travel arount the mid-west and even a little on the east coast, back in the day, attending model car shows. I just started back up building this past year. Boy have I missed it. I have already completed a few builds and at some point will post them for you all. I recently bought the new Revell 70 Hemi Cuda kit and wow do I like it. I know there are a few issues with it, but, hey, there are with most kits anyway. And besides thats why they call us model builders. Right? Part of the fun in building kits for me is correcting what I can, and adding and changing what I want. Well for this build I decided to do a vinyl top verson. It will be painted testors plum crazy purple enamel. I'll be posting a few pics along the way. I have already corrected the wheel openings, built the side window trim out with evergreen strips, instead of etching them deeper- this helps with the thickness of the vinyl top material I am using from the model car garage. I, also, have already scratch built the molding, below the rear window, for the vinyl top from evergreen strips. The body in the first few pics has already been painted, clear coated and polished and I have already started applying vinyl top meterial. I primered the body with tamyia thin grey primer. Then mixed my paint as well as my clear coat at 50/50 with hardware store laquar thinner. Excuse the pic quality, my camera is almost as old as I am LOL. I'll be posting more as I go along. Thanks in advance for checking this post out.
  7. I bought this for a few bucks at a thrift store recently, no box or instructions, just the parts in a large ziploc bag. Been working on it for the last few weeks and finally finished it this weekend. I stayed up til 4:30 in the morning Saturday night, listening to the nuts on Coast to Coast AM on the radio and working on the kit and had a blast. Nothing like "me" time. It isn't perfect, but it's done. One of my favorite shows is Fast 'N Loud and I especially enjoy when they take an older vehicle and redo the brakes, interior and electric, drop in a new crate engine and tires, then seal the rusty paint to keep the patina. I used the salt technique I learned from this forum. While the salt was drying on the primer, the salt got wet during a humid night and it didn't come out exactly as planned, but I can live with it. For a skill level 2, there were a lot of parts in this detailed kit. I love the look of body color steelies and chrome center hubs, but I thought I'd do something different. Initially I was going to use a different wheel / tire combo, but the Revell kit has the "pop on" type of wheels and I simply had no replacement for them. Since this is a work truck and nothing fancy, I dechromed the bumpers using Eazy Off oven cleaner and painted them flat white (first time dechroming for me). I used a drug store watercolor set to add rust and fill in the grill. Had I to do it over again, I would have painted the engine a different color and painted the engine bay flat black. There are imperfections (the side badge slipped after gluing it, among other things) and there are a few pieces I omitted (side view mirrors, among others) but I think I'm relatively happy with the outcome. Next build will probably be my take on the Rat Roaster.
  8. I haven't seen many positive write-ups of this kit -- and I'm not sure why not. It's an early 90s kit, and not up to Tamiya's latest standards, but it IS very well detailed and fits together pretty well. It needs some work to get the bonnet to close properly (and in mine there's some tin can on the underside of the bonnet lid and a strong magnet atop the firewall), but that's about it. There's a fair bit of flash to be cleaned off (sometimes on delicate parts), and a lot of the chrome parts needed stripping, cleaning up and re-doing, but nothing a sharp knife and ten minutes couldn't fix. I'd also recommend stripping the chrome off the windscreen frame, mirror and sun visor frames, gluing them together into a single sturdy assembly, and then rechroming them. I think the under bonnet and underside detailing is excellent (and taught me some new things about different types of car suspension) and, with the cockpit, it all responds very well to simple detail painting. ..and now with the hard top: If I'm honest, I'm not really happy with the hard top. I just don't have the scratching skills to do the windows and glazing justice. My advice is that if you want a hardtop version, find an issue of the kit which has one included -- and if anyone's got one that they're NOT going to use, I'd happily take it of their hands to have another go! bestest, M.
  9. Hey guys, this is my first build ever. I got it for Christmas from my brother, and I thought I was never going to finish it! Well I finished it about a month ago and I think it turned out so-so. The paint came out better than expected (testors one coat lacquer) it only has one run, and it is on a front fender. However there is no detail paint, a poor interior and no bmf. I only used one of the gaudy decals, that is on the back of the truck. Also the windshield is missing due to overspray because I forgot it was on there. Also, how do you truck guys afford to build trucks??? I understand this one is like 20 bucks, but I really love the KW Wrecker kit but I can't drop the coin. Seriously $70+ for a model, that is insane. I think I'll just stick to cars and pickups :-( . Finally, can you guys give me some pointers on my work? I don't care if you say it is bad, just tell me what I can do better.
