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Found 54 results

  1. 1957 "Ch-emi" Nomad

    Its finally finished. My kit bashed, garage sale special, franken-chev is now officially under glass!! Thanks to all the help and support I got on this kit! Please excuse the saturated pictures, my phone not the best.
  2. The newbie here... OK typos aside, this thing is for sure... A 1/16 scale kit. This is my WIP 1957 Chevy Nomad garage sale special. It began its life as a incomplete model, but soon became something that I can tick my Chevy and Chrysler friends off. The simple reason on why I put a 1969 General Lee Hemi in it, is because... why not. The Dodge began its life as a complete model, though after some time it got somewhat destroyed. My hopes are to give the 57 "Ch-emi" the look of a rat rod, on top of the look of an old school street rod. Neat things done: Lowered car, put in a Hemi, roll cage, side exhaust, fuel lines, break lines, ignition wires, and cut out firewall. Neat things to be done: Transmission, electrical wires, finish model.
  3. This is my first stock front suspension car that I’m attempting to build. I’ve had the kit for a while and decided to start on it
  4. Dodge Magnum srt8

    Well the magnum is done! I wanted to finish it before the March 19th model meet so I can say I succeeded lol. Pretty straight forward build. Wheels and push bar is from a lindberg charger police car. The hemi billboards are a combo of paint and decals. Custom sub box and audio stuff from my parts box. It went together pretty well, except the headlight lenses suck to install lol. But I'm super happy with the way it came out. Exactly how It looked in my head 😎
  5. I've been working on Revell's awesome new kit for about a month now (I only get a day or two a week to build). All parts are spray painted, it's now time for some detail brush painting, decals, and assembly. I'm hoping to have it done by Thanksgiving. I thought posting here might hold me to that! This is my first build in 3 years, so I'm keeping it close to box stock and fun. I opted to build a Charger 500 by omitting the door scoops and not using any R/T decals. Paint it Testors Hemi Orange and Lacquer Clear. Kit will be box stock except for wheels and tires (plan is to use AMT '70 Chevelle deeper Magnum 500s and L60 tires all around) and maybe a pre-wired distributor. This is a fantastic kit with great proportions, minimal mold lines and beautiful parts fit. I am loving this build, and highly recommend this kit. Thanks for looking, it's good to be back building.
  6. 340 Valve covers

    Hello all I am looking for a set of finned valve covers for a 340 mopar like these I have lots of parts to trade Thank you
  7. '68 Charger - Plum Crazy

    My '68 Charger that I just finished. Nice kit, although I had a heck of a time with the front bumper/valance fitting. Had to use super glue on the 3 pieces to get it to stay. Not perfect fit, but I moved on...LOL. I went with the Plymouth Plum Crazy paint and I really liked the way it came out. 3 light coats over the dark gray primer, then 3 light coats of Testor's One Coat clear. I went with the street version mostly, but stuffed the 426 Hemi in there and added some nice Mickey Thompson meats in the rear. Used the Mopar rims and some purple accents on the interior with Purple Embossing powder for the carpet. All in all, I think it came out pretty good. Hope you like it. Once again, much thanks to this board and it's members for the tips, tricks and projects posted. I read through this board a lot!
  8. '56 Bel Air

    I bought this kit around 2002. I planned on working on it with my 2 year old daughter. Well, things didn't go as planned and I learned I need patience. So, In the closet it went. Fast forward to October 2016. I pulled it from the closet and gave it a revisit. The more I fiddled with it the more I saw what I wanted to add or subtract. I wanted to do some things I've never done before like cut open the doors and trunk. Since I've never done these things before, this kit taught me quite a bit. The things I can do, the things I can't do and what to do when things go wrong. Lets get started... I knew at the very minimum, I wanted this stance and these Boyd Wheels from the Shezoom kit. I love the look from this view. To get the low rake in the front I flipped over the front spindles so they sit atop the frame rails instead of below. Then I smoothed out the firewall. Then I deleted the emblems on the rear quarter, the hood and trunk. I also removed the door handles although this pic show them. Then I added a new way to open the hood. It was stewing in my head for 3 days before I acted on it. It works pretty well. Also you see the spare HEMI that came with the Charger kit. I cut off the mopar transmission and mounted the GM one in place of it so the motor sits better. I also had to create motor mounts. Next I cut off the doors and trunk. This is where I begin learning. Hinges are tricky and what I finally ended up with, I'm not entirely happy with. I was just tired of working this step over and over and trying every option over and over. I quickly began to realize that I've created multiple weak points because they kept snapping. It occurred to me that I saw a video once on youtube about repairing guitar nuts suing baking soda and super glue. This trick works very well for model kits too. It hardens like concrete. Then I started thinking what if I made the lights functional. At this point I started thinking that I am never going to finish this kit. As you can see, there is plenty of room in the engine bay of a shoebox for a HEMI. Stay Tuned...
  9. well as of today this little hot rod ensemble is done!!!!!!! I need to put a hook on the cable to hold the boat on the trailer but otherwise it's done!!!! 56 build thread the boat build thread Here they are.......
  10. Blown Hemi question

