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Found 7 results

  1. Greetings from Mtr Cty,, a recent 10$ find at a swap meet,,AMT's 55' Chevy Cameo. Such a beautiful body design,,and trim ect. Added a few "improvised" { AKA "Scratchbuilt"} bits,,rims,,headrests,,tires. Although the width of the top of the bed//front is wider than the cab rear. Not sure about the tooling on that one. Still a fun +simple kit to do. Sprayed w/Testors Quickdry laq,,,Burnt orange. Just a cruiser w/the 265 stock mtr,,nothin major. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program,,Cheers!
  2. About 2 years ago I was made aware that one of my model customer (work at a hobby store) had become sick and was not able to make it back home. His wish was I would take all his kits and find home for the ones I would not use. After a few months of sorting and putting all the parts back in the right boxes (he started about 30 kits started and miss-matched parts) I started to work on a few, when I popped the the top on this box and saw what he had started (chassis with the tubbed rear end from the First release of the Revell 67 Chevelle pro street) I was pretty excited. So after sitting and thinking for a bit I mounted to diff and had to re-do the rear end housing to make it wider to fill the wheel wells properly. After that I changed the rims to ones on it now (couldn't stand the centerline chevy emblem ones) I hot another road block some of the chrome was missing. For those who don'y know what i was starting with here is what the kit box art is this was after the first night of playing and mounting the new rims. Made a tail gate filler panel so after thinking of what i was going to do to fill the missing chrome void i did this for the front bumper and added some screen for a grilles so for the box i tried to fill it best i can, keep in mind the tubs are on the chassis (black part) and the rest is part of the box So for the rear I carried on the lines from the bumper and tail lights, should look not bad. Not a lot of filler was required due to me cutting out the mold lines and filling it with styrene and then sanding it all to shape. For a motor I wanted something big and had killer look to it, but not too unbelievable for scale effect. I purchased a Ross Gibson Alley rat 502 tpi motor a few years ago and tossed it in the goody box so I couldn't thing of a better home for it. More to come after I get some more bench time in.
  3. This is a mock-up of my Open Road Camper, with a 1955 Chevy Cameo in front of it. The original release of the camper kit came with a truck. I believe it was a 1967 Chevy. But the AMT re-release did not come with a truck. It was a 'stand alone' camper. I wanted to connect it to a truck, but found it hard to find a match. As you can see here on the photo, the suspension of the camper is too low. I placed the camper on a sanding stick to verify the difference in hight. I think I need to take the wheels off under the camper and elevate the suspension a bit.
  4. hello to all our members....I just today bought the AMT 55 Chev Cameo pickup, pale yellow version, and looked it over for a future build. when I checked the many builts on our forum, and quite nice that they are,,,many comments by the builders made comments that the kit has major problems and issues. some even saying one of the worst kits ever, and so on, so, I ask our esteemed members....what are the pitfalls and problems I have to look out for, and thank you gents.....best,,,the Ace................
  5. Scratch Built dually fenders just started this project today. Its gonna have stacks and hopefully i can make this engine resemble a 6.2 or 6.5 diesel. Its going to be International Harvester red. The kit's optional window visor will be used. hopefully it will turn out nice. Oh yeah the fenders are made of sheet plastic traced from my brother's stepside fender from his amt 55 stepside to make them. Also expect to see a 50 ford pickup project come up soon it will be IH red also not sure on what kind of plans are in store for it though.
  6. Hello Every one! My name is Luis, but lots of people know me by pancake. Its been my forum nick name for years and I have been in the automotive scene for quite some while, imports to be exact and had a civic featured in a magazine last year. Anyways this is my first time building a model car. In this case a truck. SO sorry if its terrible! ha. I dont know where you guys get aftermarket wheels, or how to lower my model a bit, but im going to try it. Anyways on to some pictures and my progress. 1) Well took a photo of the cameo before I painted the cab. Decided to go with Blazing Metallic black from testors. 2) Here's a pic of the cab painted. I did 3 coats of testors Lacquer Blazing black. Im pretty happy with the results. Zero drips or runs, this is my first time spray painting a plastic model truck. I also painted the frame flat black. dash board, steering wheel are match painted to the exterior of the truck. But I decided to go with red seats. The seats only have one coat of paint and I havent taken a picture yet. Would love to get to meet more fellow model car builders. So please comment on my thread. I will keep you updated. Plans: Bigger motor. Dont know what yet. But the small 265 v8 wont cut it. LOL Id like to lower it. But would like for it to roll.. i dont know if thats possible .... sugguestions?
  7. Mods please delete. Posted on the wrong section.
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