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Found 26 results

  1. This week I will be starting to build my Lamborghini Miura. This photo shows how it will look when its done.....hope you enjoy!
  2. I bought this kit from ebay a while ago, it's original decals are included, but they are crackled. the kit came with a set of B*H decals for the Longhurst version, and a resin piece for the rear spoiler I've already got the paints from zero, I'm going for Camel Yellow & Zero Gloss white, i'll do the body first!
  3. One of the new kits announced for Q4 and as part of the All Japan Hobby show is from Hasegawa, we are going to get to build the Nissan Bluebird SSS ATTESA limited (U12), due out in late Dec, no doubt we should have our first look at the kit at the hobby show in just about a months time. Pricing, direct from Japan its gonna around $25 US
  4. One of Hasegawa's new tools for 2019, and first of a few variations , its the Toyota Starlet EP71 TurboS (3dr) Late Type
  5. Submitted for your pleasure, another project I have on the bench. I’ve always loved the 956/962 so it was cool to snag this while on a business trip in upstate New York. I had originally painted it Tamiya Yellow but the coverage was poor and runny. I sanded and reshot it with Tamiya Camel Yellow. It’s better. Not perfect. Oh yellow, thou art a heartless color.
  6. Starting a few today. The bath is the first step.
  7. I built this about 20 years ago, or thereabouts. It's one of those Hasegawa kits of 1965 American cars. I picked up a couple of that series on closeout, and figured they'd make fun slammers. I also built an Impala Stock Car, even though I've never seen any that ran in NASCAR. I digress. I used some Evergreen strip and the "fogging" method to make the vinyl top. The spotlights are from the parts box. Lakes pipes are aluminum tube. I don't recall where the wheels and tires are from, other than the parts bin. I used some little, blue model RR "lights" for the Blue Dots. Clearly, I lowered the suspension. Being it's a slammer, the windows are blacked out. Anyway, I finally got around to taking some photos of it, today. It was a fun, really quick build. Any Qs and comments welcome! Thanks for looking!
  8. Hello everyone! Here is my latest finished model. Its Hasegawa BMW 2002 tii. I had bad luck with painting it, and after 2 times of stripping the paint, i started to make some patina look, and leave my show room clean and shiny plans for some other project. I used lot of detailing parts from differend aftermarket shops like Scaleproduction and High light model studio. I also made some scrach building like inner door panel for driver side has only "skeleton" left with handles. Tiger seats are hand painted with Tamiya colors. Roof rack is from Gunze Sagnyos Karmann Ghia, and i made those wooden parts from balsa wood sheet.. Model is weathered with Tamiya weathering sets, Vallejo color washes and some oil colors. besides white painted front fender, all dirty and rusty white areas are actually weathered and matt clear coated white plastic. Yellow tint in rear side window is made from Evergreen sheet. Some decals are prited by myself and rest are from decal sheets i have here and there.. Finnish licence plates are printed on photo paper with my printer. Now less talk since my english is not that good, and more photos of this BMW with thousand and one stories.. oh and feel free for comments and questions what you might have about this build.
  9. In part of the 57th All Japan Model &Hobby show coverage, here is the dedicated thread for the BMW 2002 Turbo kit, which is the follow up to the tii from Hasegawa Models, once the show starts, photos of the display model will be posted, till then. Release date is set of Oct, pricing is going to be in 2500 Yen range( $22-$26 US ), you can pre order now. First look at the it from the Hobby Show
  10. Hello friends Although the scale 1/72 does not usually work, with this model I had no choice because of lack of space thanks to its actual size. This German mortar attracted my attention when I saw it and I decided to do it. The hasegawa kit comes quite well and its size could be worth it. https://youtu.be/FKrT3_sobfY Greetings and I hope you like it
  11. Hello guys, here my WIP Stratos Hasegawa.
  12. Here is link to make wishes ------> https://www.hasegawausa.com/suggest-a-model.html
  13. IJ001


    Started on the 23rd, one of two quick'n easy 'Holiday Builds', simply because I can ! Hasegawa's still excellent Miura, built as it comes from the box with no additions. WiP pics here: Bodyshell is good old Humbrol enamels mixed by eye, interior is also my own mixes using Tamiya acrylics. Please feel free to make any comments, criticism or ask any any questions - yes I've fixed the (French) license plate since I took the photos. Stay tuned friends and all the very best for 2018. Ian.
