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Found 39 results

  1. Porsche 911 Carrera 2

    Hello, here is my latest finished build, and at same time my first finished Porsche model ever!" Its nice Fujimi kit and goes together well. I got bit weathering accidently cause i did mess up with panel lines. I think it still looks cool.. I hope you like it.. I used Aoshima BBS wheels and printed finnish licence plates, and also german flag. Rest is out ot box.. I went with bit retrolook with doing chrome foiling on window mouldings etc... They should be black..
  2. Porsche 911 Carrera

    Here is my Porsche project.. Color is Ivory from Maston colors, its rattlecan spray paintjob.. Chassis is done, interior is almost there and body is awaiting for detailing, decals and first of all polishing. Wheels are from Aoshima.. 17 inch, BBS Type RG
  3. Lamborghini Reventon

    Hey, everyone!, This is my Fujimi Lamborghini Reventon build......obviously...lol, Even though its only a curbside, I will be detailing the interior to make it look like the real car, since things are missing, or not done right. I even have a technique that replicates Lamborghinis special leather called; Alcantara. I will also show how I take a one-piece engine, and still make it look convincingly real. Hope you enjoy!
  4. Integra Type R

    By no means one of my better builds. TBH after three superb Tamiya kits on the run this Fujimi kit was always going to present less 'builder appeal'. Don't get me wrong the 'car' is nice I really like it, the kit isn't and those terrible 13" wheels look like castors on an oversized couch !! - No matter he she is in glorious Tamiya TS-22 'Light Green'. Please feel free to make any comment, ask a question or hurl abuse. Back to the NASCAR Lumina build now. Ian.
  5. Toyota Corolla TE27 Levin

    Hello, here is my newest build, its Toyota TE27 Levin from Fujimi kit.. I did spent week to build this since i wanted to finish it fast becouse there is model contest soon on next week, and i wanted to build something new to show up there. Its my second model show so far in my life time so im bit exited.. Not a big show, but still one to go. Ok about built and stuff i did for this.. Lowered chassis from front to get that stance look good. Aftermarket 13" ATS wheels with tires from this Fujimi kit. Interior got door handles etc, also there are some speakers and nice flag in back. Colors Olive drab and matt black with some Molotow touches, and also painted some wood treatment for steering wheel. Color is Tamiya TS Forest green, i guess it was for some Aston Martin, but suits well for about any car. Also made Japanese lincence plates to fit on US-size license plate frames Not muct time to make more on week but these i made to build this puppy. After all i had much fun while doing this, and i could build another with more time and maybe more details.. but here are the pictures.. Enjoy Cheers
  6. I really wanted the 458 as a spider rather than the coupe. So I waited for someone to launch a model/transkit............ and waiting,and waited,and waited. Once the 488 was launched clearly there was never going to be a spider coming, so I took matters into my own hands. I grabbed my sons diecast 1/24 scale 458 stripped it apart and made a silicone mould of the body and cast the spider body from resin. I then cut the roof and back section from the fujimi kit and sculpted the engine cover in from the cast using milliput. I then re-sculpted the hood and back end to represent the Ferraro 458 Aperta. Just for good measure added in door inserts from an italeria 288 GTO I had for spares and scratch built the front end, again loosely based on the Aperta. Oh and added some monster 22 inch rims I call it the Ferrari 458 Aperta M, let me know what you think
  7. Hi, everyone my name is Kevin. I'm currently building the civic type R ek9, I'm a complete rookie when it comes to a model car, hence I ran into the problem below: As the picture suggested, I have some area that needs to be re-worked, I had 3 layers of primer and the colour coat( white ). I think there are only two ways to sort it out: 1. To mask the remaining area with masking tape, and re-do the fenders and the front end. (Primer+colour coat)? But I think the method one would take more time and money( the usage of spray can), since I already have three layers on top of each other. 2. Masking the rest of the car as well, but instead of redoing the primer, just spray another layer of white on top of it? I don't know how good or bad, this might turn out to be. Thanks for all the support from you guys, this is my first model car kit, and I want it to be as decent as it can be Please help me out with this so I can show you guys later this month, well......hopefully.
  8. Pantera

