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Found 10 results

  1. I bought (2) White Freightliner 75th Anniversary COE kits. The stock options are Day cab single drive (SD) and Sleeper cab dual drive (DD). I have chosen neither of these. I am building one as a Day cab DD and the other as a Sleeper cab triple drive. It has been slow going but I try to work on them a little bit most every day. I have painted the stripe (under) color on the cab and masked it off in preparation for the black top coat. I researched photos of the proper engine colorings but it was too boring so I went artistic on it. I modified the frame to keep the DD length but provision it for the day cab mounts. Since I needed extra wheels and tires for the triple drive, I got some Moebius aftermarket wheels and tires for this one. My cat lost my front axle and center link so I robbed them from a Ford Coca Cola straight truck kit. I got the brake backing plates from the Ford kit as well. Oh, and I converted the headlights to rectangular ones from Auslowe using just a file (no putty).
  2. Well it is finally finished. I learned a lot from building this one. I scratch built and modified a number of items. I highly recommend slotting the frame holes for the cab (tilt/pivot) to facilitate the bazzilion times you will take the cab on and off during the build.
  3. I am building two Freightliner COEs simultaneously. Here is some of the slow progress on the 2nd more ambitious project.
  4. The 1/25 AMT GMC Astro 95 cabover tractor has been announced for reissue in 2019 as kit number 1140. Sorry, no GM Turbine engine this time around. Here's the box art:
  5. Nice to see this one come back. Same kit but with new decals. Here is the kit!
  6. Looks like the AMT Mack Cruise-Liner is being reissued as kit #1062: AMT-10621/25 Mack Cruise-Liner Semi Tractor Cab
  7. Well here is another finished truck for this year. Have a look at my video.
  8. Hey Guys, I thought i would post some of my ongoing projects. First, the 352H is one of my all time favorite truck. I had the privilege of driving one many, many years ago. When i found this picture on the web, I was hooked. The first order of business was fixing the ROG 3408. I removed the molded in filters, filled the block, added a proper oil pan rail, corrected the water pump, timing cover, balancer and pulleys. Scratch built cylinder heads were easier than fixing the blobs in the kit. Two cabs were mated into one. With photo etched door hinges in hand, all the doors, driver access and storage, were removed. Thats when I discovered a oversight in the cab as it is from AMT. The storage doors are molded to low. The bottoms of the main doors and the storage doors should be at different heights. I cut them out, flipped them over, that way the floor of the cab can stay the same front to back. The extra ROG 359 frame from the Can-Do wrecker was smoothed and fitted for the cab. Hydraulic rams and brackets made fro the underside of the cab. It is hard to see in the oridginal picture, but the H had a different shift tower. A set of Jamie's Peterbilt resin wheels, and 150 gallon tanks, and some CMT Photo etch will follow. Thanks for checking out my post, comments and criticisms welcome. Mark.
  9. The CMT White Freightliner photo etch set sent me speeding down this path. I wanted to build something Detroit powered for a change, and what better combination that a Sliver 92 and a WFL cabover. The radiator and grille from CMT. The Stabilaire suspension from Italeri was narrowed about 2 mm to fit the 1/25th frame. Out board exhaust and dual air cleaners were added. The interior was converted to a platform style, and 150 gallon tanks were fashioned. Some srap box exhaust give a preview in the mock up photos. The headlights were lowered, the front axle was moved forward on the springs about 3 mm, the wheel arch reshaped, a front crossmember/radiator support was made, and a corrected visor and mounting bracket were added. Thank you for taking the time to look, Mark.
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