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  1. Started working on an AMT 53 Ford Pickup about a week ago, have seen a lot of nice builds and always wanted to get one going. Doing all the basics right now, soaked the body and main parts in some dawn and water, scrubbed the stuff down, scribed out the doors, vent and windshield. Removed the door handles, locks and filling in the gas filling area. Also smoothed out the running boards, have them glazed with some Evercoat at the moment. Looking at the chassis and stance at the moment, started assembling the engine. My goal is build a nice 60's style cruiser out of this. I've also been posting a bit more on my Instagram, if anyone is there feel free to drop in at qstick99
  2. fizi

    Ferrari Enzo

    Hi Guys, I built this Enzo a while back. Had a detail kit I think it was Hobby Design plus a number of scratch built parts. Total part were 550+ I changed the wheels out, I wanted a firmer look with the Bugatti Veyron as an inspiration. I was never mad keen on the Enzo but I thought with a more modern colour it was actually a really nice car Let me know what you think
  3. I started with a 1932 Ford Victoria. Used the custom plans and pretty much built it to stock. I painted it with Vallejo Model Air Red. The interior is Vallejo Model Air Blue. I used the left over decals from the Revell Kenworth W900.
  4. Three Old, and Three New I just completed 3 Thunderbird models so while presenting them, I thought I would include the other 3 I built over the past few years. I’ll begin with the previous builds and finish with the 3 new ones. 1961 Thunderbird Coupe, “Firestar” designed and built by John D'Agostino. Converted ’62 roadster into the ’61 chopped top couple. Opened and hinged the doors. Serious modifications to the Lincoln roof I added to it. Clear Tamiya red over base gold leaving gold border to the panels. Due to its age, the clear red has formed surface cracks. To see a video of the construction, click the link below. 1958 Thunderbird Coupe. Opened and hinged doors. Added molded on side “lake pipes” to the rocker panels. A top from a Dodge Stealth was grafted on with “home designed” photo etched wiper blades. Paint is pearl white/gold pigment powder added to clear lacquer and then topped with purple pigment powder in lacquer applied in to the edges of the body panels1962 Thunderbird Coupe This is a convertible kit with the top and interior from a 198? Firebird. Taillights were extended with “bullet lenses” and the nose was extended. The real unique feature of this car is the fact that both doors open and slide under the seats into a compartment between the chassis and the interior floor boards. Wheels are from a Tamiya Mercedes kit I picked up in a garage sale which was brutalized, but yielded a few good parts. Paint is a custom mix pigment of blue and mostly green pearl in clear lacquer with white top applied down the center and the sides. A number of years ago it was featured in an article in Model Car Magazine. To this day, it is one of my favorite builds where, I think, everything worked out just right. Now the new stuff. 1966 Thunderbird Coupe. This kit gives the builder the choice of a convertible or coupe model. I went a slightly different direction. I “laid back” the A pillar to add a more modern rake to the windshield than grafted on a vacuum formed top from a foam master I created. Opened and hinged the doors. I lightly customized the nose and tail of the car. It is lowered down into the weeds with period style big wide whitewall tires. Top color is Krylon Pure White over Krylon Gum Drop (light purple) then clear coated.1957 Thunderbird Coupe. I have had this kit on the shelf seemingly forever. I finally got the inspiration to build it. Then a few weeks ago, I got the bolt of lightning hit. I opened and hinged the doors (difficult because the plastic from this molding was very, very thick). I added a shorted and modified 2006 Camaro Concept kit roof with custom A pillars. Because this roof is so flat, I needed to build up the center with bondo and shape a gentle curve with the center being higher. I added inside panels to the rear of the roof side wings and recessed the rear window. The front wheel well openings were flared to give it a little more aggressive