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Found 6 results

  1. IMC is a defunct manufacturer, I never heard of them before I saw this in an estate collection. Knew it had to be rare, because I was also not familiar with the GTP J-car, and after reading what little history is online, see that it's the black sheep of GT-40 history. The original owner had broken off the body and chassis parts, and spray painted a pink tinted white, then thankfully put it away. For some weird reason, I had to resurrect and finish this. After stripping with brake fluid, painted the body with flat white paint, then gloss white. The instructions are odd, there are no part numbers, or color references. I had to re-evaluate how to assemble and paint sub assemblies, tack glued together the chassis, so I could take apart to assemble the suspension. I used Alclad, polished aluminum on the chassis, steel for the exhausts, chrome for the inner wheels. Testors magnesium metalizer for the wheel centers, but not rubbed. Best that I could tell, Ford painted the intake plenum gold, but I had to assume the block was blue. Since there is a texture, I assumed the pan had a coating. I need to improve my masking skills, and almost messed up the blue. grrrr I masked the number circle, instead of hoping the decal would work. Lucked out with the decals, they did not fall apart, and stuck with the use of the mild Microsol, but I used Solvaset at the end of the stripes. Since this is a box Stock build, and there is hardly any online reference to dispute inaccuracies, I applied the Shell and IMC decals to. The stripe was also much longer than the rocker panel, so I added to the engine bonnet. I whipped this out in about a week. Next is painting the body clear gloss, , glue on clear parts (lucky the tires did not melt on those parts).
  2. SOLD AT MODELZONA IMC Mecom Lola T-70 that has the engine assembled but no paint, brake reservoir glued to firewall, gauges glued to dash, missing driver figure (but shoes still on tree), one taillight was chipped. Otherwise it's in good shape, decals appear to be good, for a rare classic kit. Barricade appears to have been part of the kit, nowhere in instructions. Les instructions sont en fran├žais. I could throw in the IMC Ford GT40 that is only parts, no body, if what I want is in better shape. I would rather have the IMC Chapparal 2E with the iconic wing.
  3. Old IMC kit, not many parts, appears the original owner had built two. Headers, engine block for twin cam glued together, clear parts, the IMC kit I finished recently had decals that were good so assume these are too. I see people trying to sell just boxes on eBay. Trade for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche parts, nice tires such as Pirelli P7s. Not into hot rods.
  4. Guess I became possessed, obsessed, or perhaps the deceased previous owner helped me in spirit to finish what he started long ago. I was lucky all he did was spray the body and chassis parts with an off white paint that did not eat the plastic, and stored the kit in a dry place. This is a Industro-Motive Corporation (IMC) kit done in 1966(?), I'm guessing it came out when the J-car was starting to be developed. The instructions have: "... The Ford J-car is now the hottest car on the track, already recognized as another international champion." As I have learned, it became the black sheep of GT40 history. I took about a week, 30 hours, to build it box stock. It would take major modifications to make it accurate, and at which time would one pick since they must have been constantly trying to make it competitive? So that's why I used some of the decals that never appeared on the real car. Now I *have to* build the Ferrari P4 with HRM engine detail kit. Or the Porsche 917.
  5. I got an IMC kit of the Ford GTP J-car from an estate. It was started by the previous owner, so it's no longer a collectible kit. I'm warming up to it, like I have adopted a mutt that is too cute. The instructions have ZERO reference for colors, and the parts aren't even numbered which cracks me up, but I can figure that out. So I wonder if any Ford race car experts can tell me the colors of: 1. Engine/transmission (box art shows what looks like gold) 2. Brake calipers (gold?) 3. Exhaust pipes (green, really?) 4. Interior seats and door panels (black) 5. Chassis tub (I'm guessing bare aluminum) 6. Steering wheel (wood rim?) 7. Shocks (chrome parts, the inside tube part) Far as I can tell, this is a prototype version, has added on scoops on the sides, the front does not have the pointy projections like the Hot Wheels car. I'm tempted to modify the headlights with clear lenses, and some openings with screens, but then it would not qualify for Box Stock at contests, so debating....
  6. Hi buddies, here is my last built in 2011 - completed in November. My Dodge A-100 Delivery Van: It based on the old IMC-Kit and a Resinbody (i think you know it) from Jimmy Flintstone To this body i will say, that it fixed perfect! The quality was really good and so i had only cut a little bit on the front and backframe. Also the windows and Doorpanels fixed perfect. Well done Jimmy! That was a easy and funny built. Enought of words, here are some pics - enjoy it ...more coming up... ... ...for a look inside the van...
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