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Found 254 results

  1. Tamiya's Mazda Miata meets Ford Mustang 5.0 V8. I started this in 2001, been sitting in the box until this month. I made most of the difficult modifications long ago, but stalled when I needed to figure out how far to go for engine mounts, and filling in the matching points. I have photo-etch engine accessory parts, which I have never tried before, so hope to find a thread that shows what to do. Meanwhile, I've done the hood with hinges, really easy since the real car is so simple. I have the trunk hinged, with a latch and spring-loaded to stay open. Last night I made the Mustang wing operable as an air brake. So that's where I'm at today after joining this forum.
  2. Here's my finished version of the Moebius 66 Ford F-100 short bed pickup which is based on the second round test shot. The tooling is about 95% ready to go at this point and final test shots should be available shortly. Colors I used are Rangoon Red over Wimbledon White. Still waiting on the decals which will include some scripts which are missing from my build up. Moebius is shooting for the first release to be before the end of the year, most likely it will be the 66 Flareside version. Look for a display of these kits at the Detroit Show coming up next month. -Steve
  3. IMC is a defunct manufacturer, I never heard of them before I saw this in an estate collection. Knew it had to be rare, because I was also not familiar with the GTP J-car, and after reading what little history is online, see that it's the black sheep of GT-40 history. The original owner had broken off the body and chassis parts, and spray painted a pink tinted white, then thankfully put it away. For some weird reason, I had to resurrect and finish this. After stripping with brake fluid, painted the body with flat white paint, then gloss white. The instructions are odd, there are no part numbers, or color references. I had to re-evaluate how to assemble and paint sub assemblies, tack glued together the chassis, so I could take apart to assemble the suspension. I used Alclad, polished aluminum on the chassis, steel for the exhausts, chrome for the inner wheels. Testors magnesium metalizer for the wheel centers, but not rubbed. Best that I could tell, Ford painted the intake plenum gold, but I had to assume the block was blue. Since there is a texture, I assumed the pan had a coating. I need to improve my masking skills, and almost messed up the blue. grrrr I masked the number circle, instead of hoping the decal would work. Lucked out with the decals, they did not fall apart, and stuck with the use of the mild Microsol, but I used Solvaset at the end of the stripes. Since this is a box Stock build, and there is hardly any online reference to dispute inaccuracies, I applied the Shell and IMC decals to. The stripe was also much longer than the rocker panel, so I added to the engine bonnet. I whipped this out in about a week. Next is painting the body clear gloss, , glue on clear parts (lucky the tires did not melt on those parts).
  4. This is my first procharger I built. the motor in this car is really special because it is scratch bulit out of styrene sheets.
  5. So a few weeks ago I was getting ready to put my old build up for sale then a paint can can fell on it. This forced me to rebuild the car with the extra mclaren body I had, but I’m not going to sell it. I’m trying to step up my chassis skills with this build as long with the entire detail of the car.
  6. Looking to take the 65 F100 and make it into a dually. I know that the F350s had larger diameter wheel wells up front but I am not too worried about that. My main concern is the suspension. Specifically, would those be I-beams as well? I knew that they introduced them in 65, but would the 2wd F350s just be a straight axle with leafs? Or what are they. Cannot tell from pictures. Thanks.
  7. Shambles

    49 Ford

    I think this is a '49 but I built it so long ago, I ain't sure. It was on display in a Johan case for many years. Now it's gone baby gone. When I was a kid, a teenager two doors down had one of these with loud mufflers. M dog would chase him every time he passed the house.
  8. After a 10 year hiatus, I started building again this year. I am putting this up to get some motivation to stay on target, any suggestion welcome. I am starting with 2007 Revell version of 1932 "big duce". I have combined my love of hot rods and ww2 airplanes, I have seen some on the net and thought I do my interpretation, and try to look a little deferent then the others. This is going to take some time, but I have to finish this one or the wife will kill me, this one is pricy. ( I have a lot half fished kits in the closet ,over the years) So I am building it based on a p-51 mustang " Rebel Queen" flown by four time ace Fred Glover. I building it as if he or his mechanic built it after the war in 1947. It will have shinny paint and some chrome, as if it was going to be a show car or what they fantasized what the p-51 could of looked like if not in war. Channeled body, laid back wind screen, Fighter gages, bomber seats, joystick handle shifter and other goody's. Wish me luck. Laz The first pic, the plane. The second, the nose art with Crew Chief S/Sgt. John E. Wilson The third, is Major Frederick W. Glover. The forth, is the car I started with for photo shop. The fifth, is final rendering.
  9. I am looking for some info on this old Falcon junker I got years ago in a big parts lot. It is molded in white plastic like a regular model kit. Is not the funky plastic some promos are made of. Can't seem to figure out the year it represents. 60,61,62,63? Seats seem to be a different pattern from any others I have seen. Thanks for any help.
  10. My birthday was a few days ago and this nice big present showed up. It's the first 1/12 scale that I've built. The kit is the new Model Factory Hiro kit. What a great gift from the family. MFH has done the molding spot on, even the rear fenders are separate pieces too make the masking and painting easier. I'm building my fxx-k ( see post in this area) and this in between. There is no flash on the car at all. The only thing needed is some lines for the interior. Window nets are printed on fabric. Tires are preprinted and rubber . Stay tuned!!! Going to build it post race
  11. Another Norm Beechey car. This was the first ever Ford Mustang in the world to win a touring car race. The AMT Mustang kit was built pretty much out of the box. The plain steel wheels were detailed and tyres taken from my parts box. Decals are Patto's Place and paint is rattle can. The rear of the grille was sanded down and replaced with a fine mesh. The piece under the front bumper represents an oil cooler and the stance mirrors the real car. The window glass was replaced with clear acetate all round.
  12. AMT 1994 Ford Mustang GT built pretty much OOB but swapped the wheels out for Fujimi aftermarket units along with meaty disc brakes behind. Body badges cast separately using silicon molds and liquid styrene, then painted silver. Side scoops and bonnet vents opened up. Rattle can yellow exterior and black interior.
  13. Gumball

