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  1. Peugeot 203 P/U dated 1956 from the French Hachette series: the 4 dr. sedan was built between 1948 and 1960, and during this time several deviations were produced, among them the P/U. (Peugeot made also PU's of the following 403, 404 and 504 models)
  2. Picked this kit out of the stash thinking it would be a fairly quick build. Resin kits, as a general rule don't have that many parts. They are a little fussy but this is not my trip around the block. Well........that was a month ago. Many problems later its finished. Paint is Tamiya TS17 gloss aluminium. I decided to paint the large blue area even though there was decal for this. Two shades of Mr Color mixed (#328 and 326) matched it spot on. Tamiya silvers are a little tricky to clear coat. TS13 clear has a habit of eating into the finish if you try and clear it too soon. 10 days I let it cure but it was still not enough. I cut the red and light blue strips away from the decal sheet and they needed to be laid down over clear. Luckily decals covered most of the errors in the silver paint. Needed to clear coat the graphic decals and even though I was very careful the last coat of clear wrinkled the decals in some areas. Several coats of X-22 buried the wrinkles but it took a couple of days to do so. The restored car resides in the Stuttgart museum and is very shiny so that is the look I was after anyway. So much for a quickie project but what a way to end the year. More comments in the picture captions and thanks for looking. Non steering wheels are a pet peeve of mine. Fisher resin kits are a fairly easy conversion. Don't usually add a tie rod and as you can see it required much carving to work properly. Rod was cut in half and the tube in the middle is used to adjust the toe. Finished model on its wheels. The six piece windshield wiper was no piece of cake. The sponser decals were not clearcoated....for a reason. Rear view has some nice detail. The " Martini Racing Team was cut from the decal sheet and had a blue background. Note how nicely it matched. My body warped outward while on the paint stand. Those two metal u-shaped clips not only hold the body to the chassis but correct the warp. This Mitsuwa 1/28molde of the same car was done a long time ago before the internet so no research existed. It also had to have the graphics painted as the kit decals were not going to make it. The red and light blue strips are vinyl tape. Its amazing how badly a company can get a model as you can see in this comparison. I had to wing it at the time. This model sits way back in the display case. couldn't resist taking a picture of the whole tribe of silver Martini models. Large 917 in the back is Auto Art diecast. !/24 version of the same car is a Fujimi. #9 Porsche is an Otaki and the #88 is a Tamiya.
  3. Last night, the idea for this fade paint scheme popped into head. Just sprayed it minutes ago.
  4. I wanted to do this one as a paint excercise when I aquired the new Tamiya LP line. So it is mopstly box stock. Color I chose was LP44 Metallic Orange. I added a coat of LP53 Clear Orange and finished with the clear LP9. Kit is quite rare as Nakamura did not do too many cars. This car was a concept car built in 1969 by Pininfarina on an Abarth 2000 Sport Spider SE chassis. Car is powered by a 4 cyl engine but due to the extreme light weight of the car it was capable of 175mph. There was only one model built and it is currently in Japan on display in a museum. More info on this site: https://www.motor1.com/news/128077/fiat-abarth-2000-scorpione-concept/ An unusual subject for sure and i hope you enjoy it. See specifics below. I only added a few extra details like those turn signals in front. Rear veiw shows the single exhaust from the rear mount 4cly engine. I understand it was quite loud. Rear glass had a nasty flaw in it and had to be replaced with sheet styrene. Scorpion and script were from the kit decals but the stripes are vinyl tape. Surprisingly 50yr old decal came off the sheet. Rear deck hinges backwards and the entire windshield comes up on the real car. Car was supposed to be motorized so most of the interior is taken up by battery housing. Entire chassis is removable so at a later date I could add a real interior...but for now...I wanted it done.
  5. HI everyone!๐Ÿ™‚ this is my 1/24 hasegawa fairlady 240Z. I add some detail and change the wheels..the body color is mix by myself.. a very nice kit to build hope you guys like it!๐Ÿ˜„ and here is the video build if you are interested:๐Ÿ™‚
  6. Another die-cast from the "Alfa Romeo Centenary Collection" the Alfa Giulia TZ (later renamed TZ 1 - after the TZ 2 came out) - made by IXO. What if... Scuderia Filipinetti (Swiss racing team from 1962 - 1973) had bought a TZ in 1963 and had taken part in the 1963 Tour de France de l'Automobile? It probably would have looked like this: red with their typical white stripe, additional Marchal lights and a fine steel tube for the exhaust were added, the race numbers came from the winning Ferrari 250 GTO (Colorado decals), Filipinetti decals from my spares. Here it is race-ready (fictitious):
  7. Hi everyone!!๐Ÿ˜€ this is my 1/24 fujimi shelby cobra 427.. I pass the engine and focus on visible area in this case. I also made some modification on this kit. takes a lot time...I am glad it came out well.. hope you guys like it!!๐Ÿ˜„ and here is the video build if you are interested!!๐Ÿ™‚
  8. hi everyone !๐Ÿ˜„ this is my tamiyaI 1/24 lotus europa special. the kit is easy to build,I made some modification and add some detail parts on this beauty.. hope you guys like it!!๐Ÿ™‚ and here is the building video if you are interested๐Ÿ™‚
  9. Surprised we donโ€™t have a thread in here for this. Post pic if you could. Maisto has new 2 door โ€˜21-โ€˜22 Bronco out. Burago has Ferrari SF90 too.