look. I removed the interior bench seat, built a new interior back section (too bad it is completely hidden) and installed the seats from the 2003 vintage T-Bird. I hinged the hood forward and added the kit supplied “Continental Kit” to the rear end because I think it looks so cool on the car and added the same style bullet taillights I used on the 1962 coupe. I added period style spotlights to the cowl and photo-etched wipers. The nose was extended on this car with fog lights added in the center, I leaned the headlights back and a small “chin spoiler” was added also. Car is lowered down and paint is a simple monochrome of Rust–oleum Gloss Coral topped with Tamiya clear. Fairly simple build for me, but I really like how it came out. And finally, the 2003 Thunderbird Convertible. This is another kit that has been hiding at the back of the shelf for many years. I finally dug it out and decided to build it. This is a snap-kit so it was very basic. Sorry, I don’t “do” basic, so I set about opening and hinging the doors. (also very thick plastic, so it was a difficult job) I have always loved how the tonneou looked on the roadster but haven’t built one with it (I have a few more ’62 Birds, so it will happen) but I thought it would look great on the 2003 Thunderbird. So, it was a no-brainer for me to graft it to this car. I added the seats from a ’62 Bird which mate to the cover. Then I was looking at the hood thinking…… “Yeah, this needs an engine” so it also got opened and hinged. I grafted on the front chassis of a ‘90’s Mustang and commandeered the engine from it too. Wheels and tires were stolen from a 2004 Corvette Z06 and the car was lowered. I wasn’t sure about what to do for body modifications since I find the styling bland and boring for the most part. I looked at pictures of, and stole a few styling ques, from the Foose “Speedster”, as you can see. I added his hood louvers on either side of the scoop, modified the grill opening like he did and changed up the fog lights similarly. I also cut down the windshield as he did, but I would have done that without seeing Foose’s car and then modified the exhaust pipe tips at the rear. But the simple, and I think more important modification to the body is the addition of subdued tail fins. I think these always should have been on the car direct from the factory, but hey, my car has them, so no problem. I added wheel well flares both front and back to give the side of the car a bit more definition and some oomph. The lower rocker panel on the car is Tamiya Gun Metal with a custom mix of Tamiya Gold and Silver Leaf with silver pigment added in which adds dark highlights around the edges for the main body color. Orange vinyl striping rounds out the exterior That’s it. 3 old, 3 new, 3 more to build one of these days.
  5. About five years ago, there was a lot of activity in the "What if" thread here (if you haven't gone through it, you should check it out here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/61461-what-if/). While participating in that thread, I decided to apply some of the body mods to a '67 Ford Galaxie that Chip Foose had done to the '65 Chevy Impala (2015 Ridler winner) that is called The Imposter, below is the resultant PhotoChop: Here is the original for comparison:
  6. Hello, here I show you my 1939 Chevrolet from Revell. The roof is chopped. The rear fenders were widened and moved up. The front fenders were also widened and the running boards were adapted. The chassis is changed, all suspensions and rear axle are selfmade. LS3 engine with Supercharger. The paint is Candy-Blue 2 over silver and 2K clear coat. The rims were created and printed by myself. Also the interior in Corvette C2 style
  7. Its gonna be almost a full kit Interior,glass,lenses,modernized late model 900 wheels and a simple pan chassis for cost reasons, being its my first im going to keep them curbside after that possibly do roller style casts. The cars will be aesthetically updated since factory isnt something i care much for. If this sells well the next build will be a 87/88 B2200 Mazda Truck and following that a Volkswagon SP2 thats more or less going to be designed to fit the Tamiya VW bug and the third release if all goes well a 80s Eldorado convertible/Riviera convertible(maybe).
