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Found 7 results

  1. Recently released Limited Edition Revell (ex Fujimi) of the Porsche 917 that won Lemans in 1970. Driven by Richard Attwood and Hans Hermann. Color is Tamiya TS49 + TS8 mixed 50/50. Model is mostly box stock with a few additions and modifications. See picture captions for more information. Thanks for looking and comments welcome. Finished mpodel. The whitew strip surrounding the headlights and extending to the back of the car was all one decal. It required a few safety cuts and some solvent but laid down nicely in the end. Overall the kit decals were outstanding. Rear veiw shows some of the great detail included in the kit. Wheels are not black but a color called Dark Iron. Its Tamiya LP-54 (a new color) and is a very dark grey with a little bit of metallic in it. It is used extensively throughout the kit and mixed with other colors too. I like this color and it is a welcome addition to my palette. Side veiw shows the fantastic fit of the body to the chassis. The rear deck fit great dry but required a very small u-clip to hold it tight. You can barely see it in front of the rear tire. Close up shot of some of the rear detail in this kit. A lot you don't see as the suspension, shocks and accessories are all included.
  2. They say the second time is the charm and this is my second visit to this kit although this time it is the roadster. The coupe was previously featured here. Color on this is Tamiya LP33 Gray green with Lp49 pearl clear added. Then further coated with L33 Pearl and followed by a couple coats of the clear (LP9) I am really liking this line by Tamiya...it airbrushes very well. Interior is also The Tamiya LP line....LP75 Buff and LP 59 Nato Brown. This build went very well as i was able to take care of issues that I learned from the first build. More details in the captions...thanks for looking. Detailed veiw of the engine without the hood on. Most of the detail except the wiring, were included in the kit. There were a lot of tiny decals. Other side of the engine, note the half full window washer and a good view of the triple Solex carbs. I tried to use a lot of different metallics and some shading to give it more interest. I went with woodgrain on the dash and made a few other changes to the interiior. There is a very small decal on the shift knob for the pattern. I went out of my way to make sure it was correct. Too bad the photo is so blurry. Don't usually show off the chassis but there was so much good detail it would have been a shame not to show it. It all fit very well Used my fall background for this shot of the completed car. rear veiw shows off the classic lines of the E-type. Many consider this car one of the most beautiful ever made. I might agree. Side veiw shows the lines too. Both builds together. Went out of my way to paint them the same. It took two tries on the roadster. Side veiw again. Revell included this very nice soft top although I doubt I will display it this way. Just seems to ruin the lines of the car. This photo also shows the pearlescent nature of the paint. I enjoyed this build very much and quite like the results. A great kit..Revell has really stepped up to the plate on this one.
  3. This project languished on the shelf for a long time because of a warped chassis base plate. Solving this problem is what got it off the shelf of doom. This is the 2006 Lemans winning Audi R10. Drivers were F. Biela, E. Pirro and M Werner. Color is Tamiya TS76 Mica Silver with Krylon latex clear. I have had a lot of luck with this clear over metallic finishes like silver and gold. The water base doesn't eat into the somewhat porous finish and change the color. For the most out of the box build and went together fairly well after solving some initial problems. this was a straight. More info on that in the captions. Thanks for looking. Finished car on its wheels. Mopst of the red had to be sprayed and Mr Color #68 matched the decals the best. " Business end of the car. Rear engine cover is removable and hides a detailed engine. It fit well initially but when the body was installed to the chassis plate the warpage pulled the seams apart slightly. Some tiny u-shaped body clamps fixed that. Side veiw. Instead of gluing and clamping (which is risky at best) I opted to pin the body in place. This was done with some .018 soft steel wire and a #77 drill. I drilled 10 holes (5 on each side) through the base plate where the body attaches. Then taped the body in place to located the holes in the body. The wires were then glued into the bottom of the body. Assemling meant lining these wires back up with the holes and bending them over to hold the body in place. Worked like a charm and fixed most of the warpage. You can't see the wires in this photo. Top view shows most of the detail. The dark grey was all decal with clear coat.
  4. My collection of Cobra's would not have been complete without a FIA Cobra. I was so pleased when Revell released this kit. I had considered converting AMT's kit to one of these but Revell saved me the trouble. Color is Testors 1804 Pearl metallic with 2K clear. I left the body mostly stock and concentrated on the details, in particular the engine and the steering. This model is my version of a restored car. And yes...I took a few liberties. The rest of the details are in the picture captions. Much work was needed to get the wheels to steer prototypically. The front uprights required the most modification with the addition of several hinge points. Lots of love went into the detail of this engine with wiring, fuel lines and carb linkage, and of course detail painting. Finished car up on its wheels. The white roundel was cut from white plastic tape and the numbers came out of archives. Attaching the wing windows to the window took special care. The exhaust was fist painted Alcad chrome then a light spray of Tamiya X-19 semi black. the wire holdiung it to the rear of the body was a necessity. Front view shows the agressive stance of this car. I cut the oil cooler open and added a radiator. the opening was way too small and the molded in radiator just didn't look right.
  5. Needed to get something done during my recuperation from Covid. So I did this one mostly box stock except for lowering the suspension byt about 3cm. This is a 1/24 Revell and is a Martini Porsche 934. Paint is Tamiya TS-26 white over white plastic. Kit went together fairly straight forward with only a few fit problems. While the quality is not top notch I would say it was fairly good. Revell is getting better and better. The decals in particular were outstanding and fit nice and tight. See captions under the pictures for more details. Thanks for looking. Once the suspension was lowered it looked more like a race car and not an off road vehicle. The chassis removes from the body quite easliy and this was done when the car was almost complete. Rear view, engine cover had to be modified quite a bit to work properly. It still fit nice. Lots of detail back here. Engine detail was very nice and it fit well. I could have gone to greater detail if I had been feeling better. This side view gives a a good idea of the stance when the suspension was lowered. Front veiw, note how nicely that Martini strip conformed to the body. I did add screen to the inlet. Front cover off, lots of detail painting here.
  6. Almost ready to decal. This kit almost falls together. Beautifully engineered EXCEPT for the wheels. I fought the wheels and thought I was going to snap them off trying to get them in all the way. The worse i have ever dealt with. They don't set inside the body far enough. Anyways after fighting them and yanking the front wheels off I got them as good as I could, still not happy. I am about ready to decal it then add the glass and it is done.---John
  7. All done, Kurt's 2018 Bristol winner.---John
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