    1/8 scale T Tub

    This is my dads kit that he has neglected for a while, now me and him are going to finish it. Any bad color choices you can blame on him.
  14. I gave one teaser shot with my 2018 end of the year report, as I finished it up that afternoon. I did make some final adjustments on New Year's Day. I originally wanted to finish this one for my birthday in September, as I hit a certain milestone. It was not to be, so I took my time and enjoyed the build. This one started out as an original issue, parts kit that someone had started. I found it along with an original '62 Nova convertible kit on some obscure sales site on the Internet. I bought both kits for $22 plus postage. The lady selling it emailed me that she couldn't sell them because she discovered they were incomplete and started. It took a few emails to assure her that it was very okay! The original release had a few parts that are long discontinued.. the tonneau cover, the roll bar, the cycle fenders and low mounted headlights. That's why I just had to use them all! I cut down the windshield and then the roll bar to match. The flying horse decal was in the original kit. I was very careful to coat them with Testors decal fixative prior to attempting using it. I was relieved when they slid off the carrier sheet into place! But not without some yellowing, I guess that comes with the territory. I made the number decals on my inkjet. You can see the skull shifter in this photo, this was also in the original issue and is just too cool not to use! The kit comes with four cycle fenders, I just used the rear ones in this build. Those are the Red Chariot parts, if I come across another pair I'd love to build that version of the Phaeton too. I was originally going with all red wheels, but in the end they needed something. I used my Molotow pen to add chrome caps on them. These are the kit tail lights, so I used them on the mounting bumps provided. I just noticed the right side fender is crooked in these photos, no worries as they are not glued on yet. I added a chrome exhaust tip. The tonneau cover is held in place with the same double sided clear tape I use for windows. The original kit came with the stock four cylinder engine, as I was building a TROG car I wanted to use it since the Chevy engine in later versions wouldn't qualify. I wanted to wire the engine, and did my best at it. Of course right after I did so, I saw where someone had a better idea. So be it. I did add a coil on the firewall. And as usual, my simple builds go down the merry path to overcomplicatus! That's when I got the evil idea to add a real wood floor. A couple of tries with bass wood later, it looks pretty good so I'm happy I did it. Chassis view to show off the wood floor. Top view with hood in place. Finally after my third build of a Monogram Model A, I got the hood fitting procedure down! Still it's not perfect, and took a bunch of sanding on the inside to make it sorta fit. And here we are with the hood in place, along with a friend. I had both of these As on the bench at the same time. I finished up the blue coupe in time for the Liars show in November. I sacrificed finishing this one at the same time to get that one done in time for the show. And the entire family to date. I've gone off on a tangent with this kit series, and have a few more versions in my head. No show winners here, just having fun. These kits do have their quirks and ill fitting but they are fun and nostalgic. This Phaeton turned out exactly how I envisioned it so the voices in my head are pleased.
  15. Good morning all, I finally was able to get back to the bench after a long absence do to shoulder surgery and I jumped in with the new Boss 302 kit from Revell I did like this kit and thought it went together well I started by adding the basic plug wires and heater hoses but didn't go to extreme on details as I really was using only 1 arm then at the advise of my Brother inlaw I went with a Calypso Coral paint scheme i am happy with the way it turned out please enjoy and any comments or critiques are always welcome Thank you
  16. About five years ago, there was a lot of activity in the "What if" thread here (if you haven't gone through it, you should check it out here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/61461-what-if/). While participating in that thread, I decided to apply some of the body mods to a '67 Ford Galaxie that Chip Foose had done to the '65 Chevy Impala (2015 Ridler winner) that is called The Imposter, below is the resultant PhotoChop: Here is the original for comparison:
  17. Gt fan