  8. I am waiting for some ordered parts for Salt Shaker and the custom decals I am making for the Riviera, and then the motivation to finish the decals on my Ford GT, so why not start another project? This is the AMT Pontiac Catalina. I purchased this many years ago and it has been on the storage rack just staring at me for years so the other day I picked up the box, opened it and figured, why not? So, first thing I did, which seems to be the first thing I always do with these cars is I started opening the doors. But since I planned on removing and replacing the top, I only did the doors up to about 90% since I needed the strength of the doors to hold the body together once the top is removed. Removing to the top was a snap. 4 quick cuts with the electric rotary saw and the top was gone. The only tricky part was rebuilding new "A" pillars because the curved ones would not look correct since the new roof is significantly lower than the original. I glued and puttied the new roof in place and sanded the joints smooth. Then I opened the rear window and finished the side window area. When I finished opening the doors and built hinges for them I moved on to the inside door panels. Once the hinges were secured, I cut out the inside door panels from the kit supplied interior "sides" and glued them in place. I then added plastic strips around all of the windows to represent the chrome molding which will be BMF after the car is painted. Next, I will use bondo to make the door jams and finish them. I decided to add rear wheel opening skirts. These were cut out in two layers because of the body contours and then glued and puttied in place. I am planning a light pale yellow "pearlish" flat paint and maybe some painted on white scallops to accent it. of course, the colors are always subject to change as I may see another car that inspires me to go a different color direction, but as of now, the light pale yellow is looking good in my minds eye. . This door actually fits perfectly, it is just not closed properly here. Obviously, the doors and trim still need a little work to clean them up and align the doors exactly, but all is pretty close to finished on them.P.S., that is Max who came into my workroom to annoy me to give him, and his buddy, Dexter some treats,I dechromed the front and rear bumpers as they will be molded to the body and obviously paint body color. I am planing a slightly modified air-cleaner for the engines 2 carb's and a very lowered stance. Not sure if the door handles remain or get shaved yet. Thinking of using the custom wheels from the 1965 Riviera since I have them just laying around on the workbench since I have different wheels for Riv, when I get to finish that car.
  9. Havent done a wip in this section of the forum before, so I will start of with a simple build. I love the Impala's not matter the year. Whilst searching for some other things came across this and thought yep thats what il do to one of the kits I have. Simple and clean. So with that as a base for some inspiration.... Grab the kit and some wheels and set it up to see where to go from here, umm lots sanding ahead. The wide whites only come on the Crossbars that im aware of, changed them over to a set of Chrome Reverse Will be a curbside build.
  10. Looks like many of us are building the recent release of the Rivera. I am also but I didn't want to do the same old thing with it, so mine is going to be unique. First I began opening the doors while the body was still in-tacked so I could be a bit rough on it as I was working the doors free. When they were almost free, I shifted my attention to the roof. As with the 1962 Buick 225 and the 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix, I am not a big fan of the squarish formal style roofs on those cars. I changed the roofs on those two cars, so why not on this one too since I am not happy with the look of the stock roof, I cut away the roof and molded in a vacuum formed roof I made reminiscent of the 1965 roofs from most GM 2 door coupes. I think it just flows better and in doing so I am able to "lay down" the "A" pillar for a much more streamlined look giving the new roof a 4 inch chop from the original roof setting.. I set the roof so it flowed more to the rear making the cabin area longer and lower. Because of the look of the longer lower roof, the rear of the car looked too short to my eye. So I cut the rear end off behind the rear wheels. I then reset it 5 scale inches further back to give the rear a better flow with the new roof. I filled the gap with strips of polystyrene and Tamiya putty to fill the gaps. Then I completed opening the doors and added the custom front and rear fascias. I really like the longer rear quarter panels with this lower roof. This car will be lowered down and get a unique paint scheme...... I thinking maybe "Satin and Lace" maybe, maybe not. So, tell what you think about this.
  11. Hey guys, I just wanted to share another build I completed a few weeks ago for a customer
  12. Custom, one off, gull-wing coupe. Vacuum formed over a hand sculpted buck. Ferrari 360 Modena engine. Tamiya Mica Blue on top, Tamiya Light Metallic Blue in middle and a custom mix light grey on the bottom Pegasus wheels and parts box tires..... This was a bear of a build hand forming all of the interior panels and opening the doors. It is different, but I like it...... shark nose, shark mouth, shark eyes and shark gills, be careful, she bites. Thanks for looking.
