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Found 13 results

  1. Sounds like the 1/25 AMT '63 Ford Galaxie 500 is being reissued in 2020 as kit number 1186. Your guess is as good or better than mine what the box art will look like, so maybe this?
  2. About five years ago, there was a lot of activity in the "What if" thread here (if you haven't gone through it, you should check it out here: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/61461-what-if/). While participating in that thread, I decided to apply some of the body mods to a '67 Ford Galaxie that Chip Foose had done to the '65 Chevy Impala (2015 Ridler winner) that is called The Imposter, below is the resultant PhotoChop: Here is the original for comparison:
  3. So happy to have finally finished another model this year, I’ve only finished about 5. This was my first resin conversion attempt. It’s a Time Machine Resin body and interior. The AMT 65 Galaxie 500 XL was the donor. I used all the chassis and engine parts from that kit. I even left the 4 spd trans as there are a few that were built from the factory that way. The engine has plug wires added and a coil from MAD. It did not turn out as nice as o wanted but live and learn. Hope y’all like it. Comments welcome.
  4. I am looking for a couple of 1967 and 1968 Ford Galaxie 500 kits.prefer some reasonably price unbiilts but decent rebuilders may suffice.
  5. I have the AMT 1970 Ford Galaxie police car kit and I want to make it in the Las Vegas version. There aren't many stickers for this version which is fine, but there isn't anything in the kit that tells you where to put the numbers for the squad car. I have looked at the pictures on the internet for "Diamonds are Forever" cop cars, but since it is all night time scenes it is really hard to see where the number might be. I think there is a number on the passenger side trunk near the tail light, correct me if I'm wrong. If anyone out there knows the correct location of the squad car numbers, please let me know.
  6. 70 Ford Galaxie / Chicago PD. I know, I know........ I couldn't find any references showing CPD used these cars either, but my uncle was on the job then and swears up and down this was the scout cars they used and who am I to question it, he was on the job then, not me. This was a surprise gift for him, so I couldn't prod for too much info from him without him getting suspicious. It was a fairly quick build as he is moving out of state and wanted to get to him before he leaves
  7. Last year I purchased this '61 Ford Galaxie Styline kit. I didn't know much about it, other than the fact that it was a Galaxie and I love Galaxies! I was pretty bummed at first to realize that it's not very detailed and has no engine or chassis to assemble and the interior is very simple. None the less, I decided that it would be a nice kit to try some different techniques I had learned on the forum. Also an excellent opportunity to practice my painting skills. This was the first kit that I had tried to scribe the panel lines and add depth to them. I went a bit overboard and ended up gouging the hood. I had some Testors putty laying around and it just doesn't work right for me. I tried the Tamiya putty and it seemed to work great! I'll add some Vallejo acrylic black wash to the lines and see how that goes! The body has been primed with Rust-oleum plastic primer. I also wanted to try a different brand/type of primer, so I figured I'd use it. So far, it wasn't laying down too thick. I have to sand down the putty and spray a second coat. We'll see how it goes! Here's the body thus far! I'll add some more later on! Thanks for looking and as always, feedback is appreciated!
  8. Once again, thanks for the ad. As a disclaimer, my focus is mainly on building cop cars and emergency type vehicles. Everyone has their niche and that happens to be mine. Enough of that. Stared at this kit for a few months and couldn't decide what agency I wanted it to be. Finally, after some google searching, I decided it's gonna end up a Minnesota state patrol car. So I did some digging and found they used Furys in 70 but did use Ford custom 500's in 69. We'll, the 70 is gonna have to work after seeing that Maroon color. I wasn't getting terribly specific about the engine. Apparently the kit doesn't come with the correct one, so I may bend a little truth on that and just generalize it as a 390. Bottom line is that I just don't see a lot of Minn State Patrol cars being done and this is my attempt.
  9. Anyone have a need for the custom body work pieces for the AMT '61 Ford Galaxie Styline kit? I'm just building it as a factory stock curbside and have no interest or need for these parts. I figured, I'd offer them up here before I throw them away.
  10. I finished this Galaxie about two and a half years ago. This was my first attempt at post apocalypse vehicle. My first attempt at weathering too. I watched all the videos and all the techniques I could find on Youtube. What would we do without internet??? I think that I repainted the car body four times. Never happy with the weathering job. In the end I was very happy with it. http:// http:// trunk cover closed: http:// trunk cover open: http:// The fuel storage. I made the 55 gallon drum out of a container that held diabetic blood strips. http:// http:// http://
  11. Hi Guys, I want to show you my first build thread: It´s a AMT Ford Galaxie 1961 or something, Custom. So long, here are the pic´s: Ahh...what do you think about my sidepipe?
  12. While frustrated with some other builds, I changed gears and started work on the AMT '70 Galaxie police car. But I wanted to make it more like one we had back in the day. So, I found a green close to my memory of the Ford, made a vinyl top out of tape, and found some stock looking hubcaps from the parts box. BMF ended up a bit thick and too shiny, but you get the idea. I kept the interceptor engine, though, just for kicks. Enjoy!
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