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Found 9 results

  1. Got this as a Christmas present last year. Finally, got around to building it. I didn't like the colors of the actual cars, so, just like the original buyers of said cars, I built it to my tastes. The kit isn't a bad one. There's some fit issues and the directions are garbage, but I think it came out great. No under hood pics, I had some issues with the hood and had to glue it in place. The bar that holds the hood together was one fit issue. SAM_0577 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0578 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0579 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0580 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  2. Bugatti Royale Weinberger Cabriolet 1931 I had long ago the kit of Lindbergs Bugatti Victoria 1931 on my selves. I began to built the model after many years of meditation on the job: I want to open doors and hood but had no conception how to do it. Slowly I could develope a method how and with which construction can I realize my project. In the mean time I invented that I shall modify the model to the original form of 1931. I began to make the engine with some additional details and as I was satisfied with I found a reference that the original engine had not 4 carbs but the same one as the Napoleon Coupe and the Berline the Voyage. Additionally there are some differences on engine block too. Also the variation with the 4 carbs was remaining. When the hood and doors were hinged and worked fine I got new ideas: not only new trunk at rear but open the lid of this and modify the front seats too. (we say: „during eating growing the appetite”) And here is the result:
  3. The Bugatti Divo 1:24 by Maisto is a very beautifull model. I specially like the carbon simulation. The semi mat dark grey with the light blue is showy. The inside is decorated with light blue too but much less as on 1:1 original. In fact there are details in plastic black – but the colors are missing. Well I know most of these would be too expensive to paint in mass production. Even some ones are impossible to make without freehand painting. That is a good chance for hobby modelers. So I dismount the Divo and the first I saw the hood is manufactured with hinges to open. (like at the Bugatti Chiron engine compartment) Only a beam is riveted inside on hood to block the function. The beam went in trash. The lightblue color was in action inside mostly: - on the steering wheel both side, in the middle and a strip on top, - on the inside of top and A-pillar at drivers side, - the gearshift with chrome on top, - ornaments on dashboard, middlekonsole and door panel at copilots side - above part of right side seat. - on the outside the top edge of vents above and the spoiler boards behind the front wheels got only lightblue. Little additions were the middle line of the seats made of 0.7 mm paper strips glued by transparent paint. Drivers side is lightblue of course, the other black. Indicator lamps in the outer rear view mirrors. Doorhandles , inside rear view mirror and pedals are chromed. Rearlights in diffusor are painted red and the exhaust with steel-metalic. The bottom of trunk is a black cardboard. Enjoy the pictures.
  4. With Snake's post of the Majorette T55 I got to thinking of the Franklin Mint Bugatti T57 with the same color scheme. They would make a great pair.
  5. 1934 Bugatti Aérolithe - Jay Leno’s Garage Only because it's the same color as my Porndy. Seriously, magnesium body, 4'x8' sheet about $3,000.
  6. Here would be an interesting subject to "weather". Touching story too. How This Long-Lost Bugatti Was Rescued from the Bottom of a Lake After Missing for 75 Years
  7. In between work and life, I haven't managed to get very much done within the past few years. One most recently finished in the midist of all is this Revell Monogram kit (which seems to be a re boxed Revell Germany offering going by the multi color piece and the 1992 Revell AG copyright). This one was purchased in a club mtg auction for a tenner sealed in September and looked like a nice kit with hardly any flash and the quad turbo V12 pulled me in! However, it has serious, and I MEAN serious warping issues and with the blu body parts being so brittle that any slight hard twist back into the right shape always cracked. This one required a lot of trimming of the chassis/interior parts in addition to careful bending and filling of warped body sections, which took about a month to do all that before it was ready for paint. Almost OOB build with the exception of swapping out the 1930's like multi-spokes for 5 spokes from a SVT Mustang Cobra. I found the Bugatti blue a bit boring and dated, so on went Tamiya Clear Red over Rustoluem aluminum cleared with Pledge. IDK if the motor is supposed to be off center if the 1:1 is like that, or could be due to atrocious warping or bad kit design.
  8. The EB110 is a car that looks much better in the flesh than photographs, generally, and looking at the model has the same effect. It's a much better-resolved design than it looks at first glance. Probably one of the hardest kits I've ever built. The level of detail is fantastic, especially around that complex engine bay, but sometimes it's more ambitious than the toolmakers could live up to. The body shell out of the box is pretty flimsy, with "working" front bonnet and engine cover, so I glued them in place to help straighten out the main body piece. Full build WIP, with all the gory details, here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99294 bestest, M.
  9. A great article in last month's Octane promoted this to the top of the build pile! It'll join the XJ220 and soon-to-be-built NSX in an "early 90s supercar" corner of the garage... The Revell kit is very nicely detailed, generally, but the mould is suffering, and this is NOT a car that likes to be packed in a flimsy box and sat on a shelf for years. Airfix/Heller do the whole cabin as a transparent piece that sits on top of the body, whereas Revell has gone for a roof and the flimsiest A-pillars ever committed to plastic. The body shell is also flimsy, and warped on my example, so I've assembled various "working" bits into one, much more solid, shell. The opening bonnet shows you little except the battery, but fixed in place it beefs up the front end nicely. And while it would be nice to have an opening engine cover, both it and the roof were warped. Fixing it shut lets me use the window between the cabin and engine bay as a solid "bulkhead" which pushes the roof and engine cover nicely back into shape... not quite figured out how the "wing" works yet. Heat shields covered with cigarette foil. They'll need a bit of fettling, but the texture is perfect... Wheels stripped of chrome. Lots of flash in the holes, so these are the "best of eight" -- I had a spare set from a donor kit I bough just for the tyres for £5, but the originals demonstrate how tired the mould is. It seems bizarre that they would chrome them in the state some of them were in, but there's obviously no intermediate quality check... The engine is nicely detailed, if a bit over complex -- I don't see a need to have the cylinder head in three stacked parts, especially when they don't fit very precisely, which can end up with your cam covers not aligned and not parallel, if you're not careful. If I was building another one, I'd set up (unglued) the base/sump part of the engine on the bearers in the big chassis part, and then glue on the block/head parts to the base, fine tuning their fore and aft alignment in the chassis, until I was sure that they run directly front to back, and then add the induction manifold and check that for alignment, all while the glue is soft. The blue detailing is prototypical, but there's a bit more to do to the throttle actuator rods yet... bestest, M.
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