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Found 10 results

  1. Revell `70 Torino GT Small Factory Tires

    Hi all, I`m wondering if you guys have extra sets of factory tires that Revell used in `70 Torino GT kit, because it is too small for the Torino but actually perfect for compact cars. I`m looking to get a few set for some of my "small car" projects like `75 Mustang and `76 Gremlin. Thanks!
  2. Nice kit, modern molds of course. Great pad printed tires, but no brand name. Sweet stock wheels. Nice factory stock version of the car. Check out my Starsky & Hutch kit review for the same kit in the show's 'hopped up' style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UqWtMj7SD0
  3. Hello everyone! Started my first build of the year and wanted to share my progress thus far. I am taking my time and attempting some different tricks for this build, like panel scribing, flocking and BMF. I used Model Master Ford Engine Blue, aluminum, steel and Testors flat bronze, flat black and gloss red on the engine components. The interior was sprayed with Testors flat black out of a rattle can and detailed with a silver paint marker that I puddled it's paint onto a plate and used a tooth pick to apply to the trim. In hindsight, I should used BMF for the trim, but you learn from your mistakes. I applied Elmer's glue and sprinkled black embossing powder over the carpet and rear deck lid. So far, the interior, chassis and engine are complete. I sanded down the tire tread to remove the mold lines and add realism. Another first for me in building model cars. The body is currently in it's second coat of Tamiya primer. I had to sand down the door panels on each side of the vehicle due to me rushing the process and the paint pooling up. I need to putty the few marks where my panel scriber skipped and scratched the plastic. Then I'll add some Vallejo acrylic black wash before I spray the color coats. Here's the body so far! This is the first "modern" tooling kit that I've built since my return to the hobby last year. I can say that overall, I'm impressed with the quality and ease of this kit. Only complaint so far would be wanting a more detailed engine. I have tried my hand at wiring and other detailing tricks for engines, but decided to build this OOB. Thanks for looking and please give me some feedback! Stay tuned! - Mike
  4. My idea of what a new Striped Tomato might look like if the Starsky and Hutch cop TV show was to come back today. Of course started with the Revell kit, which I will say is an excellent kit, very detailed, little flash, really none, and fitment was excellent throughout the build. I of course made several mods to this build, first was tucking and narrowing the huge front and rear stock bumpers. Added a air-dam effect to the front with plastic and putty. added the Eliminator hood scoop to keep Starsky from sliding across the hood, which of course drove Hutch crazy, you're welcome Hutch... Gave the boys new RECARO seats instead of the cozy bench seat, again you're both welcome... I think... Ha... Did minor engine detail, wires and hoses and basic chassis. Added some different exhaust tips to exit the corners. Stayed with the overall theme but I honestly never liked the look of the huge stripe, it never seemed to fit the lines of the car to me, so redesigned and painted my own. Decided to keep the chrome look, but shaved door handles. Paint is Duplicolor Electric Current Metallic Pearl Red with Tamiya Pearl White for the stripe and lot's of Testors Wet Look Clear cut and polished several times. Updated the wheels to a newer version "5-slot" style, and custom deep-dished the rears for a staggered resto-mod look, and gave them huge disc brakes. Had a lot of fun building this one, thanks for looking
  5. With everyone recently building the popular S&H Torino, thinking I need to build one of these too, picked one up last week and thought about how awesome everyone's Torino's came out, except they all look the same. I get it, it's a tribute build, but what if the Starsky and Hutch TV show was today in 2016? I thought about keeping the same theme of their car but give it an updated appearance, RESTOMOD style! Honestly I never liked the 74 Torino with the big chrome bumpers and guards, just looked ugly to me. Also never cared for that out-of-balanced design of a "stripe" even as a kid, I didn't think the stripe looked good or worked with the lines of the Torino. So here's my rendition of what maybe a revamped S&H Torino would look like in today's TV show. 1) I did some major mods to the bumpers, removed the ugly guards, shortened and brought them closer to the body and color matched with the body. 2) Redesigned the stripe design to better flow with the lines of the car. 3) Wheels are a modern 20" 5-slot design staggered set up I'm customizing and lower stance. Love this new Tamiya for curves tape! Best lines ever and zero bleeding... Of course I always spray a light coat of clear before color after taping to minimize color bleed. Colors and Paint: Duplicolor Electron Current Red Pearl Metallic with Tamiya white primer base and Tamiya TS-25 White Pearl stripes. Four coats of Duplicolor clear over all of it, then wet-sanded 1500 > 2000 > 3000 then four coats of Model Masters Wet Clear and those will be wet-sanded from 2000 > 12000 and polished. I'll post finished polished pictures later. UPDATE 6/30 Need opinion on chrome Since I "de-chromed" and modified the front and rear bumpers, the question is should I "de-chrome" the grill, headlight bezels and the taillight bezel? Options: 1) tint them with Tamiya Clear black 2) paint them Black 3) paint them dark gray 4) paint them body color Also, window and rocker trim, BMF chrome or black? What's your opinion?
  6. I am working on my second Revell S&H Gran Torino, but this time it's not going to be box stock. I plan to make it the Boss 302 Gran Torino, I think. I am combining the Torino with goodies from the 2013 Boss 302 kit (i.e. 5.0 motor, modified kit wheels, interior etc.) Just starting this build. Please let me know what you think. I will post pics if anyone wants to see them. I have been building for years, but new to sharing in a public space and I am open to suggestions.
  7. I'm looking for some resin copies of the CJ hood scoop found in the Revell 1968 & 70 CJ Mustang kits. Thx Ron
  8. 70 Torino

    Just got the kit a couple weeks ago. It's not a bad kit, though I don't like the thin metal emblems. Almost lost them, and on top of that I bent the metal that goes over the tail lights. Over all though it came out good.
  9. I missed this kit the last time around...has anyone gotten the new release?
  10. 69 Torino

    One of my favorite Ford builds.