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Found 9 results

  1. I've had the parts for this build floating around for close to 20 years, and early this year, finally started on it. I've long admired the work of early AMT box artist Al Borst, and this bronze 32 5 window is one of my faves. Here is my initial mockup
  2. I've had the parts for this build floating around for close to 20 years, and early this year, finally started on it. I've long admired the work of early AMT box artist Al Borst, and this bronze 32 5 window is one of my faves. Here is my initial mockup
  3. Digging thru my old stash of kits, I am horrified by the amount of started models I never finished in my younger days. Now I want to make good use of the time spent and finish some stuff. I found my second top chop project I ever did, an AMT '32 Five Window coupe. Now with the new Revell kit out and seeing how the body is actually sectioned, is it worth finishing or should I just start with a Revell kit and chop away? I am into nostalgia rods and having a sectioned car wouoldn't be bad and I could make an East cast styled rod and use the Revell chassis. Any Thoughts? I think it is about a 3" chop. I used a soldering iron to fuse the plastic at the joins. It has held up well for over 20 years!
  4. For those that did not follow (albeit not a great one to follow due to slow progress and lack of updates) I present my '32 Ford Pickup. This was inspired by Alexander Brothers' Grasshopper, and was not meant to be a replica. I started with the not so good Lindberg '32, and used bits and pieces from various sources such as a modified suspension from Ala-Kart to include more realistic airbags, Pegasus wheels, 29 Ford bed, Flathead from the 50 Ford pickup, and scratch bits and pieces such as the oil filter and gas tank. This model was picked up and dropped on a concrete floor by my grandson before final assembly so there is a hairline crack in the body/paint on the lower front corner of the driver side, but you almost cannot see it once on the frame. I am just glad that is all that happened because it could have been so much worse. I just finished it up early Sat morning in time for the Modelzona in Phoenix. Sanded off the molded in texture on the roof, Scalefinishes Peterbilt Green. Most all of the chrome is Alclad except the tread-plate in the bed which is foil.
  5. Here is my 32` 5 window coupe project, its having moon hub caps, spark plug wires, decals from here and there and Auburn gauge panel/dash from Replicas & Miniatures etc... My plan was make satin finish for paint job, but because of decals i had to make it shine first, so decals wouldnt do silvering, but i guess my Humbrol satin clear is bit too old, since it did not work as i tought.. Well model is going to stay shiny now and im going to move forward to get this.. Its all the way brush painted, you can see hint of green on body and rear axle, that was my color choise for this years ago, never got it finished as green, so now i got new take for it as black.... I like it better now..
  6. Calling this one done for now (it's missing the radiator support bar in these pics, I'll make another that fits better). Thanks for all the comments on the WIP, it's been a long road (2009-now) so it's great to finally have this one on the shelf. There are about 13 other projects waiting for time on the bench now! A brief summary: -Body and interior: Revell 32 Tudor, interior floorpan partially scratchbuilt. Chopped, channeled. Chopped grille shell. -Scratchbuilt frame (styrene) and gas tank (balsa) -Wheels and front tires: AMT 34 Ford -Rear tires: die cast 56 Thunderbird -Engine: Revell '41 Chevy Pickup. Carbs: resin copies of AMT 34 Ford parts. Air cleaners: Revell '49 Mercury custom. Headers and radiator hoses are solder. -Taillights: indicators from 57 Corvette ( I think) -scratchbuilt chopped windshield frame, acetate windows -front radius rods made from rear wishbones of AMT '31 Ford woody -finned drum brakes made from cut-down toothepaste caps -brake backing plates: resin copies of parts from Monogram '32 roadster -grille insert: metal from an office door nameplate, drilled and polished
  7. got a tweedy pie re-issue and just don't know how to leave well'nuff alone. this is a preliminary mock up to get a majority of the fabrication started, i plan on detailing everything along with final fit and finish before primer. to start, swapped out the chevy 283 and ford three speed (which looks like a one ton, cool!) for a good'ol chrysler 426 with stock B -body manifolds and a833 4 speed from a 68 roadrunner. cut out and made a new trans mount, and mocked up a kind of K frame for the hemi (note how you can still reach+change the oil filter and where the drainplug on the pan woukd be). modified the transmisstion tailshaft to afford space for a drive shaft and what should be a B-body dana 60 on custom coils and what i plan to be a paralell 4-link ( step up for hemi cars from an 8.75 was supposed to be dana 60, but in 1:25 it looks too small) then chopped the windshield, and modified the tweedy pie side steer to clear the scatter-shield, put chrysler brake master in frame and started on the single side exit exaust. need to make a steering centerlink, motor mounts, and decide what to do in the rear. then finish the floor pan, fire wall and....uh....everything else. brutally honest critisism welcomed. i know it looms ruff and the stringers bother mee too. good work is tidy work, but unfortunately im an 'artist'. i really just wanted feedback, and see the mock up of the stance. never been called anything on the internet i cant laugh at, thanks for looking.
  8. Pulled this one off the shelf a few days ago.Mocked it up,looking for ideas.Seldom do I build to resemble the box art,but I like how it looks in this case.Going for a late fifties kinda drag look.Nothing too difficult.Will use the AMT Round 2 wide white pie crust slicks on the rear,wide whites on the front and the kit wheels all around although they should be skinnier on the front.I'll see what else I can find.Paint color will be red,maybe candy apple.Spark plug wires and a few minor details should do it. I would like to try my hand at better detailing but I need more skill and patience.All in due time I guess.I will post more pics as this one progresses. I'm already looking at one of three more 32's in my stash.Anyhow,thanks for looking,any comments are welcome. P.S.The stash is nearing 200.I buy more than I build(bad habit).
  9. Finished this one today, I had no intentions of chopping it at first (i was going to build it like the box art) but after eyeballing it i thought the roof was too high, so i chopped it about 3 or 4 mm and put it back together. I didn't plan on smoothing the roof but after i brush painted the roof tan it looked bad. paint was uneven and i lost the texture of the roof so i block sanded it smooth and repainted it. the body on this was giving me hell, the paint kept going wrong so when i got it sort of good i settled with it so the paints not perfect. Anyway i like the overall look of it and I'm pleased with the final result. I made the mistake of using super glue during the final assembly and i ended up with the white fogging from it. I cleaned it up as best i could but I'm not sure how to remove it easily All comments welcome.
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