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Found 6 results

  1. I've been looking around here and I've been loving all the awesome models I've been seeing. I also don't see many AMC's other than the occasional gremlin. So I decided to share one of mine with you all. (I build a lot of AMC's....)
  2. Hey all,,enjoy all the great builds here,,gotta be the best builders on the web today,,IMO. A recent build of MPC's 1970 AMX. I built it as a replica of my Dads 69' 1:1 AMX,,same color+ stripes,,changed the rim highlights a bit,,did some accent painting on the bumpers + sidepipes,added the blower{ my Dads was a 390 4 -speed w/carbs ,},w/ dealer factory "Go Package",,I remember always having to climb around the rollbar to get in back when dad and me and my older brother would jump in for what my Dad called " a sunday drive" lol. And off to MIS speedway to watch the early 70's Trans-Am cars race,,,All the ol" Stangs,,Cudas,,Javlins,Camaros, were there,,fun stuff. That car was a ground pounder,,As far as the kit goes,,it was a bit of x-tra work to clean flashing on alot of the parts,,but it was worth it. The working steering setup works well,,and most of it went together well. Keep up the great works out there,,,S
  3. Does anyone have a recommendation about a paint color that is a good match for the OEM color on the engine block of a 1969 or 1970 AMX? Thanks for your assistance.....
  4. Bought the kit with my tax refund. Been wanting one for my collection for awhile. Had to oreder the decals because the ones the kit came with fell apart. The kit itself wasn't bad but, there were some issues. The engine was highly detailed; even had an air grabber on the air cleaner. However, the engine bay was not detailed, nor was the underside of the car. I also hated the rod system for the wheels. Especially, since I only had one rod with the kit. Over all though it came out OK.
  5. Could have been better, but the kit isn't that great. Wish it had the stock stripes too.
  6. Just finished building this 1973 AMC Javelin AMX. I built it from a minty fresh Johan kit. As usual, all the build details and more pics are on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/73_javelin_amx_page.html
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