    Finished as of last night. Fujimi's 1/24 scale De Tomaso Pantera kit. It a curb side, so no engine. And it is not a perfect replica of the Panteras as they were sold in Lincoln-Mercury stores in the 70's. But, this kit is a close to any small bumper U.S. spec Pantera that I've seen.
  9. So I’m new here, but this is what I currently working on. It’s almost finished but what is everyone’s honest opinions?? Its painted Tamiya light gunmetal spray paint with a testors high gloss enamel clear spray can. I used splash paints polishing compounds on the clear. The interior is painted Tamiya red brown and aluminum. Wheels are gloss black and chrome pen.
  10. Hy Guys, Long time member but don't think Ive posted before. I have the re-issue of the Fujimi 1/12 Nissan Skyline GTR (BNR32) on it's way. Very reasonable price from Hong Kong too. This kit, together with the MFH 1/12 Ferrari 250GTO, is a holy grail for me. Just wondering if anyone knows of any after market products for this one. I'll post some photos in a sort of unboxing once its here in the next few days. Cheers Brook
  11. Fujimi Ferrari F12

    Hi Guys, My first start to finish build since joining MCM. There is a build diary in on the work bench but one of my pals said he cant see the video I think I might be uploading on a sub thread. Hopefully from fresh you guys can see this one, let me know what you think hope you enjoy the video. Thanks to everyone who followed the build super motivational
  12. Fujimi Ferrari F430 Spider. I built this car a couple of years back and I was going to say this is one of my favourite Ferrari's but to be honest I love them all
  13. First build on the forum

    Firstly thank you for the warm welcome to the forum its my first forum membership and I've definitely chosen the right place. I've just finished a ferrari 310B. Id like to post a build diary for the next one and get some feedback from you guys. I'm stuck between two choices either: 1/24 fujimi Ferrari F12 or Airtrax Ferrari 250 GT pininfarina cabriolet. Which one do you think ? Cheers Mark
  14. My 2017 Builds

    Hi All, I really got back into making models this year, after doing a few last year. I am really pleased with my progress, it always feels good to see how you progress over a year. This year also marked my first competition. I Got a 3rd place for my Carrera GT in the full detail section, and a commendation for my WRX STI Rally car in the curb side section. Below are some of my builds Competed in 2017. There were also a few others that i did this year, but didn't quite turn out as i had hoped. Thanks
  15. Hi All, I recently joined this forum to get ideas and inspiration for future builds. Generally i do 1:24 tamiya kits, as i find theyre standard details to be the best, but am also liking the variety of kits that Aoshima and fujimi are putting out. Thanks Nathan
  16. So i just started another build since the Murcielago is finished. This is a quick and simple build, but that is something Fujimi tends to be like i noticed after doing 2 kits from them so far. Ive spend maybe 2days some hours working on it, and i have already finished all the interior, cage, engine painting, and installed the whole interior and suspension (as little as there is sadly but ow well). All thats left is the body work and to assemble the engine parts... I;m planning osmething out of the ordinary for this F430, as i plan to paint it Tamiya TS31, i plan to do without primer, as ive currently only got the red Tamiya primer, and i didnt like how the seats turned out when using the red primer with the TS31 paint over it. The can shows it to be really bright (which i want obviously) but with the red primer underneath it became to much of a cognac leather color, looks good for the seats afterall, but not how id want the body to be, due to being short on time and money currently id see how it turns out when i just paint over the plastic, the body has just 3 small mold lines to get rid off with sanding and then we will see how it looks. For now here some pics of the work that ive done so far on it: Wheels put together and onto the chassis: Seats painted and put together: Seats and dashboard installed: Cage fully put together and started paint (these are a hell to paint by brush....): Cage with all the painted engine parts: Mockup of all the engine parts assembled: Interior fully assembled with cage now: Thats it for now, more coming soon!
  17. Gentlemen, wondered if any of you have ever needed to request missing parts for a Fujimi kit, and how that went for you....I recently bought a stack of Fujimis off an ebay Japanese seller, and one was missing the bag for wheels, tires, axles, and a couple of small white parts. I ask because my emails to them off their site don't seem to send without kicking them back to me, so I wrote them and sent a copy of the instructions indicating the parts in question.....any opinions or war stories will better prepare me...lol.....thanks boys, the Ace...
  18. Does anyone have instructions for a Testors (Fujimi) Porsche 911? I picked up a buildable kit on eBay, but the instructions are missing. Thanks! Steamboat
  19. My first diorama

    Here's my first diorama. Two Fujimi garages and one tool set. I'm in the process of adding more to it, from my parts box and I'm also making some filter and spark plug boxes, from photo reduced prints. Having seen the quality of the dioramas here, I know it's got a long way to go, but I love the way a diorama gives added realism to our builds. Dang. something's gone wrong with Photobucket. I can't seem to link to an image that will appear. maybe this might work.. http://s173.photobucket.com/user/geetee66/media/Garage Diorama/261ED9A5-7BA9-4367-8B70-A726FF679522_zpsqagegd3i.jpg.html thanks for looking
  20. Fujimi Altezza/RS200

