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Found 148 results

  1. Resurrecting a project started in January 2003, based on the very nice Hasegawa VW Microbus Type 2 kit. I had left over parts from building a Fujimi Porsche 911 Slantnose Turbo kit-bashed with the Tamiya 911 Speedster. Made it this far without taking digital pictures of the process, so the run-down of what was done: Bus: Opened all doors, front doors are suicide with doubled-acting wire hinges. Made new panels using epoxy putty, which warped the doors so need to fix that. Side doors are also double-acting wire hinges. I'm reconsidering the hinges since I have discovered fusee chain, used on the Ferrari N.A.R.T. The engine lid for the 911 grill replaces the original access, no engine detail inside. Slanted back the windshield, re-profiled the roof using epoxy putty. The spare tire cover that was inside, is now under the front. Adding the third brake light, like it was taken from a Ford Econoline van. Reason for changing the window number, added two more of the Safari windows at the back, thus 25 Window. Adding the Porsche roof should revise to a higher number, depending on what I do with the side glass. Porsche parts: Have used the headlights, turn signals in the bumper, door mirrors, dash, seats (back seat is modified with a similar cushion pattern), Fuches wheels and Pirelli tires, and engine bottom. The Speedster had 3 seats, one was laid back for under the cover, separated and hinged so it's adjustable, and Captain swivels, and can be taken out. The dash has been modified to fit, have 3 pedal arms ready for photo-etch pads. The exhaust is modified using copper wire, will redo the tips using stainless steel tubing. The shifter console has a second parking brake that is intended to lock the front wheels, for showing off with burn-outs. The roof is from the Fujimi Slantnose project, I had been debating what to do for the roof, didn't really want to do the canvas fold/sliding thing, so this will become a carbon-fiber unit similar to a Westfalia camper unit. First thing to do is fix the A-pillars and the one B-pillar that are broken, reinforced with wire (as I did for the Ferrari N.A.R.T. Spyder windshield frame). One thing that stopped me, was knowing the giant VW emblem was going to cause problems for painting, have made resin copies, will grind off, problem solved. Designing a cool looking interior cabinet along the side with an awesome sound system, I have no clue about that stuff so need to research, have speaker grills and mesh salvaged from electronic devices. The interior needs window framing, can't just stick the glass in, so that will be new pieces, thinking of covering with carbon-fiber decal, might hinge some of the side windows. The back windows have the cage protectors, the kit has decals which would look really cheesy, so will *have to* make from wire, the back seat has wire too. Needs a steering shaft/box added. Have the crazy idea to use LED lights that came in junk mail from car dealers, with fiber optic runs to lights, very ambitious and crazy. 🤪 I have a Coke cooler to put in now. 😁 Since I finished three projects recently, I couldn't let the dust settle. 😂 Will be thinking of a nickname...... Pictures taken long ago: When I got inspired with the LED lighting idea: When I was casting RTV and resin, used up some rubber: After finishing the '69 Chevy pickup, cleaned up the bench (I know, hard to believe): The latest idea, the Westfalia camper style roof. The interior: This little monster is getting finished! 👹
  2. So Teddy Yip buys a WR3 from Walter Wolf, and, in the 11th race of 1978, the German Grand Prix,..he puts Keke Rosberg behind the wheel... Keke manages a 10th place finish,.. This is a model of that car... The next race at Silverstone, he wins the 1978 BRDC International Trophy... in the pouring rain ! The kits comes with p/e parts, white metal parts, and decals for two different cars. The donor is the Tamiya Wolf WR1. I used Duplicolor primer and paints, with a couple coats of Alclad Aqua Gloss clear coat. I didn't add much, other than fuel lines, oil lines, and some electrics.. Cheers all
  3. Hey, everyone!, its me again. I've decided that i will be posting WIPs on more of my started projects...hopefully it will motivate me to finally finish them. Who knows, it may even help someone whose working on one now. My objective for this kit was to just make it look a bit more realistic without having to spend too much extra money. Its actually a pretty decent representation of the actual car, and despite the kits age, it fits together well...is fun to build, and looks great when done! There are a few body style changes i made already.....basically an easier, fun build. Dont know how these photos got all mixed up, but here we go... -Photo 1, 5-7; I'm not sure how many people re-scribe every seam the same, but not all seams should be the same depth. For instance; the arrows are pointing to lines that should be shallow, since they are only body panels that dont open. Things like doors...bonnets...and boots need to be scribed deeper to show a deeper shadow insinuating space. -Photo 2; The kit -Photo 3&4; These photos show my kolor choices for this build. -Photo 8; Since i never intended to show the engine, i glued the hood shut, and needed to use styrene for extra contact. -Photo 9; The Headlamp housings dont have enough contact to be level in the closed position -in the up position they work fine. Since i wanted them down, i cut the box away, added sheet styrene to the under side , then reattached the covers centered in the openings. -Photo 10; I glued together the two-part vent boxes, sanded off the molded in front license plate, and began to SB end caps on the wing. Since i didnt like the mirrors that came with the kit, i took some spare ones from an Aoshima Countach kit. -Photo 11; I glued in the exhaust pipes, and used styrene to fill in the unrealistic openings above them. -Photo 12; Here i filled in the remote control switch, and since i wanted to use a newer version wheel from an Aoshima kit, i had to styrene rods that will fit into the backs of the wheels. -Photo 13; Here are the interior bits i am starting with.
  4. I'm really keen to make a dent into my stash this year. I've spent soooo much of my time doing DIY in the house, or fixing mistakes in my builds that I don't get to finish a model too often. I am part way through a Rally car build that requires too much scratch building and additional details to make it half decent, so I thought I'd start another. This will be pretty much an out-of-the-box build with very little details. Maybe plugs and seat belts, and that's it. the joy for me in model building is engines and chassis, this has a full engine, so i'll start with that. I do want to get an F40 completed next too, as I think they will go well together. Wife is after a new House project, so i've got to move quickly.
  5. The next project is a little bigger, i want to build 2 Alfa Romeo. I bought to "Detail up set" kit to them. And I also ordered 2 "carbon fibre pattern" decals set ,but it hasn't come yet. I started the work with the body:
  6. harti20

