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Found 4 results

  1. Just finished my entry for this year's Cannonball Run Community Build, The Birthyear Ball. It's a 1978 Dodge Monaco built from amt´s Joker Goon Car kit: Paint is Tamiya TS-92 Orange and Vallejo Gun Metal Wheels and disc brakes came from a Tamiya DTM Mercedes CLK and were set into 23" aluminium sleeves and tires from Scaleproduction. I scratchbuilt the headlights and grille inserts as well as the license plates snd the LED taillights. Exhaust tips were made of copper tubing. The interior features four Dodge Viper bucket seats, resin speakers and amp... ...a touch screen GPS for the co-driver... ...Viper center console and a digital instrument cluster. Under the hood a Viper V10 from a die cast provides some horse powers. I had a lot of fun with this build and I hope you like it! Thanks for looking,comments are welcomed and appreciated! Greetings from Cologne, Germany
  2. Hagerty Drivers Foundation film released 1/12/22. Takes about 1/19th the time of the last record to watch this awesome film.
  3. Here we are again folks, at the start of a brand new year and of our 12th (!!!) Cannonball Run Community Build Project. I continue to be impressed by the dedication of our builders, year after year. Our theme this year is VANS! Your build must feature a vehicle that is a van or a panel truck. It must be built as a vehicle that could race from coast to coast. Please note: a sedan delivery is NOT the same thing as a panel truck. A sedan delivery is based on a passenger car body/chassis and a panel truck is based upon a pick-up truck body/chassis. Many kits that are not vans, call themselves vans on the box. That will not make them allowable. Please do your research on the kit you choose. Also, the cargo area and the cab are usually the same space in a van, though the partial bulkhead behind the seats of a step van doesn’t disqualify it as a van. The body is all one piece. A truck with a topper doesn’t qualify. However, if you were to seamlessly mold the topper to the cab and bed, and make them one space inside, you would have effectively created a phantom panel truck, which would be legal, assuming it is a full size truck. Please don’t try this with a little Chevy Luv, topper or not, no one would call that a van. Now his might seem like a very limited field of available kits. It is, until you factor in the aftermarket (resin) like Jimmy Flintstones ’66 Chevy panel truck, show rods like the Vandal (though the Vandal will need some tweaking to be legal) and the Baja Beast, and the myriad offerings from Aoshima, Fujimi, Hasegawa and Italeri. The rules: - Your build must feature a vehicle that is a van or a panel truck. It must be built as a vehicle that could race from coast to coast. - The build can be either a new or started kit up to 25% complete. A rebuilder or parts box special is okay too. 1/24 or 1/25. If you absolutely must do a 1/20 model we’ll likely bend the rules as we have before, but that’s the limit. - If you have a previously started racer from a previous running of the Cannonball (SA or MCM) 50% complete or less, they are eligible to run this year as long as they meet the theme requirement. All of our previous runs are still available on either of the two forums. If you are going to do this, please be certain it was involved in a previous run. - Before starting please post a photo of your kit(s) or pile o’ parts. No limitation on technology used. - Note: vans are not the best for displaying engine work. Unlike previous runs, a kit without an engine, like some Asian kits tend to be, is permissible. - The car must appear to be street legal. Headlights, tail lights, license plate etc. Optional - Just like we did for the Brock Yates Memorial Run, a couple years back, if you’d like to add some sort of detail to your build to honor the late Burt Reynolds that would be a cool idea. As always, have fun and watch out for two priests in a red Ferrari. That’s it for rules. The following is just FYI. - You may start a separate build thread for your build if you wish, but please keep the CBP thread updated. Your work will help inspire others. - The car can be as eye catching or non-descript as you wish. Bright colors and/or racing livery will make you more noticeable to local law enforcement, but that’s your problem. - Build time begins on January 1st, 2019, local time and ends at 11:59PM on December 1st, 2019, local time. That’s 11 months folks. - After the finish, we will create a poll and we’ll have the “race”, a public vote. - A few weeks prior I’ll start a completed builds thread, for posting up your work and we’ll work the poll from that thread. Take some GOOD PHOTOS! I cannot emphasize this enough, good photos are essential. No one has won this with crappy photos in poor lighting. - You may build as many models as you wish for this CBP but only one can be entered in the public voting poll after Dec. 2. - You can enter this CBP at any time up to 48 hours before the end date.
  4. The VOLKSWAGEN TRACKRAT It is a VW Bug frame with a turboed Acura I4 engine, 90s mustang lower A arms front and rear and a homemade roll cage. Comments welcom.
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