    Hey everyone, here is the build I've started today. It's also my first real build like this, so I'm seeing how it goes. It's a 1/24 scale Fujimi Altezza, and I'm going for a JDM/drift style build inspired by the drift team Animal Style. The color I chose was a metallic red flake, and clear coat. I'll worry about the decals later, I'm just trying to take it step by step. First will come general assembly and then paint. I'll post an update once The body has been painted. This is my first build, so it's not going to be amazing. As I post updates feel free to tell me where I've made mistakes and how I can improve.
  21. Fujimi Ferrari 348tb curbside kit. I recently found this kit, which I didn't remember starting years ago. Since the body was painted, all I had to do was detail the interior & body, and put it all together. Not perfect, but nice. (2010)
  22. I am coming to the end of 2 of my current 3 unfinished builds. So I need to start 2 more, one of which will be this BMW by Fujimi. It's an old kit, but was re-issued recently, and can be bought for not much, I think tis was about a tenner a few years ago. It's really simple, curb side, and not much detail. The energy here is in the body & interior. I will be doing a completely OOB build, the only additions if I feel up to it, will be flocking and seatbelts. I wanted to do this in the medium metallic green exterior colour, however, I haven't found a good match, so the exterior will be black & interior with be blue. Here are some sprue shots...
  23. Fujimi Honda Civic EK9 Curbside

    Hi all, So the 1966 Chevy Nova project has been put on hold till I can get to a shop to get more body paint (lesson learnt with the EK9 project, more on that in just a bit). So I decided to take the Fujimi EK9 kit for a quick build into a Spoon Civic look, it's not quite finished yet but made so many mistakes on the way too. Problems and Bad stuff: - Only had one small can of yellow body paint and the body could have done with another 1-2 wet coat before I sealed it with clear - I then attempted to mask and paint the black accents on the window trims on the clear plastic and turns out using painters masking tape instead of something like Tamiya tape, I had runs and leaks so had to wash that off and not as clean windows - Just general small bits of paint blemishes on the body, you'll see Anyway, after all that I am still quite happy how it's turned out given what happened lol. After the final coat of clear and polished using Novas 1 and 2 More on the interior bucket in the next post.
  24. Nissan 240Z Street Racer

    Tetsuo, a wannabe street racer with more money than sense, bought a nice 240Z, just to start cutting it up to add fiberglass aero. He never thought about upgrading, or even repairing, the stock L24 straight-six under the hood. After losing a large sum of money on races, he decided to sell the car. He set the price to try to recoup the money he spent on the car, plus the money he lost racing. Between the exorbitant asking price, the damage he did to the body, and the poor reputation the car gained during the owner's failed street-racing career, the car languished on the market for a long time. Eventually, he found a buyer named Kaneda, but had to accept less than half of his asking price. Kaneda knew repairing the bodywork would be an expensive and arduous task, so he decided to leave the bodywork, bad paint and vinyl stickers as is and concentrate on mechanical upgrades. He upgraded the brakes, suspension, and had the engine swapped for a small block Ford V-8. When the work was completed, Kaneda started going to street-racing events. The other racers remembered the car, and it's miserable performance, from Tetsuo's time driving it, and thought Kaneda would be an easy mark. Kaneda made quite a bit of money in those first few months, before the car's reputation caught up with its performance. This is Fujimi's Nissan Fairlady 240Z Full Works Version, finished as a curbside model. This was my first time cutting up body work to fit add-on aero parts, so things didn't go as well as I would have liked. Instead of putting the kit to the side, I decided to go with it, and make a distressed and abused street-racer. The body color is Tamiya Bronze acrylic. Chassis, interior and hood are painted with Tamiya Semi-Gloss black. Trim was masked and painted with Tamiya Gloss Black. Decals are Revell Pinewood Derby dry transfers. I used various Ammo of Mig Jimenez products to add weathering and distressing. Black thread was used to replicate zip-ties holding cracked aero together. Header ends were made from K&S aluminum tube, I used a Dremel with a ball-shaped grinding bit to thin out the inside bore of the tubes to make them look more scale-correct. Here is the WIP: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/100787-nissan-240zg-track-toy/ Here are the finshed photos: Here is a shot of the finished model in its display box, next to my '25 Model T rat rod:
  25. 73 Porsche RS 2.4

    Hello.. I finally completed this one. Testor's issue of the Fujimi kit. Paint is Testor's one coat Blazing black. no gloss. This kit was a fighter. I probably took the rear end about 20 times to get it to sit right. Even though its not perfect. I am still pretty happy with it. Now to decide what Porsche kit I should start next. All comments welcomed. Thanks for looking