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Found 36 results

  1. 1974 MG-B

    Here we go, the reissue of the MG-B kits from Aoshima, Tahiti Blue from Scalefinishes is the paint, and what I learned building it , my building is a lot like that of the Fine British Engineering. The wheels I used a Silver Sharpie on, painted them black first, they turned out ok, could be tad better I feel , the windscreen frame turned out really good, till it was time to install it. I started with a black base coat, I was going to BMF it, but whats left of my BMF is getting old and is tearing and sticking to the backing paper. So I re masked off the windows and shot Alclad Polished Aluminum on it, it look very good, but a lot of rubbed off.
  2. Taxi!, Toyota NTP10 JPN

    New kit coming from Aoshima went up for pre order this morning in Japan, and I can say, we didnt see this one coming, I mean who would of guessed, and till about three hours ago, I had no idea this was even a thing , but now I gotta I have one. The current estimated release date is showing for July and Japan pricing is around $25 and they are going to be two version, one with a white body, and one with a black body. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10605157
  3. (Pimp my...) R35

    Not usually my thing to 'Pimp' a street car, but just couldn't help m'self... Aoshima kit, not a straightforward build but pretty good. Tamiya TS44 Light Gunmetal overall, A Pillars, skirts & air dams all Tamiya enamel (standard) Gunmetal. Decals plucked from an unsuspecting Revell Mitsubishi Eclipse. Wheels are after-market Aoshima's - Rays 19" GT-C's. As ever thanks for taking the time to look, all comments, abuse and questions are welcome. Next, something very, very small. Ian.
  4. Hey, everybody!, here is the next in my Stig Collection!....it is extremely detailed.....hope you like it....thanks for stopping in!
  5. Second round for this tooling, some new parts, mostly consisting of some aero bits, new front and rear bumper pieces and wheels +decals, I would normally just post photos of the new bits then link to another thread , but since Photobucket Gate, that thread is useless now. Everything from this point on contains parts from the first run aka the stock version. The small chrome tree is new for this kit as well, but I thought it was smart to do the chrome bits in the same photo.
  6. Hello, everyone!, its been a very long road, but she's finally done!! I set out to show how it was possible to build it as any kit should be i.e; you can display it both open....AND shut. Its not perfect, but then again, nobodies ever is, and I am actually pretty stoked about how she's turned out. For those of you who have been following along, you know that there is WAAAAY too many things I changed, SB, or added, to be able to write them all down here. There is a 27 page WIP on it that will show it better than I can ever remember, and i'd like to thank everyone who followed along, and supported me with their encouragement!....YOU ALL are VERY much appreciated!!! I also hope to see more of these built in the future....it is an amazing kit, that deserves to be built.
  7. RX7 3 kit combo

    Hi All, I finished this kit over the weekend, after several weeks, of slow progress. I am really pleased with how it came out. The body is from the Aoshima RX7 Spirit R kit, engine and chassis are from the tamiya kit, and the aero bits are from a fujimi kit. I discovered along the way that even though they are all the same car, and scale, each brand has modeled the car slightly differently, and so not all the parts played together all that nicely. A lot of filling and sanding had to happen to the bonnet, and chassis to make it work with the aoshima body. I didnt get around to doing a WIP on this build, Thanks for looking Nathan
  8. Hello, everyone!, this is my Aoshima Lamborghini Aventador. I love the "stealthy" look on him, I used 3D decal emblems on the bonnet, steering wheel, and centercaps. I carefully cut the side glass out, since I don't really like them up on my builds, I also left off the taillight lense covers.....I don't really like them on it either. This is Aoshima's "full engine detail" kit which actually translates to; A lot of engine stuff, but not everything....the lower-end is missing. Still, with the outstanding way they designed it, the awesome detail of the parts, and the fact that these kinds of autos have full belly-pans, the engine bay CAN still look realistically complete with the help of wiring, painting, and other detail add-ons! This one is proof of it. This kit is so easy, and fun...….I could just keep buying and building them!!
  9. Nissan Gloria 280E "Gulf"

    Hi guys! Here is my newest finished build.. Its Aoshima Nissan Gloria 4 door hardtop 280E Brougham. Had some serious fitting issues with chassis, dash and door panels but i won that battle.. My first experiement with hairspray and salt techniques in weathering. Also i used some oilcolors for first time.. I think it turned out pretty good.. There is some scratch build parts like that foxtail in antenna, side exhaust pipes and printed japanese Car magazines.. Decals are from here and there from my decal collection.. Gulf livery has always been one of my favourites and this is my first "Gulf car" added on my collection.. Now i will let pictures speak.. Enjoy There is not any photos of chassis, since its battery type curbside chassis just painted in black.. Cheers!
  10. Nissan Gloria 280E "Gulf"