  13. Attached are pictures of the three CAR MODEL cover/article cars I was able to obtain last month. The condition of the three varies: -The '57 Chevy is in quite decent shape. The bumpers have "silvered" a bit, but they're better than equivalent parts in some unbuilt Revell kits from the period that I have seen. The paint on the car still has a nice shine. The seam between the original kit roof and the balsa extension piece is visible, but not obtrusive. A detailed build article appeared in the July 1964 issue. This model was entered in the Revell/Pactra contest series in 1965 (the third and, I believe, last series). I don't know how it did. Probably for the contest, the wheels and tires used in the original build (from the base kit) were replaced with AMT '55 Nomad wheels and tires. A custom grille bar from an AMT '56 Ford kit was also added. And no, I don't get the Ford oval decals on a Cadillac-powered Chevy. -The '49 Mercury appeared on, and in, the May 1966 issue. Two Mercury kits were used, the second one donated body sections for the custom front end and to stretch the chopped top. The Hurst mag wheels and tires appear to be from the '66 Mercury annual kit. The chop is incorrect compared to a 1:1 Merc, in that the top is stretched and the rear window area is cut. Good 1:1 Merc chops shift the roof forward without extending it, and tilt the rear window area forward to close the gap. The tempered glass backlite can't be cut anyway. Plans are to clean this one up, reattach the loose parts, and then build a clone with another two Merc kits. I'll do the "wrong" chop but will cut the two bodies so as to have fewer seams to fill. The original build stretched the roof with a piece added in at the center, with the B-pillars being spliced in towards the end of the job. I'll do it differently but it will look the same. The paint on this car is Testor's metalflake blue, from the Ed Roth color line. One of the newer Testor's custom lacquers should approximate the color. I might even use the custom wheels from a reissue '66 Merc, just because. -The '65 Coronet appeared in two issues (November and December 1965) and on the December cover. My November issue doesn't have a cover, so I don't know if the Dodge appears or is mentioned on it. The November article outlines the wheelbase alteration, with December allocated to paint and hand lettering. Different themes were used on opposite sides of the car. This model is in one piece but isn't in great shape: the paint is on the heavy side and exhibits a lot of cracking on the hood, roof, and deck. I wanted to get this car in particular, as I thought someone not knowing what it was might tear it down and strip the paint for a rebuild. I'd like to build a new one of these (or more likely two, each with the same lettering on both sides). Maybe two Polar Lights Coronets, or possibly an original MPC for one car and a Moebius Plymouth Satellite for the other....
  14. Hello all! This is one of my first model car builds in a while, mainly because school is out and summer is here. So now I have more time to grow my skills in this wonderful hobby. Here it is so far, I'm still working on the chassis and little things here and there. I decided to make this a sleek and custom Corvette. I want to use the taillight pieces below, which may look like they are from a Corvette, but no. They are from a '58 Ford Thunderbird. A custom spice! This is the first model car I've done with a flat-color interior. All of my previous builds have gloss black interiors, which I will admit is not very realistic. That's all the pictures I have for now. I will gladly post more in this thread as I progress through this build. Thanks for viewing!
  15. Hello! So this one is a ´67 VW Pick - Up ( or pritchenwagen in Deutsch ) kit from Hasegawa. I decided to sand away any excess detail from it and to give it a typical 90´s custom show car look; clean appearance with semi gloss pearl white paint and modern wheels.. Those 13" BBS wheels and tyres came from Scaleproduction, paint is from Tamiya and seats are resin Volvo P1800 units from Air - Trax. Finnish custom ordered licence plates. glass is made from Raboesch smoke tinted PVC- sheet. pics:
  16. Here is some pics of my Impala on the bench. Started it couple years ago and just got back to it after major life events. This is a practice model to since it's been so long. Trying out the wash technique that I've never done. Thanks for looking in.
  17. Re-Issue of the 1965 kit. Lowered, engine detailed and doors opened Two-tone of custom mixed 1966 Ford Mustang Emberglow Poly on top and black on sides. Custom mix Interior color with Leopard skin decals on the seating area and doors.