    hey guys, I'm putting a 392 blown and injected Hemi from the Winged Express kit into a vintage gasser. Gasser rules require a radiator which means I will need to source a water pump. I've got a big block chevy water pump that fits (from the Nova SS kit). Most of the blown and injected drag Hemis I have seen do not run water pumps. Any suggestions for a set up that would fit within the vintage (60s) gasser rules?
  11. Hey guys, This is the first time I have documented a build so be patient as I work my way through this one. There will be many little steps along the way. The inspiration for this came after seeing the Southeastern Gassers Association's event at Union Dragway in Union SC. I looked over my stash and decided the 41 Plymouth would make a good gasser. The inspiration photo is a 39 Dodge with a 392 Hemi. I love the unpolished, all business approach to this thing and my build will be very similar regarding the final finish. The first order of business was to open the grill. There will be a moon tank between the grill and radiator and I wanted it to be visible through the grill. This was a tedious task that took several sessions with the xacto knife. I will keep the chrome and dull it, and weather the exposed plastic to resemble rust and dirt. Next was the grill shell. It was an ill fitting piece out of the box and required some sanding and gap filling . I may need to revisit this step after primer to make sure everything is smooth. When researching the 1:1 41 Plymouth, the vertical seams can be seen but not the seam running across the front above the grill. The hood was also sanded and filled.
  12. 1969 Dodge Charger

    What's up guys and girls? I have another Charger for you! This is the yellow labeled pro modeler 1969 Dodge Charger. Did not do any body modifications other than cutting the motor mounts to make the massive Hemi sit right in the bay. The wheels may not be the right year for the car but it is what i had on hand and they where free! They came from the 1968 Charger kit. Details include wired spark plugs, battery, firewall, and brake booster. I added real rubber hoses for the heater and radiator. Interior came out to be my best yet! Made seat belts using craft ribbon and BMF. The floor board was flocked using nail flocking (really cheap on eBay, $10 for an assortment of 10 colors). Center console also has a little BMF added. The chassis is pretty simple, just some painted on details. First time trying the over spray look, probably went a little over board. Pint is all rustoleum rattle can with the vinyl top being one of their satin finishes. Can not remember the exact colors but can find out if needed. Don't be scared to point any flaws, only makes me better. Hope ya'll like it! Thanks!
  13. Gasser questions

    Hey guys, I'm planning out a gasser and I was wanting some advice. So far I have a 41 Plymouth body on a 53 Ford frame and a Hemi from the Willy Borsch Winged Express kit. Slicks and deep dish steelies in the back (53 Chevy kit) and thinner Firestones with steelies in the front. I can scratchbuild some stuff. The idea is a dirty, rougher home-grown effort with attitude.
  14. '71 Hemi Cuda

    My girlfriend and I just finished our latest project together, this time we decided to do a Hemi Cuda in plum crazy. We're pretty pleased with this one other than the fit and finish of the kit itself in places but it happens. A big thank you to the site for providing techniques on how to strip the chrome off the bumpers. Much happier with them in body colour. Now on to the next one!
  15. .....this won't be the hot tip for today for the Chrysler / Mopar drag builders I'm sure, but thought I would share some info for this build that I just was playing around with. if you are not impressed with the headers that AMT provides in the Roadrunner and GTX kits, the nice race style headers from the Revell 67 GTX kits and 67 coronet Drag on lady coronet seem to fit nicely, without any pain. I'm starting a 68 'runner to build as a late 60s-early 70s super stock or mod. prod. car, so gathering up the goodies is first as we know. anyhow, I had a couple extra sets of these around, and they seem to do the job nicely. also, that stock oil pan in the 'runner Hemi is easily made into a deep race pan with some plastic added , then worked out a bit. so, don't turf it for another until you spend an hour or 2 modifying that stock one...it too will do nicely. just thought I'd pass this info along for some that it may end up being useful ................regards,...the Ace......
  16. Krusty Kuda - Finished!