    Hi guys.. Here is one of my many projects to show up for you.. Its Aoshima model kit of Nissan Gloria 4 door HT 280E Brougham.. So far i have done it almost out of box, i just added side exhaust pipes, pack of Lucky Strikes on interior and some decals here and there.. all other besides those are out of box, just with little "custom" painting with rusty touch. There is no pictures of chassis, since there is nothing to look, just battery sort of chassis plate painted in black I used closest paints i found from my paint collection to give that Gulf livery look for this fine and elegant Nissan.. Then i started to add some rust, with oil colors, and Tamiya weathering stuff and some Vallejo washes.. oh for painting i used also some hairspray and salt method for chipping that paint.. blah, but since my english is not that good to tell everything i have done, i will let pictures speak.. Realistic or not, i have had a lot of fun with doing this one.. Its my first time doing this type of weathering job
  11. F1 GTR Longtail

    So i recently started a new build... the F1GTR Long tail. I bought the kit as a gulf racing livery. However ive decided to give it my own personal touch. The color combo might not be to everyones liking. but i thought its something else for a change... still undecided if i need more purple on the body. Hereby some pix Let me know what you think, and any advice/tips are sure welcome!
  12. I haven't been able to work on models in a while, so i'm still working on my Pagani. This is also the first time I've ever posted here as I build. This kit has modelers nervous since no one has been able to make everything fit together. I was going to wait and make a video, but at the rate I build, I wouldn't be helping very much. The way this model builds up out of the box, only gives you two options; 1) leave parts off just so you can close everything (not very well), and 2) glue everything in the "open" position. I'm 99.9% sure that I can make everything function as expected, in fact, i'm going to be ADDING a lot of details as well. My Pagani will be totally wired up as much as photos will show. I hope I can help others build this kit the way it should be......thanks for looking in.
  13. KenMary Skyline

    It has been a long time between builds, and this one shows that as its a little rough around the edges. It was a fun build of something different to the subjects I usually choose. Built from this kit oob, but I built it my way. Paint on the body is Tamiya TS-9 British Green,
  14. Hi All, I just finished my Aoshima Toyota Chaser. I Started this build on New years eve, and wanted to finish it before i go back to work from my summer break. Anyway, here is a link to my on the workbench thread. Final picks are below Thanks Nathan
  15. Hi All, I set myself a challenge, to complete a quick build before i go back to work in a weeks time. Below is my progress so far... The Kit in Question is the Aoshima Toyota Chaser. It is just a Curbside Kit, so shouldnt take that long to complete. My vision for this build is to be a JDM VIP car, So slightly modified exterior, and big Chrome wheels. The Wheels i intend on using are the SSR MS3, by Aoshima. First up, i prepped the body. removed any extra mould lines, and went to work on the bonnet. I decided i would make a custom vented bonnet using one from a R34 Ztune skyline that i stuffed up a few years back, but still had lying arround. I dremeld out the vents, and traced the outline onto the chaser. out came the 0.5mm drill to make a few pilot holes so i could get my saw in to cut the hole to match the vented piece. I used a few off-cuts of styrene sheets so i had something to glue it to underneath. Next i used some Tamiya White Putty and started to fill the gaps. Then the sanding process started. First up was some 360 Grit, then 600, then 1000. Next up was pimer. For this i used a Tamiya Grey surface primer can. I let the primer dry for an hour or so, and then sanded it back with some Tamiya sanding sponges up to 3000 grit, (probably not essential, but a few spots needed it. I wanted to paint this model in Tamiya TS45 Pearl White. Seeing as i used a grey primer, i decided to do a silver base coat, just so the white would show over it better. It turns out that the Pearl white, is a very thin colour, so it didnt really turn out white, but instead a light grey pearl. As it turns out i Love the colour better than the straight pear white, It is a very unique colour. I decided that i wanted to make the bonnet carbon fibre to accentuate the JDM style i was going for. I used some scale production carbon fiber sheets for this, and a lot of Micro set to work the decal into the complex shape of the vents. I was able to use one whole sheet for the bonnet, which i wasnt sure i would be able to do. After letting this sit for an hour or two to fully set, i continued onto the clear coat. Again i used some tamiya spray (TS13) I applied 2 light mist coats, followed by 2 heavier coats, then put it aside for around 24 hrs. The clear coat finish straight out of the can is not too bad, but there was a bit of orange peel. so out came the 3000 grit sanding sponge and i got to work levelling out the orange peel (wet sanding of course) I then used some meguires car polish compound to remove the scratches from the sanding, working in small rotating motions, then buff it off. Next step was some Auto Glym car polish to make the colour shine, again working in small circular motions. The final step was some Mothers Carnuba Wax, which helps seal in the polish, and makes the model an ease to remove dust from in the future. This whole paint correction process may seem a bit unnecessary, but the end result is truly fantastic. Tomorrow i will begin work on the chassis and post some progress shots. Thanks Nathan
  16. My 2017 Builds