  14. So you've seen that my BIG car project for the New Year is a Revell C5-R, but alongside that I'm doing two quick & fun builds over the holidays just because I can !!. First one is the still excellent Hasegawa Lamborghini Miura.... to mis-quote Jeremy Clarkson: "...possibly the most beautiful looking car... in the world" Straight-off I sanded & polished the seam lines away, then hit it with two coats of Tamiya fine white primer to calm-down that shouty red plastic in comes in. Hopefully at the end of the project it will look a LOT like this beauty: Stay tuned: Ian.
  15. Good friends Here I bring you one of my first dioramas that I made several years ago. The main model is the F-16C Fighter Fighting Falcon which is being reviewed by operators. The whole set is made to 1/48 scale of the Hasegawa brand. To make this representation I wanted to include a set of missiles and another of track technicians. https://youtu.be/i0uWAmTss2c Greetings and I hope you like it
  16. Coming this summer from from Hasegawa is the late type version of the Sunny, price is in the mid $20 (depending on exchange rate) http://www.hlj.com/product/HSG20275 http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10384172
  17. Well, she's finally done! And finally a couple shot with a different lens that should be a better approximation of what a human eye sees looking at one of these: A really nice base kit, much enhanced by the Fine Molds white metal parts (plus you end up with a spare 427 engine!) bestest, M.
  18. This is the Hasegawa boxing of Monogram/s 1/24 kit, with additional white metal parts by Fine Molds. First up, the body in Zero Paints Guardsman Blue, with Zero 2K clear coat. This is as she came out of the paint shop. There are a couple of minor blemishes to polish out, but other than that I don't plan on doing any more "added shininess" Here's a few of the engine in progress, to compare and contrast the original and Fine Molds parts: And this young lady will be popping in from time to time in this thread. She's a Master Box figure, from their new "Pin-Up" series: Loads more work to do on her as well, but she's very nicely sculpted... ;-P bestest, M.
  19. Subaru Impreza SW - Hasegawa 1/24
  20. I finished this model in february 2010. It's a Hasegawa 1:24 scale kit of a 1966 Buick Wildcat. Texts (spanish only, sorry): http://www.angelnoes.es/2016/03/buick-wildcat-custom-1966-hasegawa-124.html
  21. Hi all, Recently someone drove it to the back of my van so I've had a month of worth, during that time I seem to have found a rather addictive new hobby of building up cars. Here is my first attempt at building up a Hasegawa 1/24 Honda Civic, this is based on a car I used to own and wish I never sold, Still got some details to finish and been a massive learning curve. Made a few mistakes and would do things a different way next time in places but the next one has arrived today so will know for next time. The wheels arrived in chrome which mine never were so these were going to need to be changed I used Halfords plastic primer as I was going to be using automotive paint to get the best colour match Lot of bits for me to start on, everything got a first coat before removing it from the sprue Ended up buying about 3 paints originally but went back for a rather few more! Final Prime on the wheels Floorpan all primed for paint. first coat down Mirrors have been primed as using automotive paint on these.
  22. Subaru Impreza '05, Rally Mexico - Driver: Peter Solberg
  23. A nicely detailed, straightforward curbside kit that really captures the look and stance of the pugnacious original. Zero Paints colour matched Giallo Ginestra and 2K Clear Coat. Why not red? Because I nearly bought one of these in my mid-20s, until I discovered how much it would cost to insure (that and the fact that the "seller" didn't have ANY of the paperwork for the car, which worried me even more than the insurance). Still, it's one of the few models I've built of a car that there's any possibility of me owning, ever... Those of you who followed the build will know all about the paint; if you didn't, the clear coat solvent managed to leach the red dye from the bodyshell plastic right through the primer and the yellow base coat, and turned orange. This has been stripped, sealed with oxide paint sealer, and then primed and painted a second time. The only other tricky bit was getting the chassis inside the body shell, which is a "once and for all" deal, with some extreme flexing of the body required... bestest, M.
  24. Hasegawa announced for a Nov release the Nissan Sunny Truck GB121 Long Body, price is 2720Y from Hobby Search, or 2560 from HLJ, pre orders are open. Been meaning to update with more pictures
  25. Two of Japan's finest ever sports cars, both products of their era, both designed by the same guy, Albrecht Goertz. The 2000GT was a Yamaha proposal which Nissan turned down, and Toyota didn't. The Z-car is Datsun through and through... What a lovely car, and what a great kit... bestest, M.
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