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Found 24 results

  1. New (vintage) box art for the forthcoming 1/25 AMT #1293 Chevy II Nova "Twister" AWB/Funny Car:
  2. Is it real or model? I have the answer but will let you all guess for a while.
  3. Looks like the forthcoming 1/25 AMT '76 Chevy Vega F/C will be the wagon-bodied version with original box art:
  4. This is a Revell kit I have been working on. I have been building models since I was a kid, but, this is the first car kit I have built, probably, since I was a teenager. I am going to use Slixx decals and I have added a few details, such as the fuel tank strap, valve cover breathers and magneto. I used aftermarket tires and the correct Hailbrand wheels. The next step is to decal it.
  5. Just out of the spray booth, needs touch ups, first clear coat and polishing. Custom decals underway in GIMP, next finish driveline and install scratch built tin and fit windshield
  6. I was given several boxes of parts years ago and am trying to see what kits they are for. I am assuming these were from an AMT Funny Car kit from ?. I don't have a need for them and if none of my friends need them I'll be posting them in the trade thread. Thanks
  7. MPC Mustang FC 72 (HOTROD MAGAZINE) this was my 1st detailed build & contest entree. I installed every aftermarket plumbing, Aluminum Billet pulleys, A/N color coded fittings, Wrinkle Wall Slicks, even added the Chrome Valve Stems on it...for a EXTREMELY SIMPLE "BOX STOCK" build that would only take most beginners a few days to complete, took me about 350+ hours...(and I still wished I had 25-30 more to do everything that was in my head.. I had nothing but FUN all the way through.....
  8. One of my favorite drag cars from my era. Has this kit for decades and finally had the "chutzpah" to start it and very rarely finish it. Dis body and chassis mods to get the right stance. hope you can see those in the next set of pictures.
  9. Coming in 2019: AMT 1151 -- 1/25 Dyno Don Nicholson's Mercury Cyclone Eliminator II Funny Car Something old or something new, regarding the box art? The most recent reissue: Here's the instruction sheet for a previous, generic "Mercury Cyclone Funny Car", but same basic kit with a heavily altered wheelbase, Ford 427 SOHC "Cammer" engine, etc: http://modelkitreviews.proboards.com/thread/917/amt-6766-mercury-cyclone-funny
  10. After decades of having this kit in the closet, Decided to built it, but not box stock because that is just foul. After looking at lots of reference pics and watching old footage of races I was ready. I know I had to be super careful with this old decals and in many places they cracked and broke off so I had to use paint and markers to repair the best I could. I was able to make a decent job I think. Mod the body as you can see in the pics. Also added details to the interior. Glad I was able to finish a model after so long out of the game. Thank you for watching and keep building and posting because it was the motivation I needed to start building again.
  11. This is 1977 Firebird funny car that I am in the progress of building. I completed the chassis and am trying to plan how to paint the body. Chassis is Revell funny car chassis with minor adjustments to the rear end and the body is from Competition Resins. The final plan for the car is that I am going to give it to the owner of the car. Thanks for stopping by
  12. Does anyone make a rear spoiler extension for the 70s era Vega funny cars in 1/25? I know comp resins makes a 1/16.... I would even take good dimensions. I've tried to make my own but they stink...... Look too thick or too big. Trying to make a jungle jim and setzer vega and it seems they ran with em. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Here is the Custom Body Duster funny car, used the Mongoose as donor
  14. Any help and ref pics for the Nitro Bandit Olds funny car, I can only find a cpl online?
  15. Any one know what The Miller Funny car Motor looked like paint wise, or the frame color? I can't find any builds on here, and really want to get it close,,
  16. Here's my latest build fresh off the bench. I built it for an upcoming new book about Mustang models by Bill Coulter. It's a mostly out of the box buildup of the '80s vintage Monogram Mustang 7-Eleven funny car kit with the addition of Slixx decals and some other details. You can read all about it and see more pics on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/84bluemax_mustang.html
  17. I built this '72 Blue Max Mustang funny car using the MPC kit. It's mostly out of the box except for the addition of some Slixx decals and a couple of other little add-ons. You can see more pics and read all the details on my website at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/72bluemax_mustang.html
  18. Here is the finished green elephant, I reposted it due too having areally bad day, enjoy and just have fun building,,lol
  19. not a super detail build or even historically accurate but I like it.
