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Scale I Build

Found 6 results

  1. As promised,here's the link to my pictures I took this year.https://public.fotki.com/Lordmodelbuilder/plastic_model_related/gsl-international-s/gsl-xxvii-internati-1/
  2. I will be posting a link a lil later to my 900 plus pics. Had a great time competing & seeing/meeting old,new friends. Here is a link to the award winners.https://public.fotki.com/Lordmodelbuilder/plastic_model_related/gsl-international-s/gsl-xxvii-internati/gsl2019-769.html
  3. From the email announcement: August 26, 2018 All Good Things . . . The International Model Car Builders’ Museum, which presents the GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention, has decided that there will be just two more GSL Championships. In reviewing the event, its history and its possible future, the decision has been made to wrap up GSL in a fair, practical, and ethical manner with two more events: GSL-XXVII will be presented May 2-5, 2019 and the final Championship three years later, in early May of 2022. Rather than adhere to the every-other-year schedule, the three-year interval (from 2019 to 2022) will give competitors who wish to compete in the final event nearly four years from the date of this announcement the opportunity to commence or complete entries to compete in what we expect to be the greatest GSL Championship of all. The Championship is coming to an end because every event has a natural "life." With so many of those involved in the administration and function of the GSL events getting older (I'll be 68 next year and 71 in 2022), it's appropriate to close down the Championship while it is in its prime, and to give plenty of public notice of this very important decision. Above is a copy of the first of the display adverts that reveal the end of GSL to the public. This first advert will appear in Kalmbach's Contest Cars 2018 to be published in October. The "regular" GSL adverts that will appear in [the other model car magazine] will reveal the end of the Championship, as well as promoting those events. This announcement will also appear in a pending update to the GSL website. This announcement has been particularly difficult for me. I created the idea of the Championship to provide a venue where committed scale vehicle craftsmen (craftswomen, too!) could compete in a content-neutral environment where great work could be celebrated and rewarded. Since those very early days, many dozens of dedicated and smart fellow hobbyists have cycled through the management team – but all joined the GSL team to present to the hobby the best competitive event that has ever been offered. From the first event in 1979 to the final event in 2022, it has been a great experience for everyone who has ever helped with the Championship by contributing their hard work and passion to the hobby, or by being here for the fun and the best competition in the history of the hobby. Everyone is welcome at the two final GSL Championships. All of the regular features will be presented along with what we hope will be the most competent and cheerful competition in the history of the event. In the many years to come, the legend of GSL will be told, retold, and, we hope, help inspire and guide contest promoters and presenters of future scale vehicle contests well into the future. My best personal regards to you all, Mark S. Gustavson Founder, GSL International Scale Vehicle Championship and Convention
  4. Here is the recently uploaded schedule of events for the GSL, April 27-30, 2017, as a downloadable PDF: 2017-schedule.pdf JPEG Images: Web site: GSL Web Site
  5. A move out of Florida is in the planning stages for my wife and I. Boise is a likely destination. Which would put me in driving distance of the Greater Salt Lake City International Model Car Championship. I've read the info on the website and now I'd like to hear about it from folks that have done it, the bad and the good.
  6. I just found these pictures while looking for something else... My friend Bill Barrett and I decided to go to GSL in 2001 to get it off our Bucket Lists. So we made plans. Dave Pye, sent me an email inviting me to breakfast the first day of the show. I thought that was nice. But we were bowled over when we got there, all this in one room! Note that this was our very first impression of GSL, man were we happy we went! Here's Bill and I before the breakfast. Man, we had hair and it's not gray! I'll start with those facing us, the others are in the coming photos... Jim Keeler, who worked for Revell in the old days, Rene and Andy Kallen, Dave Pye (standing), Rik Hoving and Norman Veber Paul Anastopolis, Pat Covert and Ric Golden of SE LTD Rik Hoving, Norm Veber, Bob Paeth, Bob Korunow and Paul Anastopolis Augie Hiscano (in left corner), Marc Havacan, Gregg Hutchings, Bill Barrett and Kirk Bell Dave Lindsay and Juha Airo Gregg Hutchings of Model Cars and Kirk Bell of Scale Auto. KIrk was editor at that time. Sad to say we have lost several of these participants over the years, but we sure had a great time in 2001!
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