    Honda NSX

    Hi all Last summer I started my first WIP (which can be found here) here on Model Cars Magazine with Tamiya's Honda NSX. Today I finally managed to take the finished model to my studio to take some gallery pictures. I hope you like the photographs of this beautiful car. Best, Urs
  7. So I have been out of the car model game for quite some time but figure it is time to get back into the swing of things. It has been about 6 or 7 years since I have done anything car related. Figured I would start out simple with an OOTB build and I am a pretty big fan of the VR4 so I figured - go for it. I started a while back but did not take any photos right from the beginning but here is where I am at Interior and bottom are pretty much done. I have a thing for matte cars so doing this one in a flat white as I like the contrast of the white and black. Just finishing off some detailing and should have it all together in a few days. I have enjoyed putting this one together and it feels good to get back into things. I am still waiting for some paints and tools to arrive but hope to have them within a few weeks. I have a few others builds that I will begin right quick here as well.
  8. Built this using Splash paints Pearl white and 2K gloss clear. One of my most recent builds IMG_6365.CR2 IMG_6370.CR2
  9. This Tamiya Ferrari 312T3 is a scale I don't do. The engine had been assembled, would need to be restored. Otherwise complete. Trade for 1/24 foreign stuff, surprise me.
  10. Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3 in metallic green
  11. harti20