    Building this one for the Ohio challenge at the Buckeye classic this coming March. I ran through a ton of ideas and options and decided on this for my "inspiration" quick mock-up and we are in business
  17. got a tweedy pie re-issue and just don't know how to leave well'nuff alone. this is a preliminary mock up to get a majority of the fabrication started, i plan on detailing everything along with final fit and finish before primer. to start, swapped out the chevy 283 and ford three speed (which looks like a one ton, cool!) for a good'ol chrysler 426 with stock B -body manifolds and a833 4 speed from a 68 roadrunner. cut out and made a new trans mount, and mocked up a kind of K frame for the hemi (note how you can still reach+change the oil filter and where the drainplug on the pan woukd be). modified the transmisstion tailshaft to afford space for a drive shaft and what should be a B-body dana 60 on custom coils and what i plan to be a paralell 4-link ( step up for hemi cars from an 8.75 was supposed to be dana 60, but in 1:25 it looks too small) then chopped the windshield, and modified the tweedy pie side steer to clear the scatter-shield, put chrysler brake master in frame and started on the single side exit exaust. need to make a steering centerlink, motor mounts, and decide what to do in the rear. then finish the floor pan, fire wall and....uh....everything else. brutally honest critisism welcomed. i know it looms ruff and the stringers bother mee too. good work is tidy work, but unfortunately im an 'artist'. i really just wanted feedback, and see the mock up of the stance. never been called anything on the internet i cant laugh at, thanks for looking.
  18. Monogram '30 Ford hemi coupe

    This one has a few little issues to be taken care of (radiator cap, black paint on ends of rear axles where they're exposed, mis-alignment of driver's side interior panel(doh!), but it's pretty much done. The build began in September 2011, and it's progressed in fits and starts since then. Thanks to Acecargarageguy for transmission advice (way back when), and Eric Macleod for trading me a box of old Monogram and MPC tires. They worked out very nicely. A few notes on the build and parts: -Monogram '30 coupe, chopped, wheel wells/bead detail added, Revell '32 5w louvered trunk modified to fit, cowl light and gas filler holes filled. Beltline trim added in half-round styrene and strip plastic. Windows made from overhead projector sheets. -Revell '32 5w interior, brush painted in thin layers of acrylic reds to mimic oxblood leather. Piston shifter and '40 Ford dashboard from same kit. AMT '40 Ford steering wheel. -Floor modified to match width of 1/24 Monogram body. Scratchbuilt trunk floor and interior. -Styrene trunk lid detail and hinges. Gas tank from Lindberg roadster pickup, parts box cap. -Modified Revell '32 frame. Front crossmember moved forward to lengthen wheelbase, Revell '37 Ford PU X-member, Monogram '30 rear crossmember, custom transmission crossmember. Original molded-in floor removed from frame. Friction shocks added from Revell '29 Pickup. -Firewall footwells flattened for engine clearance, scratchbuilt fuel blocks (styrene, hypodermic needle pieces) -Modified Revell '37 Ford axle (dropped, ends filled, posed steering). Scratchbuilt drag link. Pitman arm from Revell '29 Tudor. Metal mono-spring on '29 spring hangars, scratchbuilt radius rods with early style rod-ends. Revell '50 F1 pickup steering box. -AMT phantom Vickie headlight lenses and bezels on modified AMT '40 Ford "Rides" headlight buckets. Headlight stands are cut-down AMT Double-T parts. Taillights are Revell '37 ford with aluminum tube bezels and lenses made by melting red styrene into the bezels with liquid glue. Taillights have 5-min Epoxy on top to give them a domed shape. -Monogram '32 ford roadster '40 Ford-style brake backing plates, plumbed with partial brake lines. -AMT '53 Ford PU Desoto Firedome hemi engine. AMT '57 corvette T-10 transmission with custom JB weld adapter (ha!). Stock exhaust manifolds adapted to side exhaust dumps made from sprue to imitate exhaust pipes made from cut-down '30s Ford torque tubes. Scratchbuilt "U-fab" style intake. Carbs from '53 PU dechromed, split (they're molded in pairs). Parts Box resin intake scoops modified and re-cast, painted with Alclad. Fuel lines are clear stretchy beading wire coated with a red sharpie. Carb linkage made from thin wire crimped on the ends. Scratchbuilt stock-style valley cover and alternator bracket. Scratchbuilt thermostat housing/water hoses between intake and radiator. -aluminum driveshaft with slip joint. Rearend is a quickchange (double dragster?) combined with axle housings from Tweedy pie (I think). -Front tires are Revell '37 Ford PU. Wheels are Revell '32 5w kit's 40-Ford style pieces with AMT '40 Ford "Deluxe" cap on one side only. -Rear tires are MPC '31 Chrysler with modified Monogram '41 Lincoln wheels ('40 ford center lug detail spliced into the Lincoln wheels) -Door handles from Revell '30 Ford touring. License plate from '30 Revell Ford Woody.
  19. '69 GTX pau hana