  10. Revell kit, this one gave me a pretty hard time. Paint issues, decals, lots of getting up and walking away from the bench. In the end I think it came out pretty good. Driven by Heinz-Harald Frentzen during the 1999 season he won 2 GP, Monza and Magny-Cours and finished 3rd in the points. Honda V10 power, I love the Buzzin Hornets livery. Comments welcome, thanks for looking.
  11. Hi, back after a few years! I have a few hundred diecasts - original issue Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox - and a promo car collection which was my dad's - and although they were stored in enclosed glass display cases, many suffered from oxidation. My mom passed away recently and I'll be needing to move the collection to my own house. I'm looking to ultimately keep and continue displaying some of these, photo-catalogue each piece and probably sell a number of them. I'm trying to decide A) how to clean them, to the extent they can be restored, and then how to best research for accurate pricing. This project sadly has been neglected as I didn't have the necessary time to devote to this due to life in general... but now I am basically semi-retired and looking to focus on working on this. Because of imperfect humidity environment, many of the Jo-Han cars in the 1/25, 1/24 collection have oxidation residue. I've got a sampling of some of the worst in the attached photos; tho they aren't extreme close-up. If there's any sort of best practices or protocol for dealing with this embedded dust, I'd really appreciate any advice...as well as suggestions on how to move forward on appraisal of this collection. I started macro-photographing most of the smaller scale diecasts and now am looking to finish those and shoot the larger scales, as I figure that's probably the first step to getting the entire lot of the collection properly evaluated. I know there's many different ways to go as far as appraisal and selling. My brother has a friend who is an online auctioneer who has regular vintage toys/cars among all the other categories of collectibles...but I'm more interested in connecting with people who specialize specifically in diecasts and promo cars. Would be glad to get any recommendations as far as that goes, as well. Thanks for your time reading through all of this! : ) Mike in Detroit
  12. This is Hasegawa's recent re-release of their older 944 turbo kit. I didn't like the livery it came with, and I love how some Porsche cup cars often race in white lacking any sort of large livery and stay street legal with license plates. Turbo cup had numerous upgrades over stock 951 (extensive weight savings, larger turbo, updated suspension and brakes, etc) and I heard that 944 Turbo cup was also very popular in Canada and it even aired live on TV back then. Kit pros: - proportion of body is very accurate - realistic engine and suspension - photo etched seat belts included Kit cons: - sub par fit of front hood and clear window parts - trunk spoiler, emblem, and door handles are molded when so many other parts are separate - front suspension sits little too high Build detail - Tamiya white surfacer - wet sanded w/ 2000 grit - 2 mist coats and 1 wet coat of TS-26 pure white - 1 mist and 2 wet coat of TS-13 clear - wet sanded w 3000 grit, then polished with Tamiya three-stage compounds - added ignition wires, fuel rail to otherwise stock engine bay - added etched hood pins - replaced stock 4 spoke steering wheel with something more appropriate
  13. Sorry entered twice by mistake
  14. Revell #4496, 1/24 1986 Chevy Monte Carlo SS 2'n1, coming...soon? ?
  15. Hi everyone, My first finished build of the year. Texas Terry was my favorite driver growing up and I've always loved the look of the Hagan cars and the pre-aerocoupe Monte Carlo SS body. This build is stock, with the exception of Chimneyville Decals. Overall, the kit was a nice, fun build. I used Tamiya rattle can for the body and chassis. I went for an early season red chassis because I like the bright interior. For the rest of the car, I used Tamiya and Vallejo acrylics. My biggest issue was with the aftermarket decals, which peeled on the edges when applying clear. But it's going on the shelf and overall I'm fairly happy with it.
  16. I took a look at this car, has body issues very odd looking but presentable too. What do you all think?
  17. This is my first build on here, so sorry if it is badly worded or done, but to start it off Iโ€™m a 14 year old, and have been building since the age of 5 1/2, starting that age with my dad, building on my own since age of 7-8 years old, but enough of that. Itโ€™s a Revell 1/24 1966 Shelby GT350, and Iโ€™m not sure how I want to build it, I had a dream a couple of days ago about a vintage racing school, where you learned vintage racing, and in that dream there was a 1966 Shelby GT350, so I might build it as that, but Iโ€™m not sure yet, also, when I try to upload progress pictures, from my phone which is what I use to take model progress, it says error, no matter what I use, is it an error with the pictures or? I need input.