  18. Were the three 1961 model year kits listed in the below ad the first of AMT's Sytline kits? Looks like SMP joined the party at some point, too, at least with Plymouth Valiant kit:
  19. I used the front clip to make a '41` coupe years ago, on Revell's '48 body, so I had this AMT woody body left over. Here it is totally stock, I don't want a 4 door! So I removed the B pillars and tried to scribe the lines back in for future development. I thought that if I removed the roof and "sectioned" it about a scale 3 inches it might look sleeker. Then I removed the other pillars, the roof has been sanded down 1/8th of an inch, approx 3 scale inches but it's not glued back on yet. I'm not sure of where I'll go with this, IF I decide to chop it, now is the time to do that! I do want to make it into a 2 door with modern chassis and interior, wheels etc. All suggestions and wild ideas are encouraged to be posted, please!
  20. An experiment with tape and nail polish. I plan to do more. It was great fun to play with colour and patterns. Parts box wheels, shod with Modelhaus tyres. I hope you like it
  21. Some of the crazy projects appearing on these pages lately have inspired me to share this one here...the general idea is to create a '60s custom-rod referencing a bunch of 1:1 1960s hot rods and customs, like the Invader, Asteroid, Manta Ray, Strip Star, Cosma Ray, and others. There will be a mild "surf" theme, but nothing super outlandish. The plan is for Indy-style independent suspension front and rear, and hopefully an opening gullwing door. This project has been creeping along for about 3 months now, so I'll post a few photos to bring things up-to-date. The victim: After pushing the cabin back, filling in the nose, bracing the body: Front fenders cut out and replaced with concave sections of sails from a model sailing ship: Hood roughed in, passenger-side A-pillar removed in anticipation of creating a partial wrap-around window, custom taillight made from Edsel grille and CD jewel case plastic: There are a few more details not shown here (ie, chromed headers will exit from the fender cove), but that pretty much covers it so far!
  22. I was thinking of improving my airbrush skills and wanted to build something more or less OOB, and concentrate on trying out paint techniques. This popped up on eBay for £20. 38 years old and stil in cellophane! The box interior had that 'old' smell. The Barris decals are rub-on transfers and there's a sheet of self adhesive prismatic sticker material. I'm not going to use either of these, as I intend to paint designs on the body. I removed all the scripts and door handles. The mould seams n the body were feint but there were a few sink marks to deal with. I used the custom rear window and filled the gaps After a fruitless search for Pegasus wheels online, I opted for some nice rims from the AMT 60 Starliner kit, shod with narrow whites from the sorely missed Modelhaus.. A big canvas for some creativity!
  23. Hi guys, here is another iconic custom car that I tried to rebuild in scale, John D´Agostinos Golden Starfire. Here the original car: And my scale version: It was built from a Jimmy Flintstone resin curbside kit of a ´61 Oldsmobile Super 88 with a few retouches and additional parts: All trim, emblems and handles were shaved. The hood was cut from the body and I inserted the engine bay of an AMT ´62 Chevy Bel Air along with the front part of the frame/chassis and the engine. The Bel Air also donored its window glass. The suspension was lowered and I used wire wheels from my spare parts with custom hubcaps and AMT parts pack´s wide whites. The ´60 Mercury grille with the Lucas headlights came from AMT´s ´59 El Camino kit. The interior tub and seats are ´63 Impala parts and I scratch built a center console and tuck´n´roll upholstery, he steering wheel is a Modelhaus item. A scratch built trim bar was placed between ThePartsBox custom bullet taillights. Thanks for looking, hope you like it.
  24. I wanted to build one with the Edsel tail lights and Desoto front bumper, so I started this one. I also found some fin extensions and a set of wild fender skirts. What do you all think? I got lots of sandingin my future!
  25. I have an original issue 57 Ford that I have the style line parts from and I wanted to use them, so here is the result so far. I am using the "Kandy Kart" front and the extended rear on this one. Lots of gaps to fill! I found someone on ebay selling the older chrome trees for this kit, the one with the chrome suspensions so I got that. I also ordered a set of double stripe AMT tires for it. I'll be using the deep dish wheels and baby moons on this build. Thanks
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