  20. Yesterday at Local Model Car Show I spotted one Jo-Han Pinto FC for sale. The first thing that caught my eye was the box, it was just like brand new! Since the price tag was 25 Euros, which is currently $32, I decided to buy it since there can never be enough Jo-Han kits in my stash! The kit was unstarted, only taillight lenses are missing. Maybe I need to scratchbuild them... The plan is to build something that could have raced Back In The Day, with three-color paint scheme that will be something similar to the one in that box art. The engine is a Boss 429 (?) so all detail pics of those FC engines would be highly appreciated. I have some pics already, but still lots of details are unknown. I started by cutting the Rear Window cover with "Pinto" text away, since I want to have a real rear window in this build. Then, after sanding those mold seams away, I put some Bondo on the body to fix a couple of bad spots. Tomorrow I'll sand them and see if it is already a time for primer coat. Also I started cleaning up the chassis parts, but I have no pics of them yet. Here are pics of what was inside the box. http://public.fotki.com/NostalgicDrag/johan-ford-pinto-fc/
  21. I had this kit as a kid & loved it, but I've never seen another one since with the exception of the occasional ebay listing. AMT included a real grille, front and rear bumpers and tail lights. This has been my Holy Grail kit for decades. AMT also issued this kit, which I've never seen apart from ebay listings. IIRC, AMT issued these kits the same basic P/N but one has a 3 or 4 character extension. The box art indicates that this one may not have the front bumper or grille, among other things (decals?) Anyone know anything about these kits?
  22. This was my entry in the 24 hour build last month. I pretty much wrapped it up by 5am (I had until noon) minus some details I knew would take some time. Howard had warned me that the exhaust was an issue, so I didn't even try during the build. I also didn't like the fake foot push bar, so I left that off as well. The blower top had a really bad sink mark, so I figured I could do that later as well. I gave it a nasty gasser look, and again, didn't get to the rust part until later. Front chassis view. I actually started with the sponsor decals on the firewall to hide a couple of holes. Came out well and I like it since that was just a blank panel. The blue wires were used because I had the prewired distributor in my hoard. I did build the kit headers (plate plus 4 individual pipes to glue together on each side) but they didn't fit at all. So I hit the parts box and came up with this pair, which I sanded and bent up a bit to fit. Forget that they were RED and bled through a few times. Not perfect but they're on there! Rear view of chassis, I used some photo etched gauges because I thought it would be quicker than trying to detail what was molded onto the firewall. It wound up being a draw, time wise, but I like it. The kit had no seat belts and I think it would be too much trouble to do it correctly now. I did find a good blower top that actually mated fairly well with the kit bottom piece. I sanded the new assembly to shape and BMFed it since I am out of Alclad. Rear view uses the back bumper from the '53 Ford pickup kit in place of the hokey foot thingie that came in the kit. Much, much better in my book! Right side shows more rust and damage. That's always the fun part for me. Not bad for the speed at which it was built! I did learn a lot on that 24 hr build and I noticed that my building has sped up a bit with the new sense of organization it gave me. And it was fun to build with guys across North America! And for those who haven't figured it out by now, "Miss LED" is just a jumble of the kit "Miss DEAL" decal. I did a little logo for the 24 Hour Build that is on the back of the car! So I'll always remember that day!
  23. Hi first post from new and desperate user ! I was just about finishing the body of the 79 pioneer/john collins F/C body, and attaching the screen, when SCHHNNAP !the screen cracked and splintered and is ruined. The kit is an airfix(MPC?) Black Belt F/C but i suspect it may be generic to a couple of kits of the period (burnout bird?) I would try to make a replacement but this screen seems to have a compound curvature ! Please anyone can you help (oh yeah the box was opened an started and cost me over £28.00 and i am unlikely to come across another, that i can afford) also missing the top of rollcage structure if anyone has that also (not so concerned about that i could fab one)
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