    Ok all, my '69 GTX is all done. This was the opening door and trunk project, but I backed out on that, I just wanted to have it done. I am experimenting with learning to take proper pictures of my models, some of these turned out really good I think. I can tell if I take better pictures I better clean up my modeling, all the warts really show. In any case, it is on the shelf now, and on to new projects. Enjoy! Sean
  20. Hello. Does anybody have the instructions for this kit? I`m after the picture of the instructions for the hemi engine in this kit,the rest is not important. Thanks Tommy
  21. '71 Hemi Cuda

    Revell 1/24 '71 HEMI® 'Cuda Hardtop I saw this model at my local drug store and it was on sale, so I got it. This is a picture of the painted body sitting on the frame: I put some 19" rims with low profile tires on it, I think they look much better than the stock ones that come with the kit I need to do a little detail work with the black strip, but i really like it on the lime green. and of course The Hemi: I will try to post more as it get it done.
  22. hemi dart

    Some pics of my first build in progress, i'd like some feedback! Thanks guys!
  23. hemi dart

    Some pics of my first build in progress, i'd like some feedback! Thanks guys!
  24. My main entry for this years Cannonball Run CBP. Plans are to replicate the '68 Dart I have on Forza 4. I'll get a picture of it up at a little later on. Nothing wild or over the top just something a normal car guy with moderate building experience could pull off. Well maybe little above that. Starting point First order of business is to cut the doors and trunk lid open. The cuts ended up being very clean so I might have the body work and some base color on it over the weekend. Thanks for looking!
  25. Cannonball '67 Plymouth GTX

    Here is the first of hopefully three entries into this years Cannonball Run over in the Community Builds. It's a '67 Plymouth GTX sporting a 426 Hemi power plant. Painted Rust-O-leum Charcoal Grey Metallic, cleared with their X2 coverage Gloss Clear. There's also a little story behind this build. Some of you may remember that I built a '67 GTX for last years run too. Well I ended up breaking the windshield posts trying to lower the roof. I found this kit on eBay later that day so I bought just in case I could not fix mine. I was able to fix it and so parts from this one have been sitting on my desk since. While cleaning my desk from an earlier build in preparation to work on my original entries I found the body and thought to myself, it didn't get to be in last years run so why not build it up for this year's run? So here it is all built up, it's not perfect I did have to respray the front passenger fender and trunk lid so they are a little darker than the rest of the body. But I think it gives it a nice flawed charm, it's not meant to be a perfect big budget show car just something a relatively regular person could have built to run across country. I did make a few modifications and they are as follows. Smoothed the body removing the trim from the side, fenders and roof as well as all emblems. Recessed the gas cap to make it flush with the body. Modified the stock hood scoop to more match that of the '68 Dart's. Blacked out the chrome bumpers. I've seen a few '69 Super Bee's that had the bumpers blacked out and thought it looked cool. Plus all the chrome from this kit being perfect went on last years GTX. The chrome from last year's GTX ended up on this one lol. Cut out the old turbo style muffers and made some Cherry bombs (my muffler of choice). Also borrowed a que from the boys at GM and made some C6 Corvette style exhaust tips. And last but certainly not least made some purple fuzzy dice at Gene aka Speedfreak's suggestion. Well enough blabbering here it is "over" glass rather than under. Thanks for looking, more pics up in a few.