  10. I had some issues with this build, luckily I had a little help from hawk 312, as im sure you know his are some of the best around so I had some pretty good tips, i liked the color it was molded in so I actually have no paint on it, just a ton of polish and wax. The pics dont really show the finish but in person you could never tell it wasn't painted and cleared. I also got the idea of the window sticker from hawk, thanks man. I cant wait to start the build of the new foose I got. This one will get the full paint and polish treatment.
  11. Just got mine today....I've been waiting to build a new version of this car, I've got a few good builds on the old kit but looking forward to a brand new sealed box. No more missing this piece or broken this and that I get when I buy the old kits on eBay.
  12. Happy Holidays ,,just finished a 1/8 1995 Revell snap kit that I got @ swap meet. It turned out ok for a snap kit,,it actually has some decent detail molded into it. I didnt have the decals,,so I just put a TA wing badge on tank,,it looks kindof like a Harley badge. Also scratch built a sissy bar for back seat. Thank for looking
  13. I think this was a re-issue of a 1959 kit and it sure showed its age. I've never seen so much flash or so many sink-holes. Every panel needed filling, all four tyres had huge craters in the sidewalls. I must admit, this was a real challenge to complete. I had to use clamps and epoxy to get the chassis onto the floorpan and do a lot of brutal trimming to get the interior to fit. I used acetate for the windows, the rear being slightly tinted. i hand painted the whitewalls and scratchbuilt the alternator and oil filler tube. I nearly gave up and it made me question my ability as a model-builder, but here it is....... Done!! thanks for looking
  14. I tried to order a missing part for this kit , but never received one. I think this may have to do with the issue of the kit (OLDER) does anyone have an updated kit # and or instruction sheet so i can replace said part. Kit in question Part missing is the front cover of the rear diff Thanks in advance!
  15. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Revell-Model-Kit-Hot-Wheels-Camaro-SCCA-Race-Car-Jack-Baldwin-Avon-Exclusive-/350921871507?pt=Model_Kit_US&hash=item51b492d093 Thoughts?
  16. Took me long enough, but I finally finished another one. This was a nice kit to put together, clean molding and the parts fit well. Some minor modifications...found some rims and slightly larger tires, plug wires, lowered the front end a little. Now I can get back to the stalled builds before hitting something new.
  17. Another great kit from Revell in their "599" series: Tamiya Mica Red over Metallic Gold ("Iron Man" armour colour scheme...). I really like the sheen on this -- I think it's much more realistic than 2K clearcoat, in scale... Highly recommended! bestest, M.
  18. Just started this kit and the engine fits together really well early days though always wanted to do this kit and looking forward to the end product
  19. Hey guys, another work in progress (about 95% done, just needs tail lights and head lights): Nothing very fancy with this one... A Revell '32 Ford 3-Window Coupe that I picked up on eBay for cheap a few months ago. The funny thing about this kit is that it used to be my favorite of the 32's, but after working on a gluebomb AMT version earlier this year, I just cannot get into this kit. The dimensions seem weird, everything feels too big or too small, too tall, etc for 1/25 scale. Does it make sense to say that the Revell-Monogram kit doesn't feel as easy to modify than the AMT? Regardless, it's still a quality kit, I just couldn't get into it. My gluebomb AMT 32 Ford can be seen here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=75266#entry947120
  20. I'm starting a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. As of right now, I'm keeping it box stock, but that may change. I tend to throw little things in my models, like in an f-150 I built, there is a doughnut on the dash. Please, comment it up! Make recommendations! Thanks.
  21. Hey. This is the Revell snap kit with Pegasus wheels with different sized tired front to back for a slight rake. Keith Marks decals were also added. Paint and clear are Testors One Shot "lacquer". I went back and painted the windshield wipers after Itook these pictures. Thanks for lookin'.
  22. Well I decided to play around with this kit. This is my 3 one ever and my first scratch built. Decided to ditch the nose hood front and rear fenders, chop the top and bagged. Lets see how it goes.
  23. And after several hours of agonizing over this and struggling and stripping and sanding and painting and changing my mind and.... wishing I were working on another kit as '56 F100's aren't really my bag at all... I decided to just throw it together and see what happens. It didn't turn out half bad and I tried alot of stuff I've never done before. Paint is all craft store acrylic, washed off with rubbing alcohol, and highlighted with some cheap oil paints. The rest of the build is documented (poorly) here
  24. Found this on the Revell store site. Dec 2013 ? Release Merry Christmas LOL
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