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Found 7 results

  1. This one took me a while; I've started this project basically as we moved into our current home, a bit more than 2 years ago. I have been basically working on this project exclusively and I think it took me a year and a half to get the body and bodywork nicely and correct. Even though it is a great kit, the body is quite a work to get it nicely done. Especially in such a way that everything will be able to be put together. But, here we are, 2 years later and the results are in... I think it came out quite ok. The paint is Zero (bought just before it was being shipped to mainland Europe) and the interior is beige. The steering wheel is a PE/Wood kit (almost 80 dollars) and turns out very nice.
  2. So I collected/purchased the magazine parts for near on two years and had it all stored away waiting for the last issue. Well that was over two years ago. Now its all taking up valuable space in the hobby room. So I need to get it built and thought do a wip thread to share something different and hopefully keep me motivated. Wont be straying from far the instructions and what's provided. Just some paint detail and maybe some small added details. Dont want to get carried away, just get it built. Im sure most are aware of what this is and have seen it before, so il just show a pic of what issue im working from and pic's of progress as it gets built. Over view of all the parts
  3. I wanted to have a large scale model which would hopefully breathe some new excitement into the scale car modeling profession. As a kid in the 1970s and 1980s, scale modeling was quite popular. Video games on a regular television was even a new concept (i.e., Pong, Atari 2600). There were also no iPods or X-Boxes, and both the Apple home computer and cable television industries were then in their infancies. So the kids of the day, myself included, were quite interested in building scale models and slot car racing, and I wanted to bring some of that excitement back into today's interconnected world. I found this forum yesterday, and I think it will become among my favorites to visit! Behold is my partially assembled Monogram Turbo Trans Am model in 1/8 scale. I cannot take credit for this build. My friend Randy is a scale modeler whom I met with on eBay about 14 years ago! I was so impressed with his builds that I had asked him to create this custom build for me. He generously agreed. These are the original photos which Randy emailed me years ago as he was building the model! I'll upload photos of the finished model in a subsequent post!
  4. Greetings all, First, thanks for the add. I'm a car interior design director for a major automotive supplier here in Michigan. I've been doing models since I was a kid, back in the twentieth century. I stumbled across this site while looking for information about building large scale models. What a gold mine of info, especially the BigBoyz section! I've been working on a pair of Pocher 1931 Alfas for....wait for it...25 years (off and on). I got them from a friend who, at the time, said "build both, keep one". So, I've just pulled them out after a several year hiatus and decided to "enhance" them with some scratch-built parts while on assignment in Shanghai, China. Here are a few shots of the work on #1. Although they may not be "pure", I'm interpreting them as if they might have been. After seeing a version of this model done by a guy who basically duplicated he plastic parts in brass, I was inspired to try some of his ideas in styrene as my ability to do metalwork is nil. I'm happy with the updates so far and am interested in any critique of the work so far. I admit, up front, that I'm going to steal as many great ideas as possible for this site. Thanks again for accepting me.
  5. I used to build a lot in the 60's, and gave away drawers full of parts, and cars several times during my life,but I've held on to a few . I have been rebuilding them one buy one. my first large scale was the Red XKE ,a Christmas gift. Next came the blue 65 Vette , which I modified to look like my dad's 64 Vette. I took a break from models till the 70's when I built a channeled East coast style 32 low boy with a F.I. Chevy motor,Jag rear end, and wire wheels. the color was Candy apple red over the black body which created a Root Beer color. This was the first to be re done. It's now satin blue metallic on white ,3 -97's, mag wheels and Big Street T disc brakes in the front I have built several T's and a couple of other 32's. I'll work on some pics. The pictures I have seen are " Wicked Awesome" I have a long way to go to match the builds , in the galleries. It's fun ,and each one gets a little better then the previous one (some times) Dave
  6. Hi everybody, I am a fan of 1/8 scale, new to this forum and I would like to share with you my restoration project of a badly assembled and even worse restored in the 90's Alfa Romeo 8C2300 Monza from Pocher As you can see from the pictures of the model before the beginning of restoration the conditions where very bad. disassembling the car The engine is the first part being taken care. Pocher models are fine but they have many imperfections in shape, mould, wrong components and so on. If you have ever built a Pocher you know how painful can be to get the parts to match. All the cast on nuts and bolts have been removed and 1mm holes have been drilled. Brass hex head screws have been used. The engine mounts have been modified to correct shape so the steering can be mounted correctly and the ugly pocher screws recess filled with putty and also the engine halves have been joined and filled with putty then sanded The oil pan with brass hex nuts and copper rivets The exhaust modified as a two piece
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