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  1. only got 17 built this year, created 20 bodys to resin cast and only got 14 of those finish built. first 3 were not my resins.
  2. combination of 41 willys and 40 ford sedan, based on real pic, now in resin
  3. 30 ford victoria conversion body, my master body sitting on a built parts kit original, my resin body sitting on 30 woody fenders,amt 32 ford phantom vicky interior sides and seats. built 11/22/21 my ebay resin body
  4. finally finished building my master of 50 olds panel
  5. took the 41 lincoln continental parts body and started to make a coupe. this is one of those 25 - 30 year projects. made a deck on it years ago, couldnt decide on windshield till about 8 - 10 years ago, then finally pulled it out to try and finish. had to lower rear deck some and put ridge down middle. would fit right right together on a continental kit but i always have to be different. it has lenghtened altanomad wagon chassis and engine.
  6. 48 ford coupe and front of 41 ford woody. my master that i resin cast, crisp little coupe
  7. took roof off 60 panel, kitbashed on 59 convertible kit. clipped front chassis from elcomino and added to conv chassis. thanx greg meyers for tid bit about gas tanks on panel and cominos different than car.
  8. built from 52 hudson race car ( because that what i had) back of 50 chevy cab and bed
  9. started with a screwbottom 58 ford thunderbird hardtop, kitbashed with 57 del reo wagon. seen a few of these i really like the idea, even real pics. never cared for back wheel placement, so i moved mine back.
  10. changed roof to small window coupe look, opened hood, used 69 corvette interior, 68 dart chassis and engine, built 5/2/21 decided to cast for future before i built master.
  11. used 38 pickup front and panel kit for 38, my resin cast for fenderless and a built kit. hope to offer at later date built built 4/25 and 4/27, thanx
  12. this was built from my original build before i resin cast it. removed hump in roof for flatter look and added windows. also removed spare tire well on right side. used the complete chassis and engine from 39 chevy wagon rod. parts box seats, styren pieces added for interior. pic of pic i found of insparation. hope to offer cast at later date.
  13. built 40 merc from combining matranga and 39 ford sedan. has a 66 nova chassis and engine, 39 ford interior. many tweeks here and there for my version. did resin cast my body for future built 4/29
  14. picked up a matrange resin body because i needed to make a grille from it for last merc build. was trying to decide if i wanted to make it into a sedan or a coupe. coupe roof is very different than ford but not as attractive. so matranga resin body mated with a 39 ford sedan body. made front fenders longer because merc was visible wider than ford. altered front of rear fender little, and reshaped back window little. want to take the skirts off and put a well like real pic. thanx
  15. this was built from my resin cast of my altered body. removed hump in roof for flatter look and added windows. also removed spare tire well on right side. used a built kit as donner, parts box engine and seats. hope to offer cast at later date.
  16. this is a resin body kit from ebay. used chassis from 53 ford under it. finished 4/2/20211
  17. always liked the look of a nice low 51 studebaker 3 window. so here goes, looked at a 36 ford roof but used piece of roof cut off a 39 chevy to make a convertible years ago, liked the roundness of the back corners best. but the back needed to curve out more so added a piece of plastic to reshape. cut off back of old roof, filled it in, split my new roof because its to wide, mated to existing. after in place and cleaned up, cut shape for new back window. this was a last night project. sometimes you have to go at it when it hits ya. thanx
  18. added a 58 chevy panel wagon rear section onto a 58 slammer body. just set it on a 66 street nova chassis for a look
  19. took awhile to get back into it, but after month and 1/2 im bit again. resin 36 humpback body, cut bottom off and put bottom off 36 amt coupe kit for nice fit. interior made from 37 sedan kit. chassis was from a built kit i picked up. thanx finished 2/8/2021
  20. idea: seen truck at grand nationals 2020 something like this. 23 ford delivery van, 25 chassis parts, ala kart rear, parts box built motor
  21. one evenings crazy idea came to life. thanx guys for some ideas as i was building. i build 1960 and older collection. had this lambo rear engine i was trying to build into the colection. kinda out there, lot of cutting and real challenge to get it all smooth and molded into some flow. thanx for looking, finished build sept 9, 2020
  22. 57 chrysler was a custom version complete bag kit, i hand made the bed. never was a fan of headlights on this car so i changed them out with 58 chevy. painted it french blue first but felt it needed a little more zing, went with star spangled blue and gun metal. thanx for lookin finished build 9/11/2020
  23. 57 chrysler kit, cut roof and deck lid to make a comino hauler. never liked the headlights on this car so i changed them to 58 chevy headlights. inner bed could maybe be from a mid 60s comino kit but mine was a bit nasty so might try making my own.
  24. Thought id introduce you to a bit of a long term build, my 64 Impala ! So there was a catorgory at Lowrider shows for Radical builds, its all a bit more subtle now, but i used to love those cars, so I thought id build one ! So whats going on ? I never did like standard, so heres the ideas... So far ! the whole back half of the car will tilt up on hydraulics split front bonnet / wings joined, and tilting upwards split rear boot/rear panel joined,, probably opening up the same as the front ! opened rear section by the bottom of the rear window chassis needs boxing ! will have suicide doors, scratchbuilt fur/mirrored interior, and a detailed chassis with complete hydraulic install... maybe a new front and rear end style, roof chopped and a split targa roof, tilting up ! Can only do a bit at a time, theres nothing left to glue together otherwise.. ! The floorpan is an old one i'd already added a smooth firewall too, and later broke ! So this is repaired and going in the mix, with smooth floors underneath ! Hopefully i can get this back to being one piece again, wish me luck eh ! !
  25. more filling and fileing, put molding details all around, frame, need to figure out axles, cowl is now attached along with rear fenders and front fenders.
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