    Hi All, I really got back into making models this year, after doing a few last year. I am really pleased with my progress, it always feels good to see how you progress over a year. This year also marked my first competition. I Got a 3rd place for my Carrera GT in the full detail section, and a commendation for my WRX STI Rally car in the curb side section. Below are some of my builds Competed in 2017. There were also a few others that i did this year, but didn't quite turn out as i had hoped. Thanks
  17. Hi All, I recently joined this forum to get ideas and inspiration for future builds. Generally i do 1:24 tamiya kits, as i find theyre standard details to be the best, but am also liking the variety of kits that Aoshima and fujimi are putting out. Thanks Nathan
  18. Evo X: C-West version

    Here's the Aoshima Mitsubishi Evo X, I've been working on for about a month. This is my first airbrush paint job and I wish I'd taken the plunge, sooner. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Box stock, except for the seatbelt clasps and roof decal. I know most of you prefer American iron, but it was a good kit to build my airbrush skills. Anyway, I hope you like it all the same. All comments welcome. Thanks for looking.
  19. I just bought myself an airbrush, so after years of rattle-can painting, I'm hoping the paint comes out well on this. This is a nice kit. Everything fits and the mould seams on the body are virtually invisible. So, here's the paint on the body. I decanted from a rattle can and got messy doing so. Then I realised that spraying into the can lid, was a better idea than trying to spray into a little bottle! You live n learn... I'm very pleased with the results. Hardly any orange peel!
  20. Aoshima Nissan GT-R

    Been using these forums as a resource for about 2 years now and recently joined. Awesome community!! Here's my first under glass post, go easy, haha! A few pics of an Aoshima Nissan GT-R I finished a few months back. First Aoshima kit too. It's a bit orange peely and I burned through the paint on some edges while wet sanding...probably could have used a coat or 2 more of clear but it had been on the bench for a while and I was ready to move onto the next project.
  21. Hey, so I'm looking for a scale-modelling forum and decided to settle in this one. So, I'm new to 1/24 scale-modelling. I was into Gunpla and saw a scale-modelling channel in Youtube and suddenly I have the urge to assemble a model cars but I know it won't be easy. Then, decided to grab the Aoshima Fairlady S30 or known as Datsun 240ZG as my first kit. The reasons I took this model is the simplicity of the build (but kinda dissapointed it went way that easy, no engine details ahahaha). I ruined the masking on the fender side... Guess that will be my homework for the next model. I used a local spray-can for the main body (the spray-cans are commonly used for Gunpla here in my place) and for the detail I used Tamiya Enamel Paint and for the finishing, because in my opinions gloss is not that good without compound polishing (I don't have any) so I decided to spray it with flat coating. (yeah, i also messed up the tail lights, and forgot to sand the mold line of the bumper) I'm looking forward for Tamiya's RX-7 Type R, there aren't any Revell's kits here and most of the kits sold here are Tamiya.
  22. So far, no real info on the kit other than a few 3D renderings, and a "tentative" release date of July 2016 with a price in the 3500 Yen range ( which right now is $32 US) http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10384122 http://www.hlj.com/product/AOS01376 Whats in the box look
  23. Taking a look a newest Lambo kit from Aoshima, the Sesto Elemento , or ("Sixth Element" in English), the kit allows you to build either the prototype or the production version. Now, to accurately build this, the entire body needs to be done in carbon fiber , as the body is entirely made from carbon fiber, Scale Motor-sports is I do believe said to be doing a carbon fiber sheet for the body, and I am sure Studio 27 decals will be doing a C/F decal sheet as well.
  24. We now have more info on this one, like when and how much, Dec is the release date given, and depending on where you like to import from, is going to run you just under 3000yen http://hlj.com/product/AOS05260 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10410662
  25. Aoshima is getting more use out the Sambar tooling, this time, its gonna be as a fire engine Release date is set for Dec , with a price of 2380Yen/$19US(Hobby Search) 2240Yen $18US (Hobby Link Japan) http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10343409 http://www.hlj.com/product/aos01417 - In the world of 1/24 plastic model, Japan's first! Scale model of the fire engine is born. Sambar fire engine is armed with extraordinary maneuverability, drivability of the 4WD, which was based on the RR layout, yet its compact, in a wide range of stage from the city of narrow streets often, until the fire brigade of a large mountainous area of \u200b\u200bunpaved road dominating have. - Kit is a track type of fire engine, Fuji Robin made fire pump and the point of a sword scoop, 3.6m folding ladder, jump opening, gold lever, hose backpack or the like is removable, respectively, rear seats and hose storage, the searchlight diffuser type mars light, such as various types of fittings are also realistic, making it a great fidelity from the density feeling while a small light car.