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  1. MOTHER OF PEARL! $#@ this was difficult. I kept trying to figure out why the parts didn't fit - its because they don't fit. Or at least I think they want you to build it with all the body parts hinged and open. So, yeah, lots of whittling to try and close some of the gaps between the body panels. I have a couple of detailing things to finish off but man, I've got to give it a rest. Makes me want to do a snap kit next!!
  2. Ok. Here's the last build of 2021. Fun project using the Tamiya model, and Pitwall decals, photoetch and resin. Hope everyone has a great new year.
  3. Decided to take a break from GT and Rally cars with this 1949 Mercury. Some aftermarket parts like the dice, upholstery and wheels. The paint is Testors (RIP) Icey Blue which went on easily and didn't require any sanding/buffing. If I had to do it again, I'd spend more time on the engine but I was "done" and ready to move on.
  4. I saw this livery online, and thought it would make a nice version of Tamiya's kit. A good exercise in decals. I don't normally do curbside, but this was challenging enough. There's a WIP thread on it as well.
  5. I'm working on a couple of Mercedes models, the 2018 GT 3 model sponsored by Tsing Tao beer, and the 2004 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing Panamericana sponsored by Corona Beer. I just liked the subject manager and the livery. I really don't drink that much beer! This post will discuss the 2018 model. I found reference photos online, then was able to find the decal set. The Tamiya kit is engineered really well. The taillights are 5 piece assemblies. The body parts, bumpers and air intakes fit very well. I do wish they had a version with the engine - curbside is really not my thing. But, the livery was so cool I had to take a shot at building it. Next up, getting the headlights, taillights and interior details together. Stay tuned.
  6. This AMT kit also has a Go Kart, which I'll try and finish this weekend. The model itself is inspired by a 1:1 I saw online. Same color combination. The decal for the seat I got from Hiroboy. They also have some Indian blanket pattern decals which I'll use in other models. Minor engine detailing, and some photo etched parts. It seem like it took a long time to finish this. I keep looking for a quick build, but seem to make it more difficult. I have a question for the community here. What is the BEST tape to use for painting and masking? The line looks pretty good here - but in all transparency, I found some white decal lines to make it look cleaner. I'd rather just find tape that does a better job masking - I used Tamiya. What else have you used? Happy New Year. 2020, don't let the door hit you on the way out!!
  7. Well, this was an interesting case. This is the Tamiya kit, pretty well detailed out of the box. I wondered about the dark green exterior and the blue interior and chassis - but reference photos seemed to indicate it was just that. The kit had some clear parts for the undercarriage. I would normally just paint them, but I decided to leave the clear for a change. The biggest challenge was the decals. The kit decals were yellowed, so I sourced out a sheet from Tailormade - and they were pretty good. Whiter than the yellowed kit decals. I also bought a sheet from "some guy on eBay". Between the 3 I felt like I had something to fall back on. Neat Mercedes hood ornament in the kit too. Anyway, a fun and unusual build.
  8. To start 2021, I wanted to do something simple. So here is the box stock, Subaru Brat, basic engine.
  9. This is Tamiya's Peugeot 205. I used some resin pieces ad decals from Renaissance, seatbelts from Spot Model. Very finicky to build. Still have some minor details like mudflaps to add, but it's pretty close to "under glass" at this point.
  10. If you are like me, modeling helped keep some sense of sanity and normalcy. Happy New Year everyone, and here's to a better 2021. The bar was certainly set low in 2020.
  11. Here's an Alfa in progress. It will have the Martini livery. I wanted to build something simple, but as usual, made more work out of it. Used Studio 27 carbon fiber kit. It is coming together though.
  12. Here's a completed Unimog. Kit is from Revell Germany. Many, many parts. Lots of detail for exterior, interior and chassis. The light/siren bar is made up of 30 individual pieces. The only trucks I build are usually light Ford and Chevy's, so this one was a new experience. A journey for sure, but fun to see it finished.
  13. From the Moebius kit. Tamiya dull red - liked color and the flat finish
  14. Hi. Here's my completed BMW. You can see the build progress in WIP.. This seemed like a walk in the park at first, but some fitment problems between the chassis, tub and body required a lot of fiddling. And it's one of those kits where the engine pushes up against the hood. So not as easy as I thought. The decals are from Racing 43 - really like the livery on this one.
  15. Hi. Gradually making my way through this build by Aoshima. Got carried away with the carbon fiber so it's taking a while. But fun, challenging kit.
  16. Hi. I'm building this BMW M3 DTM and using some aftermarket bits to reflect the Agusto Farfus car and livery. The paint is Tamiya Cobalt Green which, after primer, went on so easily. Really a pleasure to work with. Here is my question to this group. I can find exterior shots of the DTM BMW i'm building, but I can't find ANY references for the engine and engine bay. Anyone have any ideas on that? Thanks and I'll post more pictures as I get further into it.
  17. This was a big reclamation project. I think I built this 15 - 20 years ago, and the clear coat on it had yellowed. Looked ugly. So I striped it, took it apart, applied some aftermarket bits and put it back together again. Took f o r e v e r. I have another I 'm going to build as a Pike's Peak version, but think I'll try something easier next.
  18. Hi. I started working on my second Hudson. I've been experimenting with colored, clear overcoats. For the new Hudson, I used Testor's one-stage lacquer and then sprayed Tamiya Clear Red. The result came out pretty good. Then for the hood, Tamiya Gunmetal with a coat of Tamiya Smoke on top. Again, I liked the results. My biggest challenge with this is the bare metal foil. I thought I had sanded the trim smooth but after applying the foil, I could still see some particles poking out of the trim. Aaargh!! Kind of defeats the purpose of having a nice paint job. I think my next step will be to re-apply the foil after I clean up the surface a little better. Always something to learn. I included a couple of photos of the first Hudson too.
  19. Not my usual subject for modeling, but enjoyed the build.
  20. Had fun with this model and loved the graphics.
  21. Hi. Here's work in progress on Tamiya's Mazda. Seems like it's taking forever, but now that the engine is in pretty good shape, the rest of it should go quick.
  22. Hi. Here's the Moebius '61 Pontiac Ventura. Love the wheels on this thing. I broke the windshield trying to get it to fit, but Moebius customer service was great. They sent me a new one quickly.
  23. dougwintz

    Dome Zero

    Hi. Just finished the Dome Zero racer by Fujimi. Thanks to MCM Ohana Dale Beaver who posted some pictures way back and served as an inspiration for some of the detail work. A difficult build - but they all seem difficult lately!
  24. I like to look for unusual models, like Fujima's Nissan Skyline GT-R KPGC10 race car. Unfortunately, it's a curbside. So i took the engine from the Tamiya skyline and transplanted it. Here's the result: Then there is the Esci Ertl Ford Escort RS1800. It's a clear body kit. The tooling was not so great. But, I painted it white and acquired some Rothman livery decals. Interesting model...tough to build.
  25. Couple of Birds, Allison and Marcis
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