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Found 5 results

  1. I bought the 1970 1/2 Z28 kit when I bought the Baldwin-Motion kit in order to build the Gumball Rally Camaro, as I needed the stock hood and small block motor not included in the Motion kit. With that project done, it's time to turn my attention to building the Z28 kit. It's going to be Pro-Touring/Resto-Mod styled with a Cowl Induction hood from Lex's Scale Modeling, the LS motor from a Revell Chevy SSR kit and the custom rims/tires from the Revell '67 Chevelle SS396 Streetburner kit. The parts layout before the motor was pilfered for the Yellow Camaro: Here we see that this kit has the same mold issue as the Motion kit, so I fiddled with a small piece of styrene and some putty to attach it to the fender, and after some sanding I have a repair: Next up, I shaved the door handles, and emblems. I'm still undecided on removing the drip rails from above the doors: Some test fitting showed me that I needed to raise the fenderwells up in the engine bay. I wanted to still have the fenderwells, so I carefully cut them out much like one would cut out doors and trunks and sanded them to sit flush in their raised location. I used some Bob Smith gap-filling insta-cure to ensure no gaps when I prime the body: I had also previously dropped the front and rear bumpers in a bath of LA's Totally Awesome overnight to strip the chrome and attached them to the body so I can get a clean and uniform all one color look for the body:
  2. All finished with the Yellow Camaro from one of my all time favorite movies, The Gumball Rally. This one includes a few firsts for me building and detail wise. I kit-bashed my own custom hood, cut out the front valance for the parking lights, and added heater hoses, all for the first time. I also used a lot of parts from other kits to get the most accurate representation that I could. The body is done in Vallejo Model Colors Light Yellow that didn't turn out as pale as I had hoped, but still looks fairly close to the movie car. I used pledge/future for my clear, and added BMF for the window trim and did other various details. The hood was made with the stock hood from the AMT '70 1/2 Z28 kit and the scoop from the Revell '67 Nickey Camaro kits' stinger hood. The interior is actually just done in Stynylrez black primer for the seats, with Jet Black craft paint for the dash, door panels, and seat trim, with a satin varnish giving some gloss. The CB radio and underdash gauge cluster were "borrowed" from unstarted kits that I didn't plan on using them for anyways. The motor is also from the Z28 kit, as I needed a small block for this project. I added plug wires and heater hoses for some extra detail. The headers came from the Revell '67 Chevelle Pro Street kit. The chassis is also just Stynylrez black primer with Jet Black suspension pieces. I made the "cherry bombs" from parts of an unused roll cage in my parts box. I did have to lower the front end to get a decent ride height, and tried my hand at doing some weathering that I think turned out fairly decent. I could have done a little better on the hood, the scoop sits a little high and isn't as smoothly done as it could have been. I don't know if I'm completely happy with the headlights and parking lights, either. All in all though, I am very happy with the overall results and still just need to exercise more patience to do a better job. Although I was initially a little disappointed with the mold issues on the passenger side of the body that I think I was able to fix fairly well, this kit was a pretty good and fun build and I really enjoyed it. I can't wait to get started on the Z28 kit that I plan on doing as a pro touring car, and I'll probably buy more so I can do some stock-ish versions as well, since this is my favorite Camaro body style. Sorry for the long post, thanks for looking!
  3. I just laughed when I unwrapped the bubble wrap and saw the same molding flaw on this body that was on the original body from the kit. I'm not complaining, just kind of wondering if they're aware or want to be aware of the flaw in their molds. It's the AMT 1970 1/2 Baldwin-Motion kit, and the AMT 1970 1/2 Z28 kit that obviously is basically the same mold has the same issue. Makes me wonder if the "new" 1970 Full Bumper Camaro is basically the same mold and that's the reason it's release has been delayed, that they finally "discovered" the mold flaw and are finally going to try to fix the issue. In no way is this going to stop me from buying more AMT/Round 2 kits as there are too many of their kits I want to build, and I will probably still buy more of the Camaro kits, as I really enjoyed building the Motion kit and it went together really well. First pic is the kit body, second pic is the replacement body from Round2. I'll end up fixing this one too, I just had to laugh and had to share.
  4. Greetings and thanks for examining this thread... Although not an elaborate mod., I nevertheless have harbored longtime ambitions to combine the old 1:18th ERTL 1970 1/2 Camaro tool with the like scaled AutoART 1969 Corvette wheels and tires - specifically to glom onto the finned turbine wheel covers that were seen often enough on full-size Impalas, Corvettes, and the odd 396-powered Camaro in period. The expense involved seemed certain to preclude my ever attempting this, but very happily a friend was able to secure a set of the AutoART wheels and tires in question recently off of one of their Corvette releases for not so very much, whereupon I copied the same in resin to afford the reader what is seen below: ...although not an SS model, this image nevertheless communicates well what I'm after regarding appearance. ...this would be a resin copy of the AutoART Corvette wheel cover, derived from a one-piece urethane mold and later vacuum plated. The black wash employed is Testor's Model Master aerosol Transparent Black Window Tint applied liberally with a brush, while the center received a small dollop of Tamiya Black aerosol. The tires used are old Hwy. 61 F60-15 Goodyear Polyglas GT's. that are slightly larger in diameter than the same basic tire the most recent ERTL release of the 1970 RS/SS 350 Camaro comes through with, but all the same the former can be swapped in and centered on the wheel backs prior to gluing with minimum effort. Heating the tires in hot water prior to swapping them onto the standard ERTL wheel backs ensures that they will be that much more pliable as less likely to resist efforts to positioning them accurately. ...with the creation of four copies, the wheel/tire assemblies are set in place. As seen, the bumpers have been removed to facilitate mold line and license plate removal, whereas the cleaned up castings will be reset soon enough. ...this being a L78 396 (402!) powered second-generation Camaro, the tail panel has been painted a semigloss black. Happily the rear valence is removable for this simplifies the necessary paintwork. Resetting the tail lamps isn't much fun, whereas the license plate was removed, sanded flat, drilled for mounting hardware and finally painted a contrasting gloss black before being reset. Note too that I've opted to remove the bumper overriders otherwise seen on the accompanying 1970 1/2 Citrus Green RS/Z/28 positioned just to the right within a display case; i.e. living dangerously then with minimal bumper protection both front and rear. Exhaust tips, some hitherto missing identification as well as modest engine mods. are still to come. Thanks for examining this post. Mike K.
  5. What is a colour complementary to a light blue model car with light blue bumpers. Headlight and turn signals will be painted the same colour as wheels and grill. 70 1/2 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
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