    Ferrari F50

    Hi all I just noticed that I promised more pics from my last visit at the studio's long time ago and didn't show anything. Here are now the pics from my Ferrari F50. The kit was from Tamiya, enhanced with the detail set by Hobby Design and a mobile phone by Czech Truck Model. Regards, Urs
  12. So....with my first entry to the box-stock contest done, I decided to enter another one. I have a few kits in my stash that I really don't want to spend much time on (i.e. do a super-detailed build with bunch of scratchbuilt stuff) but wouldn't mind putting them on the shelf and as such the rules of the contest to built it 100% box-stock work well for this. And this makes for a quick build. So, my next project is Tamiya 1/24 Mazda Savanna RX-7. This is a rather rare kit (Tamiya 2409), number 9 in the catalog - even before they switched to 5-digit numbering. I believe issue date 1979? But I didn't buy these to collect dust, so here comes the rotary rocket.
  13. Started with getting the resin transkit of the Paris-Dakar, which requires the Tamiya Porsche 959 for the engine, windshield, and some other critical parts (posted both before as another topic). So that left a perfectly good body, and no engine. I also had the funky top from the Tamiya Speedster, which I have never seen as a popular option. So how much more sacrilegious can one get, to chop up a legendary 959 and a Speedster? The concept is to have a camera car for filming race cars on the track, or historic road rallies. I stopped working on both last May. So I'm documenting only this WIP here, now that I feel it's safe to say the construction phase is 95% complete. The Dremel is the essential tool used. I used JB Weld for massive gap filler and glue. I've been jonesing to use the foil from a baking soda can, for the belly pan (Lexus uses dimples under the body to make a quieter ride). The reason I halted, was the challenge of finishing the interior fillets done with epoxy putty, which I will disguise with a thick Rhino-liner texture, but the opening door mechanism had to be invented/engineered using seat-of-the-pants ancient pencil and paper drawing. I use aluminum newspaper printing plate because it's soft and does not break when bent, and it's easy to drill. My idea was the door is used as the platform for the camera and videographer, bolting plates are salvaged from an old transistor radio, and I will add tie-down loops so the guy doesn't fall out, it's sort of like a motorcycle sidecar. My plan is to paint semi gloss black, so it won't reflect on the cars being filmed. Will try black tinting the lights. Interior color I'm still thinking about, first choice is Africa Korp yellow, or red, maybe blue, something that pops should be cool.
  14. Getting ready to start my next project. I will be attempting to build the 1/12 scale Tamiya M23 kit with photo etch using the EJan 1976 Japanese Grand Prix Conversion kit. I'll be building the James Hunt version to go with the Niki Lauda 1975 312T Ferrari that I recently completed. This will be my first use of a conversion kit and also with resin body parts. I used the Top Studio detail sets for my McLaren MP4/6 but they were nothing like the EJan kit. Limited instructions as to which original kit parts the conversion parts replace. Some are obvious but others will take alot of studying of reference pictures and test fitting. It's going to be interesting for sure. Just sorting things out now and ordering my reference books. Surprisingly I haven't been able to find to much on the internet to use as reference photos. There are pics out there but not enough showing details that I am looking for. I hope the books are better. Thank you for looking.
  15. I’m finally done! This was the most difficult kit I have ever built. I purchased the Tamiya PE set along with the kit. Tons of amazing details, and the kit went together like a dream. The difficulty on the two-tone paint, decals and masking was something I struggled with for two months. I destroyed one body on account of a failed primer adhesion, and repainted countless times to get it right. Had to get a whole new kit to replace parts and decals that had failed along the way. My kids recently have becomes obsessed with the “slug bug” VW beetle, so that will be next hope you enjoy! Have not seen anyone else do this kit or it’s sisters on the forum.
  16. Project R32 Red/White/Blue, Tamiya Nismo Custom R32 kit, paint from Scalefinishes, this is was done as semi replica of a 1:1 replica of the Group A R32 raced in Toohey's 1000 in the early 90's What I was semi replicating
  17. This just arrived via japan today. A great surprise to find at the front door. Curbside kit with some great detail. All the black on the body looks like it’s painted. Paint masked are supplied. The color separating lines are in the panels. Makes lining up the template easier. A weird car. I wish they raced it in the old Gurney colors of White , Orange, Red. The roof is a satin chrome
  18. Work In Progress Thanks to everyone who stopped by! Glad that GSL picked the Tamiya VW Beetle for the Common Kit. I've entered that category three times. I suspect there will be more entries than ever because everyone loves Bugs! I'm calling this FROZEN IN TIME, a tribute model of the 1960 Beetle my parents had before I was born. I'm into weathering my builds, this is extreme without having any rust. But I took some pictures before I ruined it. LOL There are some things I'm not happy with, but oh well, IT'S FINISHED! I detailed the engine, though the lid will be closed all the time except at shows. Question to everyone who built this, the front hood is a tight fit and challenge to get opened? I reworked the engine lid hinge, no toothpick required to stay open.
