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Found 10 results

  1. Does anyone make this hood in resin or 3d printed. Also looking for the decals as well in white or gold. GOD Bless, Thanks for Any Help ....
  2. Hello, Looking a hood from the Monogram Wrangler or Petty 81-84 Pontiac Grand Prix nascar kit. If anyone has one please send a PM. Thanks. George
  3. I'm randomly checking out what is available to blow money on, stumbled upon these photo-etch hood hinges made by Aber. They are generic, not replica style (as I've seen elsewhere). Has anyone used them? BNA Model World: Aber 1/24 Hood Hinges for all cars
  4. I'm looking for a few parts for a SMP 1960 Chevy Pickup Truck: Hood, Marker Lights (the ones that go on the hood) Radiator, Wheel covers & the tailgate for the trailer that came with the kit. Tons to trade and $$ if thats what you rather have.
  5. there seems to be some question as to the grill on the 68' Shelby's, some say it is body color, others say it was blacked out and still others think it was chromed. I hope the pics I post here of 1:1 cars settles any thoughts and will be helpful to those of us that have built this model.
  6. New AAR hood for the new Revell 1:25 scale Cuda kit. This is not based on the old Revell AAR Cuda hood. This is my own creation. I used my friend's AAR Cuda hood for measurements. It should be availbale in about a week or so. I need to do some more finish work on it. I'm thinking of posting these on eModelCars, since a lot of people seem to not like ebay. I can sell for less on eModelCars without all the ebay fees. If you're interested let me know what you think. Sam
  7. Need a stock 1975 through 1978 mustang 2 hood from an MPC kit for a current project. I have one with a snorkel scoop hole in it but having a stock hood will shorten time to completion. I have old parts to trade.
  8. I've recently picked up a '74 Cadillac Eldorado promo off of eBay and I need a hood ornament. Anyone have an extra laying around or know where I can find one? I've got lots of kits laying around and probably have something to trade in return. Thanks!
  9. I need a Cobra Jet shaker scoop (just the scoop assembly) for a project. I don't know what kit it is from but I remember having one that I never used and can't find it now, I recall it was molded in green styrene and was a two piece assembly. Too many moves and too many years of being stashed has it achieved "lost" status. I have lots of pieces to trade.
  10. Recently I was asked by a fellow modeler to post some pics of the GW Trucks White Road Boss hoods that I have, so I decided to do a little "in box" review. In the 1970s, the White Corporation offered the Road Boss conventional. This truck came with three BBC options: 122", 108", & 92". AMT offers the White Road Boss in the 122" BBC, and until recently if you wanted either the 108" or 92" BBC your only option was to modify the AMT hood. Enter GW Trucks. Gary Wallace, owner of GW Trucks, offers both the 108" & 92" BBC hoods which are cast in clean, white resin. Below is a comparison of the three hoods: Shown in front of the 92" hood are the fenders which will have to be attached to the cab & the air intake bracket. This is a side view on the AMT hood (which I think we are all familiar with): Here is a side view of the GW Trucks 108" hood: And here is the 92" BBC hood (popular with New England fleets): Both of Gary's hoods have very crisp detail, and use the AMT grill & headlight buckets without modification. I will state that my copy of the 108" hood does have a crack on the curb-side fender, but that should be an easy repair. Also, as you can see above, the GW Truck hoods do have a thin membrane where the grill will go. This will have top be removed by the modeler prior to installation so the AMT hood tilt hardware can be used. Gary tried to make the hoods so they would be able to make use of as much of the AMT hardware as possible for an easier conversion. 108" Hood with Grill: And a couple of views of the 92" hood: For pricing & information on these hoods, please contact Gary Wallace of GW Trucks at gwtrucks@yahoo.com.
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