  18. A-Team van by greenlight. Check it out.
  19. Hi all. First post here and thought I'd share something I just finished up, which also happens to be my first time making a kit like this so theres a few things I could have done better but overall i'm happy with the result and cant wait to make more! (I already have 3 more Skyline kits on the go lol) I have experience restoring and painting real cars so I sprayed this with automotive paints and lacquers, detailed with Tamiya acrylics by hand. The paint isn't Bayside Blue of course, and is infact a Ford colour I had left over, but I think it's pretty close and I'm happy with how it turned out. I decided to go with the Japanese plates for that full on JDM look ?? The interior was flocked but you can't really see that in the photos. I had never done flocking before though so that was a fun experience. Anyway let me know what you all think and thanks for looking. X
  20. I have run out of my Tamiya primer, and was wondering if it is any harm to use standard automotive primer. Im very new to this hobby so please don't kill me. Thanks
  21. Hello, I just signed up to this forum recently and this is my first thread here and I'm happy to have found this place as it seems to be the last car modelling forum with a healthy amount of active users. I look forward to learning some tips and tricks from you guys and hopefully contributing something back. I've been working on this Supra for the past 2 weeks. I spotted this article, during the past Christmas Holidays, written about the car I fell in love with when I was around 12 years old. Aoshima has released multiple 'Top Secret' cars, but for some reason they have never done the original Top Secret Supra. I got the itch and had to jump back into the hobby and scour the internet for reference pictures. I think this is something you guys can relate with. The need to build a model of your favorite cars from your childhood. Here's 2 images of the real car: Start of the Journey (Supra body from the Tamiya kit) shaping the nose. Added 2 pillars cut, shaped, and filled with milliput A lot of styrene and milliput later, we have the basic shape. Since milliput takes forever to dry, I work on the hood. Hood ready for the vents. Or not, oops....... It's ok we can fix it with superglue and milliput After letting the hood dry, and a lot of filing and sanding to the body. (Clearly a lot more work ahead.) With that face in mind, I thought it's time to work on that lamp housing. I thought this method would work and it actually seemed fine, the only problem was the area was so small I couldn't sand it lol. Making body kits isn't really my thing, so this just a big giant learning process for me. Well, when you fail, try something else right? My second attempt involves the use of a stuffed condom. Yea buddy. Stuffed with milliput, get your head outta the gutter. Here's a pic checking fitment. Filed down. Drilled out, so I can make cuts and shape the inside. Got the basic shape, but needs a lot more work. Pretty annoying since it's so small. Throw on some primer, check for flaws. And yea, flaws everywhere. Here some pics of problem areas that needed / still need fixing Off center nose Shaping surfacing issues More shaping and surfacing issues Oh yea I forgot to show how I completed the front fenders: More sanding, filing, and primer this is the state the body is in now. Just minor surface issues now and I need to draw two panel lines. After fixing those I'll be on to making the side skirts. I'd be surprised if you read this far. Sorry if there's a lot of pictures but I kind of wanted to show as much of the steps as I could. Thanks for reading
  22. folks, Any word on the re release of the old Monogram "Black Widow" T truck ?
  23. Hi guys, I'm a new member here, although almost 4 decades in this hobby. I don't fancy my self as some supa-dupa (this is some Aussie lingo for ya) detailed modeler, but I definitively enjoy this hobby to the max. I'm into 50's, 60's and early 70's sport and racing cars. If I can't have them all in 1:1, at least I can make them as scale models. From time to time, I'm reading forums on this site with a great interest, but the special reason to join just now, was to reach one of the members through messages, although it seems that I scarred him? Anyway, maybe someone else can help me? Same as so many of you, I have models that I bought even 30+ years ago and they are still waiting for all those more important things in life to finally happen so I can start putting them together. One of those models is Heller Porsche 908 for which, during last 25 years in my possession, I unfortunately managed to lose the instruction manual. As I just finished 906 and 910, I though it would be good to continue with 908 too, before doing 917, to stick to chronological order of Porsche development. I tried various modelers instructions data banks on internet, I even contacted Heller in France directly and all to no avail. Heller customer department advised that they don't keep instruction for old models. What?!? So, dear brothers in hobby, if anyone has this model, can I, please ask him to trouble himself and run instruction sheets trough scanner and send them to me. As I'm new here, I hope I didn't broke any golden rule of this site by asking this and if I did, dear moderators, feel free to teach me how to avoid that in future. Cheers, Vukan
  24. Is this kit difficult to find? Is it a good kit? Any ideas on what an unbuilt example goes for?
  25. Hey everyone, here is the build I've started today. It's also my first real build like this, so I'm seeing how it goes. It's a 1/24 scale Fujimi Altezza, and I'm going for a JDM/drift style build inspired by the drift team Animal Style. The color I chose was a metallic red flake, and clear coat. I'll worry about the decals later, I'm just trying to take it step by step. First will come general assembly and then paint. I'll post an update once The body has been painted. This is my first build, so it's not going to be amazing. As I post updates feel free to tell me where I've made mistakes and how I can improve.
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