  19. And it looks like Tamiya is gonna give us two new kits for 2019, a pre order listing has showed up for a 1/24th scale plastic model kit for the TS050, a release date of April is being shown, far as I know, this kit has not been officially announced yet. https://www.hobbyeasy.com/en/data/433adivnnzmc86pfvihm.html Will update this post when more info and or photo's become available.
  20. Hi All, Today i finally finished the Sauber C9. I started this kit about 10 months ago, but took a long break, due to life getting very busy. Anyway, i have linked my WIP thread, if anyone wants to see some of my progress though this build. Going into this build, i wanted it to be the most detailed kit i had ever done, and i think i have completed what i set out to do. I am very pleased with the final outcome of the build. Thanks for looking Nathan
  21. Hi All, 2 weeks ago, I was at a local Hobby swap meet. I came across this little beauty and swooped on it. The kit was 30AUD which is about the asking price for a basic Brand new tamiya kit. I was stoked to get such a rare, complete kit for such a price. This, and the Mazda 787B, are my all time favorite race cars. There is something about the boxy late 80's - 90's styling that i really love. When i got home i went online and bought the Hobby Design PE kit too. The kit is complete, with all parts still inside their plastic bags. Looking at the instructions, you can tell the age of this kit, as the white paper has gone yellow, as have the decals unfortunately. I am hoping that they can still be used. The carrier film has a slight yellow tone to it too. I havent had much luck in finding this livery online, the only one i have found is 50USD. I have some Microscale Liquid decal film, which is meant to restore old decals, so ill give that a shot first, before i go and buy some new decals. I am planning on detailing this kit as much as possible, and will be building it to the #61 car which finished 2nd in the 1989 race (I prefer the bright orange accents, over the yellow which was on the winning #63 car). Thanks for looking, I'll hopefully have some build updates soon Nathan
  22. Here is mine, finally got it finished up, now I know I use this a line alot, but It really could of turned out a lot better, had to do the paint over because mass debris in the clear coat, and it just went down hill from there, had some fit issues but that was my doing, this kit really has some very tight tolerances when it comes to some of the body pieces. Had wet sand and polish a small area of the windscreen to remove some glue I got on it because carelessness on my part. It is what is , I am still happy with it. Paint, Ford Liquid Blue from Scalefinishes.
  23. Officially starting this project today (Jan. 14). Been planning to build this anyway, but the GSL Common Kit is Tamiya's excellent kit of the 1966 Beetle, so that has lit the fire under me. Other than the typical masking to airbrush several colors challenge, the ski rack and back-dating some details is going to be fun. I'm also going to weather it, with the cool ice. Another first for me, will be using Splash paint. I got the Best Model Car Parts 1957 Beetle conversion last year, but the rules state no resin bodies, so that will be for their first Bug. But I can use the engine lid and wheels. Early VW wheels have no slots, the Hasegawa Bus wheels are also slotted, but I can use the hubcaps and skinny tires. There is another detail that has haunted me, when I get the package, will comment then. An interesting detail is the mirror location, the primary picture is on the dash, but other pictures are the normal location. Only one exterior mirror, which will be the right one located on the left side. The front turn signals are too big, considering making out of clear sprue. The taillights need to be smaller, might make out of red sprue. It looks like the steering wheel needs to be modified to not be deep dish. I just learned the windows were increased in size after 1960, but that will guarantee doom, just opening the vent window should be enough to distract the rivet counters. Now I'm committed (for a mental institution?). Primary reference picture.
  24. IJ001

    2001 911 GT3

    For 'Mein Frau', who loves orange cars and was brought-up close to Stuttgart: Tamiya Orange with 'a few drops of' Tamiya 'Flesh, followed by a single coat of 'Pearl Clear' and two coats of TS13 'Clear', all cut & polished with Tamiya compounds. Thanks for taking the time to look, as ever all questions, comments and abuse welcomed. Cheers from NZ Ian.
  25. Sorry if there's too many pics here, but I love this build! It was mosly completed over the last half of last year, it took up a lot of my free time over Christmas, but alas it couldn't be completed before year end. It got fully finished a few weeks ago, I didn't like the photos, I was going to get more pics with a contrasting background, but can't be bothered for now I'm posting these! there is a WIP post too if your interested. A great kit, well engineered (as many people commented on my topic in the WIP section) goes together really well. I probably should have glued the side/skits on prior to painting, but I was too focused on the wheel areas which you can't see anyway... you live & learn
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