    Ford GT

    I started this one a months back and put it back in the box several times. Mainly to finish my Audi s1 rally car. This has been a chore, it’s been re-painted three times. Started out as French Blue. Then dropped twice with various parts flying off. It painted like the Shelby team GT 40 . Colors are semi gloss metallic grey and semi gloss black for the nose. Carbon decals ( Tamiya extra fine) were used in the interior and the rockers and rear diffuser and on the nose trim. As well in the engine area. Wheels are sprayed titanium silver. It has a gold huge to it. Not my best effort, but done. Just have to add the license plate. I wanna take a picture outside in the sun tomorrow.
  18. what if ? There's stories of "discussions" between Henry Ford and his engineers with his v8 before he won out with the flathead. But what if he allowed a few of his team to go have fun with his 32 Ford and do what they wanted with a one off? On their own time ... and dime of course... im playing around with rethinking the deuce .. And going gran tourismo
  19. Looking for any Version of thd MPC Hemi Hunter kit.As well as the Revell Baja Bronco kit.I have a Ford F-150 High Roller kit for trade.And many other kits
  20. Ford F-150 Monogram High Roller kit.Box has been opened but parts inside are as they came from the factory.Looking for several different kits. Any release of the Hemi Hunter. Revell Baja Bronco.Only the Baja version. Buick Grand National. Semi Kits Any Chevy ot GMC Pickup kits Any Surban or Blazer kits. I have a vast area of interest of kits I love.A lot of older kits and muscle car kits get my attention.Love me some Chevy pickups.Feel free to offer me a trade.Unable to upload pics.Feel free to message me for pics
  21. Finally getting around getting mine built , so lets get to it The plan, yes, I am know, is blue, you didnt see that one coming did ya? Paint is Ford Liquid Blue from Scalefinishes Taped up all the body bits Look at the chassis, its been painted with Mr Surfacer and Graphite Met And the engine detail, just need to apply some decals The rear suspension setup in progress, paint with MM Metalizer Aluminum.
  22. When I found out that this model was coming out I almost cried. If it wasn't for the 1969 Mustang I would never have become a car guy and would never have gotten into model car building. By chance, one Sunday while getting ready for church, I passed a show on SPEED TV called the American Muscle Car and the 1969 Mustang was the subject of the show. They made the car sound like the greatest thing ever built and I became hooked on cars from that day forward. I watched the show every week, absorbing as much knowledge as I could. The color is Blue Angels Yellow. I had two issues with an otherwise excellent kit. The hood did not fit right, and the stripes for the hood got messed up, so i have to order new ones. Haven't had a chance to put on the clear coat yet. SAM_0450 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr SAM_0451 by Eric Lucas, on Flickr
  23. This scary little puppy is finished! My goal was to have it on the table at the Philly NNL last Saturday and I managed to finish it up Friday afternoon with time to spare! This is a project started back in 2008, revisited in 2012 and finally put on the bench with intent of finishing it about a month ago. I had asked friends for suggestions on a number of details and incorporated a lot of their feedback into the final model. Falcon Ranchero bed.. some guys at the Philly NNL thought I used the bed from the 1/32 Ranchero, but no it's a sliced and diced bed from the 1/25 version. New Jersey plate was one I already had made up, placed on the vehicle hastily to look complete. I reserve the right to change it to a personalized one someday in the future! Friends suggested bomber seats, so I grabbed the set that was in the recent Revell Model A chopped coupe. Clear steering wheel came out of an AMT Riviera, parking brake is VW. Console is '57 Ford custom unit whittled to fit. I drilled in some cup holders because I go nowhere without my big cup of coffee! I gave some details to the dirty underside. The exhaust is the stock set that came on the custom 1950 Ford pickup, only cut right behind the mufflers. I added some chrome ends that probably were intake parts in their previous life. Here she is sitting next to my stock 1950 Ford pickup just to illustrate how modified she really is! The body was sectioned and once the top was removed the windshield was chopped as well. Maybe I should have cut a bit more off of that! And she's shorter too! I had taken a bit out of the chassis length. In this last shot you can see how I raised the engine up a bit so that the injectors came through the hood. This is a fixed panel, reminiscent of those old pickups with the two sided hood. That is the flatty with the Ardun heads that came with the kit. So in the end we have this crazy little rod. And the voices in my head are pleased!
  24. Hi all, it's been a long time since I posted a finished build here on the forum, but finally I found the time to upload some images. The Bonneville Coupe as I call it is basically a box stock 1932 Ford 3-Window Coupe without the fenders. Modifications are the wheel and tire combo, and the straight pipe headers. The paint is Testors Green Metal Flake(1630) from a can, no clear overtop. For more updates on my builds, please follow me on Instagram @scaled_models as I update there regularly. Cheers!
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